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M83 » Official website, ticket and merch store. Official website of THE LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT. John Tiller Software - Modern Air Power. The wargames in the Modern Air Power series cover air warfare in the missile age, from the Vietnam War to present day.

John Tiller Software - Modern Air Power

The game scale is continuous and real time. Units are at the flight level. Since ancient times the Mideast has witnessed continuous clashes between religions, cultures, and nations. Israel's reestablishment in 1948 attracted refugees from the world over but also generated much resentment. For the next sixty years conflicts would rage with Israel at the center. 1956, '67 & '73 would be years of major conflict and are all covered in this title. Ltd. After selecting a mission, you’ll be taken to the force selection screen.


Initially your units will be picked for you but later missions may give you “force requisition points” to purchase extra troops to accompany you. Each unit’s stats are shown, along with a basic description. Notice the stars at the bottom of the screen. Modern Air Power strikes iOS & Android. Roll 1D6 to attempt to high-five Goose.

Modern Air Power strikes iOS & Android

There’s a brand new, free-to-try wargame on mobile — but you’re going to need your imaginations for this one. Prolific PC wargame maker John Tiller has released air combat strategy game Modern Air Power for iPad and Android. Both flavors of the game are free. This is Tiller’s first mobile game. If you’re not familiar with Tiller’s stuff, his primary interest lies with what’s happening under the hood. Here’s the catch: Modern Air Power’s presentation is.. a bit dry. C+ - Formule 1 - Production CANALPLUS.FR. Timber! ‹ DailyAppShow. Music Theory and Practice by Musicopoulos. Combining detailed music theory notes with matching exercises...

Music Theory and Practice by Musicopoulos

This is what learning music theory is all about! Musicopoulos is the best music theory app available! Currently, it covers Music Theory and Sight Reading, with more modules on the way! Music Theory and Practice by Musicopoulos comes loaded with detailed lessons and exercises for the following subjects: Music Theory Sight Reading. Scales. MAGASIN - Musicavenir. Studio One - What's New. We constantly strive to improve Studio One®.

Studio One - What's New

New 2.6.2, introduces support for Add-ons: program extensions, soundsets, plug-ins, and other assets exclusively for Studio One 2.6.2 and higher. Also new in version 2.6.2: The most recent ten autosaves are archived into the Versions list automatically Autosave with Melodyne is much faster—a major performance improvement Improved window handling ("always on top") in both Windows and Mac OS X.

Tests et actualités du monde Apple (Mac, iPhone et iPad) Nasa on Instagram. Lead sheets.


Tools. Click here for a stand-alone version of these JavaScript tools.


Tools for Composing with Twelve Tone Rows (Twelve Tone Row tools are written in JavaScript) Tools for Composing with Pitch Class Sets (Pitch Class Set tools are written in JavaScript) MusicGraph UPDATED: 8/3/2003 - Now handles a wider range of MIDI files. Dodécaphonisme. Nous avons testé le Sphero : la balle robotique contrôlée par votre smartphone. En partenariat avec le shop Best of Robots, nous avons eu entre les mains le Sphero et nous l’avons testé.

Nous avons testé le Sphero : la balle robotique contrôlée par votre smartphone

Partitions, tablatures, accords et vidéos. Unleash your inner composer... Free Music Online - Internet Radio - Jango. offers free stuff, freebies, freeware, samples, downloads, email, games, free software, fonts, Webmaster programs, MP3s, sweepstakes, contests, coupons, catalogs. Piano Chords. Amazing Guitar Software - Download it for Free. Features – Breach and Clear: Own Every Angle. The world of Special Operations is a tight knit, closed group populated by incredibly knowledgeable and motivated individuals who answer to a life of service.

Features – Breach and Clear: Own Every Angle

Breach & Clear allows you to take a peek at the world of Special Operations as well as close quarters battles in this highly engaging and detail-oriented tactical strategy title. Working with members of this elite community and suppliers to the best of the best, gamers will be able to customize and orient special operations teams from around the world as you take on missions that have been planned out by members of this highly selective community. Breach & Clear is the definition of customization and strategy as you take a glimpse of a world so closed off from the norm. We also offer custom in-game patches where 100% of the proceeds will go to help veterans and their families in need! © 2012 GUN MEDIA. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. 148Apps » iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch App Reviews and News. Piano Pedagogy Plus. ScratchHopedFor. This product is no longer in the App Store The Scratch iPhone/iPod touch/iPad viewer.


Version 1.5, now Universal for the iPad. Supporting German, French, and Japanese. If you are using an iPad because the app is universal all the information below is still true. What is different is that the play field is bigger and we can keep the keyboard up so you can interact with it. When the Scratch App first starts you get an alert stating that you must have Internet access, and a Scratch Username and password to use the App, we show this prompt only once after you’ve purchased the App. Codea – iPad. Débuter avec Evernote. Evernote peut stocker de nombreux types de contenus différents, et les simples textes sont les plus communs.

Débuter avec Evernote

Que ce soit une note écrite pour vous, une portion d'une page web que vous aimeriez sauvegarder, ou un email reçu dont vous voulez garder la trace, Evernote sait comment le gérer. En gardant ceci à l'esprit, créons votre première note. C'est aussi simple que cela. Si vous le voulez, vous pouvez augmenter ou diminuer la taille de la police, ou changer sa couleur. Regarder nos vidéos pour en savoir plus sur l'utilisation d'Evernote.

Apple iPhone et iPod Touch : la une des jeux iPhone et iPod de iPad Apps, iPhone Apps, Deals and Discovery at App Shopper - Popular Recent Changes for iOS. Radar Chaos Instructions. Watch the instructional videos. Radar Chaos Instructions. Full property table. Musicopoulos. Frozen Synapse: A Simultaneous-Turn-Based Strategy Game! Apple iPhone et iPod Touch : la une des jeux iPhone et iPod de Jeux : Jeux Ps3/PS4, Xbox 360, PC, Wii

Frozen synapse « Résultats de recherche. Publié le 19.05.2013, à 13:10 par Koïos Avec un petit jour de retard sur le planning habituel, l'Hebdo Digital nous offre un nouveau numéro des meilleurs jeux iOS sortis cette semaine sur l'App Store. En un peu moins de cinq minutes, vous allez pouvoir jeter un coup d'oeil aux titres les plus intéressants. Puis, comme toujours, la liste des jeux concernés est disponible juste un peu plus bas, histoire de télécharger rapidement vos jeux préférés. Toute l'actualité jeux vidéo 24h/24. Frozen Synapse: A Simultaneous Turn-Based Strategy Game / Turn-Based Tactical Game! iPhone/iPad App News and Reviews.

Pythonista. DJ Player - Hardware.