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1-2-3 Jun 2o13

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'Looks Like War': Barricades & tear gas fill Turkish streets as clashes continue. Reports: Turkish activist brain dead after police brutality. Turkish demonstrators have slammed the domestic and international media for failing to cover the recent wave of protests in Turkey.

Reports: Turkish activist brain dead after police brutality

While global news agencies are catching up with the situation on the ground in the country, the domestic news agencies are said to be largely ignoring the mass demonstrations and even, some say, the killing of Turkish human rights activist. Unconfirmed reports suggest that one of the demonstrators who reported serious injuries in recent clashes, Ethem Sarisuluk, who was being treated for a gunshot to the head, is brain dead. Some online reports suggest that Sarisuluk is not just brain dead, but has passed away altogether. The information was suggested by the secretary general of the Turkish human rights foundation (THV), Metin Bakkalci, announced. 'Doctors declared him brain dead', he said.

Human rights groups are now urging international agencies to visit Turkey to assess the ongoing situation. Is Turkey in turmoil? - Inside Story. Anger over plans to develop a city park has escalated into nationwide protests against the Turkish government.

Is Turkey in turmoil? - Inside Story

It started as a protest over a park, but plans to redevelop a public open space in Istanbul have sparked wider civil unrest. Tens of thousands have joined nationwide protests, directed at the government. Dozens of demonstrations have taken place in 48 cities across the country and rights groups have accused police of being heavy-handed. They say two people have been killed and more than a thousand injured - although this has not been confirmed. Protests in Turkey Part of Growing Cycle of Discontent. (Source: Protests in Turkey entered their fifth day today, with demonstrators heading into the streets in cities across the country.

Protests in Turkey Part of Growing Cycle of Discontent

The protests, which were initially aimed at protesting the demolition of Istanbul’s Gezi park, have transformed, because of police aggression, to include more general grievances with the Turkish government. Mashallah News provides a good recap of the demonstrations’ development, thus far: “In Istanbul, just 1.5% of the land is devoted to public green space, of which nine acres are located in Gezi park. On Monday, construction crews began the demolition of the park to make way for a shopping mall.

Protests in Turkey Part of Growing Cycle of Discontent. ‘Democratic and Islamic values clash in Turkey’ — RT Op-Edge. The Turkish protests won’t turn into civil war, but it’s a serious warning to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan against further Islamization of the state, Dr.

‘Democratic and Islamic values clash in Turkey’ — RT Op-Edge

Huseyin Bagci from the Middle East Technical University in Ankara told RT. A wave of violence in Turkey has seen riot police clash with protesters for a fourth day running in different parts of the country. Security forces used tear gas and water cannons as the demonstrators responded with stones and built barricades. (3) Resist Gezi Park. A Turkish Spring? Over 1,000 Injured as Anti-Government Protests Spread Outside of Istanbul. Guests Koray Caliskan assistant professor of political science at Bogaziçi University in Istanbul.

A Turkish Spring? Over 1,000 Injured as Anti-Government Protests Spread Outside of Istanbul

This is viewer supported news Donate. #OccupyGezi: Live From the Protests in Turkey. Justin Wedes of Occupy Wall Street is reporting from the front lines of the protests in Turkey for ANIMAL all week.

#OccupyGezi: Live From the Protests in Turkey

He’s also tweeting from the field continuously. Walking down Istiklal Street — a broad pedestrian path leading out of Istanbul’s downtown Taksim Square — the air is festive. It feels like a vibrant party scene, with techno music piping out of side street clubs and multi-colored lights draping above the heads of smiling couples and small roving packs of young Turks. Only the shop walls and windows betray that a kind of urban uprising is underway. When the police forced back the protesters from Taksim’s Gezi Park last week, they took to the walls with their anger. The prospects for the protesters didn’t look as promising last Friday: beat back by rounds of tear gas, water cannons, and pepper spray bombs, young people took to social media to share images that ricocheted across the globe on the hashtag #OccupyGezi.

