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Tornado Wire

Tornado is Europe’s first fencing manufacturer company supplies high tensile wire fencing, woven wire fence, electric fencing at most competitive price.

Get High Tensile Fence Wire With Tornado Wire. Fence Accessories. Deer and Pest Fences. Get High Tensile Field Fence with Tornado Wire. View 800% 400% 200% 150% 125% 100% 75% 50% Full Width Full Height Full Page Show Text Download as...

Get High Tensile Field Fence with Tornado Wire

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. © 2017 Accusoft - All Rights Reserved. Tornado Wire. Why High Tensile Wire Fence? Get High Tensile Horse Fence At Minimal Cost - Bloomington Adhoards. High Tensile Field Fence Looking for field fencing with minimal lifetime costs?

Get High Tensile Horse Fence At Minimal Cost - Bloomington Adhoards

Tornado wire provides high strength & durability high tensile wire for securing your valuable of the world’s most demanding livestock fencing markets–and we deliver the . .... Read more Published Date : 2017-05-03. Shop for Woven Field Fencing, Other in Worthington. High Tensile Field Fence, Other in Worthington. Get High Tensile Field Fence with Tornado Wire - Google Slides. High tensile field fence. Why High Tensile Wire Fence? – TORNADO WIRE LTD. If you are looking to fence the perimeters of a deer farm, then having a strong fence that will hold the animals inside securely is very important.

Why High Tensile Wire Fence? – TORNADO WIRE LTD.

A deer fence can be built with many ways, but a very popular choice is a high tensile deer fence because of the many benefits it offers. Makes a fence stronger Deer are very athletic, strong creatures and so require very robust fencing of a minimum of 8ft in height. If you don’t ensure that your fence is strong, then the deer may crash through the fence causing damage to the fence and possibly themselves. To make sure that this does not happen, you need to use the strongest fencing wire in the market. Lasts longer. High Tensile Field Fence. Benefits of Woven Wire Fencing – Site Title. Woven wire fence is regularly used by landowners for containing a variety of livestock.

Benefits of Woven Wire Fencing – Site Title

Such fences consist of a net of vertical and horizontal wires, with a knot at the intersections. Field Fence. When building a fence around your farm or ranch, a good fence post is necessary to ensure that your fence remains strong and can keep the animals inside.

Field Fence

There are many different types of field fence posts available in the market. Some of them include - Metal T Post: They are one of the most used post types and come in all sizes. It is very easy to install a metal T post and often requires only a few tools to do so. Get High Tensile Field Fence with Tornado Wire. Want Cheap Woven Field Fencing? (Waterloo,). Fences. Secure Horse Fence. Slide 1: SECURE HORSE FENCE Secure horse fence is essential for any paddock or ranch in order to keep horses safely contained to prevent injury and avoid third party accidents.

Secure Horse Fence

The fence also needs to prevent any domestic animals entering the paddock and contain any other animals that may be grazing with the horses such as sheep or goats. Woven wire horse fencing provides a balance of safety and security. A mesh size of 2” by 4” helps to prevent horses from getting their hooves stuck in the fence and pulling off shoes on the lower strands. A Torus stiff stay knot fence provides the strength required to contain such large strong animals the fixed vertical wires provide optimal strength combined with the smooth and safe Torus knot which does not have any sharp edges. Buy High Tensile Fencing Wire Online, USA. Horse Fence. Deer Fence – Tornado Wire – Medium.

One of the most important areas of a deer farm is the fencing.

Deer Fence – Tornado Wire – Medium

Keeping the stock safe and secure is a top priority for deer farmers. The most effective and widely used type of deer fencing is fixed knot woven wire fencing. A high tensile Titan fence is one of the strongest and most durable fencing options on the market. Its strength comes from its fixed vertical wires and the fixed Titan knot — a large, easily visible and extremely strong non-slip knot. The fence is made from galvanized steel and is resistant to corrosive damage. There are several different options for fixed knot fencing, with varying options available for the height of the woven wire and the gaps between the vertical wires. Vertical wires can be spaced between 3” and 12” apart; the distance should be determined by the particular application of the fence in the area in question.

