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Love in an Elevator. It was the sort of thing that you always figured only happened to other people.

Love in an Elevator

But Dan Brooks was taking the elevator up to Toxicology on 11 when the car gave a sudden, grinding jerk, and then came to a complete and total stop. Naomi Prentiss, the car’s only other passenger, gave a tiny scream when she heard the ‘crr-unk!’ Noise and the car shuddered, then grabbed the passenger rails with white-knuckle intensity and looked over at Dan. “What do we do now?” She asked, without preamble. Dan gave a tiny shrug. Dan gave a heavy sigh. Naomi took a long time to respond. “OK,” Dan said, a chill growing in his gut, “just try to stay calm. “I know this isn’t an earthquake!”

Dan nodded, then realized that didn’t do much good. “Can I trust you? “Yes!” “OK.” “What?” “Just say it, OK? “Alright, OK. “yes,” she said. “Naomi, are you there?” “i am here,” Naomi responded. Then again... “yes,” Naomi said, still in that same calm voice. Dan sat down next to her. “my last boyfriend,” she said. “Oh, crap!” Good in Bed - Your Guide to a Better Sex Life. Nakedness. Smutty and naughty. Double Cock Sex Techniques. So you've got two penises - all guys should be so lucky.

Double Cock Sex Techniques

Life is good. Or so the other guys think. But being biphallic - i.e., having two cocks - isn't a piece of cake. You never have a free hand when jacking off. You go through condoms and lube twice as fast. Double Your Pleasure, Double Her Fun One of the main advantage of having two penises is that you can simultaneously penetrate a woman's asshole and pussy at the same time. The important thing to remember is to make sure you use one cock for the vagina only, and the other for the ass. Stroke While You Poke For extra fun during sex, you can masturbate with one dick while you fuck your girlfriend with the other. Double Wide There's another kind of dual penetration - getting two dicks into the same orifice. Go slow, and if you need to, add some additional lubrication. Oral Sex For the man with two cocks, the ideal situation is to have two women sucking you off, one for each dick.

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