(Photos: Justin Wedes) Interview #4: Protest in Gezi Park, Turkey. This post is also available in: Spanish, Catalan, Turkish All over the world we can see, mostly on the social networks, but also in the press and media, how very large demonstration are taking place in Turkey.

Interview #4: Protest in Gezi Park, Turkey

It all began in Gezy Park in Istanbul and now there are demonstrations all over the country in solidarity with the cause that Gezy Park demonstrators are deffending, and also against the reaction of Erdogan’s government that is strongly repressing the protests using police violence. On this occasion, I will interview two people, Derya Çalık, a Turkish student and activist, and one of the people who is behind the FB page “Occupy Gezy”. Derya Çalık has a degree in International Relations and is studying two MA’s (Philosophy and International Relations). Turkcell: We received political pressure to block communications in Turkey. Demonstrations Rock Istanbul. ISTANBUL - Fear has lifted.

Demonstrations Rock Istanbul

That's the atmosphere in Istanbul and other major Turkish cities in which hundreds of thousands of demonstrators have risen up against authoritarianism. The spark came from a small, "Occupy"-style sit-in at Gezi Park, a public park slated to be erased to make way for yet another shopping mall. A small band of citizens brought their tents and sleeping bags to prevent the bulldozers from razing the 80-year-old trees.

One camper, 37-year-old trade union official Kivanc Eliacik, saw obvious parallels between Occupy protestors in the United States and the Indignados in Spain. Wandering over out of curiosity, he found himself committed to a long-running action. Photo: Jamie Buehner "I leave my office for just a half an hour but I am here for the three days," Eliacik told Thursday. (2) Vidéos de Ferdi Özmen. Yaseminnie : Dear world,we are not upset... Report from Turkey: The Revival of Urban Istanbul. Note: Occupy Gezi has exploded.

Report from Turkey: The Revival of Urban Istanbul

A movement that began with dozens has multiplied into the tens of thousands, spreading to Ankara and others parts of the country. As of yesterday, at least three demonstrators are confirmed to have been killed. Unconfirmed reports describe State violence leading to the deaths of up to 28 people. The transformation of the urban environment and our living spaces has become the primary strategy of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s AK Party and its stranglehold over the government and municipalities of Turkey. These new urban policies have become a means of justifying segregation, neoliberal capitalist lifestyle, indebtedness, exploitation, racism, corruption, and a generalized state of exception that violates our human rights.

The Gezi Park occupation in Istanbul is a continuation of an urban movement that has transformed into a public movement. A few hundred people then occupied Gezi Park on 28 May. Protest In Solidarity with the Turkish Resistance on SUNDAY 12:00. #Occupy Gezi Istanbul Protests Are Sign That 'Turkey's Halo Has Slipped' The brutal reaction of Turkish police to the Occupy Gezi protests in Istanbul could have permanently damaged the country's reputation, a leading expert on the region has warned. Fadi Hakura, Chatham House's Turkey analyst, told The Huffington Post UK that the "halo had slipped" from Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's government in the wake of the violence, and the use of tear gas and water canons by police. "No doubt, the halo that the government had in the eyes of its allies, has been greatly diminished," he said. A woman protects herself from tear gas and pressurized water used by police to disperse protesters staging a sit-in protest to try and prevent the demolition of trees at an Istanbul park, Turkey "The Turkish government has consistently protested the lack of human rights and democracy in Syria.

And it is not practicing what it preaches, in its own backyard. Anonymous - Message to the Turkish Government (Gezi Park Demonstration) (English/HD) Anonymous Joins Istanbul Protests, Attacks Government Websites. As clashes in Turkey continue, the hacker collective Anonymous has decided to join the protests.

Anonymous Joins Istanbul Protests, Attacks Government Websites

Yesterday, on Anonymous' "official" Twitter account YourAnonNews, the hacktivists announced #OpTurkey. The group also set up a website, Operation Turkey, to boasts their online exploits. "Because you should have expected us fuckers," read the tweet, which also had a link to the usual Anonymous YouTube video featuring a robotic voice — and anti-government rhetoric. Turkish Riot Police Starts Using Agent Orange. #OccupyGezi. Occupy gezi.

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