High Tensile Fence Installation. Deer Fencing. High Tensile Fence Installation. High Tensile Fence Installation. High Tensile Deer Fencing – Tornado Wire. Need a fencing contract… Choose the Right Field Fence Type for your Livestocks. Deer Fencing by Tornado. Tornado Wire in Alcester B50 on Freeads Classifieds - Electrical Services classifieds. Description: Tornado Wire Ltd is a world class fencing manufacturer.We are the leading manufacturer of high tensile woven wire fence in the UK - one of the world's most demanding livestock fencing markets - and we deliver the highest quality wire fence and barbed wire to markets all over the globe.

Tornado Wire in Alcester B50 on Freeads Classifieds - Electrical Services classifieds

Fencing is what we do and its's all we do. Ours is a fencing business, not a steel business that happens to make fencing. As such, we are not tied to a single source of steel wire; we can select the best quality wire from a range of worldwide suppliers.We focus all of our unrivalled experience and knowledge into delivering the highest quality finished fence to you, making us the fence of choice for professional fence contractors. We know that world class farmers and ranchers need world class wire fencing. Visit web site... Tornado Wire USA. Get High Quality Tensile Deer Fence Installation, Bidford-on-Avon. Best Horse Fence Supplies OFFERED from Bidford on Avon England Warwickshire @ Classifieds > UK > #77189 Best Horse Fence Supplies OFFERED from Bidford on Avon England Warwickshire,free,uk,british,classified ad,classified ads. Tornado Wire: Horse Fencing. Secure, horse-friendly woven wire fencing from Tornado Wire is trusted by the equestrian industries in Europe and the UK.

Tornado Wire: Horse Fencing

When selecting equestrian fencing, horse owners need a secure solution that combines high fence quality with strength, safety and durability. Although timber post and rail fence may be a popular option, it can turn into an on-going maintenance issue that could prove both highly expensive to repair and hazardous to horses as the timber become damaged through cribbing. Horse fencing often has a multi-functional role to play. It has to securely contain horses and any other animals, while preventing domestic animals from entering the paddock.

LIVESTOCK FENCING. Tornado’s field fencing for agricultural applications has been designed to contain a range of livestock, including cattle, sheep, goats and hogs.


Grassland management is at the heart of the agricultural industry. It is essential for farmers and ranchers all across the country that their field fence is robust enough, and of a high enough quality, to stand the test of time. Agricultural field fence must withstand the elements and resist impact and pressure from the livestock being contained. YOUR DEER FENCING QUESTIONS ANSWERED: tornadowire. Stevie McKay, Commercial Director of Tornado Wire, Europe’s leading manufacturer of fixed knot fencing for deer, answers some of the most commonly asked questions about fencing for deer farms and game parks. Tornado has supplied fencing in conditions as diverse as the Arctic Tundra, the Deserts of the Middle East and the persistently wet climate of the Scottish Outer Hebrides.

Why is a deer fence different to a standard livestock fence? The key difference of a deer fence, compared to other livestock fencing, is that deer jump and cattle and sheep do not. The additional height, up to 8 feet with a plain wire running along the top, provides an effective barrier to keep deer confined. Plan fencing infrastructure when making the move to deer farming. Peter Comrie of Tornado Wire Ltd explains the importance fencing is in ensuring efficient management of farmed deer. “Any deer farm will need a perimeter fence with a series of internal fences for dividing land into grazing plots and to allow the separation of hinds, stags and calves at certain times of the year,” he says.

“The perimeter fence is a key part of a deer farm, preventing deer from escaping and preventing unwanted intrusion from animals and people. This deer fencing needs to be secure and robust so it must be heavily galvanised. You should seek further advice from your fencing manufacturer or supplier.” Tornado Wire USA. Tornado Wire USA.