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Graph Visualization and Neo4j | Max De Marzi Graph Visualization and Neo4j | Max De Marzi So far we’ve learned how to get Neo4j up and running with Neography, how to find friends of friends and degrees of separation with the Neo4j REST API and a little bit of the Gremlin and Cypher languages. However, all we’ve seen is text output. We haven’t really “seen” a graph yet, but that’s about to change. Vouched holds a graph of skill specific recommendations people have made to each other and visualizes it. I extracted the visualization, and hosted it on github as neovigator.
Graph & Science des Réseaux

Gisgraphy : Easy geocoding for humans ! Gisgraphy is a free, open source framework that offers the possibility to do geolocalisation and geocoding via Java APIs or REST webservices. Because geocoding is nothing without data, it provides an easy to use importer that will automagically download and import the necessary (free) data to your local database (Geonames and OpenStreetMap : 42 million entries). Free Open source Geocoder via REST webservices (for geonames and openstreetmap data) Free Open source Geocoder via REST webservices (for geonames and openstreetmap data)
The art of data visualization

A Tour through the Visualization Zoo Jeffrey Heer, Michael Bostock, and Vadim Ogievetsky, Stanford University Thanks to advances in sensing, networking, and data management, our society is producing digital information at an astonishing rate. According to one estimate, in 2010 alone we will generate 1,200 exabytes—60 million times the content of the Library of Congress. Within this deluge of data lies a wealth of valuable information on how we conduct our businesses, governments, and personal lives. To put the information to good use, we must find ways to explore, relate, and communicate the data meaningfully.

A Tour through the Visualization Zoo

Wahlradar bedankt sich Liebe Besucher der Wahlradar-Website, das Superwahljahr 2009 war für Wahlradar und das Wahlradar-Team aufregend, spannend, interessant und sehr erfolgreich. Mit der Aufnahme in das Annual Multimedia Jahrbuch 2010 und vor allem mit dem Gewinn des European Excellence Awards im Bereich PR Evaluation fand dieses Jahr einen krönenden Abschluss. Nach dem Motto, man… mehr… linkfluence wahlradar linkfluence wahlradar



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Knowledge Visualization Knowledge Visualization Knowledge Visualization Tree of life A global evolutionary map reveals new insights into our last common ancestor In 1870 the German scientist Ernst Haeckel mapped the evolutionary relationships of plants and animals in the first 'tree of life'.