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The False Promise of Meritocracy - The Atlantic. Americans are, compared with populations of other countries, particularly enthusiastic about the idea of meritocracy, a system that rewards merit (ability + effort) with success.

The False Promise of Meritocracy - The Atlantic

Americans are more likely to believe that people are rewarded for their intelligence and skills and are less likely to believe that family wealth plays a key role in getting ahead. And Americans’ support for meritocratic principles has remained stable over the last two decades despite growing economic inequality, recessions, and the fact that there is less mobility in the United States than in most other industrialized countries. Productive Agile Teams:  I, T, E and M Shaped People. Pi(e)-shaped person?

Productive Agile Teams:  I, T, E and M Shaped People

Many Agile discussions talk about team members as generalizing specialists. Generalizing specialists are individuals that have a specialty; however, they also have broad levels of experience that can be applied. Tim Brown of IDEO coined term ‘T-shaped people’ (or skills) to describe this combination of specialization and experience. The One Interview Question You Should Ask. "I want you to explain something to me.

The One Interview Question You Should Ask

Pick any topic you want: a hobby you have, a book you’ve read, a project you worked on--anything. You’ll have just five minutes to explain it. At the beginning of the five minutes you shouldn't assume anything about what I know, and at the end I should understand whatever is most important about this topic. The Only Interview Question That Matters. Last week, LinkedIn announced to the world that I've been in the recruiting industry for 36 years.

The Only Interview Question That Matters

During that time, I've written a number of books about talent challenges and opportunities, but one thing continues to surprise me: More than 90 percent of hiring managers think they're good interviewers, yet rarely do they reach unanimous hiring decisions with other 90 percenters in the same room evaluating the same candidate. This realization led me on a quest to find the one interview question that would yield universal agreement from hiring managers. It took 10 years of trial and error, but I eventually found it. Here's it is: How to hire good people instead of nice people. Usually, employers rapidly scan the resume of each job applicant looking for relevant education, skills, and work experience.

How to hire good people instead of nice people

They select 10 candidates for telephone calls, invite three in for interviews, and hire the one they like the best. This is a bad way to hire because at best it gets you nice people. You don’t need nice people. The person they’ll become by Jason Fried of Basecamp. One of the biggest challenges when hiring someone is trying to envision their potential.

The person they’ll become by Jason Fried of Basecamp

Sometimes someone’s a sure bet. They’re the perfect person for the perfect project at the perfect time. Want to Be More Successful? Hire These 10 People. 14-ways-to-identify-a-toxic-employee-in-an-interview. Simple Trick to Finding Extraordinary Employees. Of the myriad feats an entrepreneur performs, hiring new employees is one of the most complex, weighty, and dreaded.

Simple Trick to Finding Extraordinary Employees

How do you know if your candidate is as fabulous as his resume claims? Will she be a good fit for your company culture, getting along with other employees and--perhaps more importantly--your clients? 7 Interview Questions For Measuring Emotional Intelligence. Emotional intelligence involves self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills.

7 Interview Questions For Measuring Emotional Intelligence

In other words, it's a complicated amalgam that hiring managers have a hard time testing for. As a result, many fall back on gut instincts and subjective impressions. It isn't always a smart move to leave something so important to such faulty measures. When a candidate has these qualities, they can work well with others and lead change effectively, so it's no wonder why organizations are placing a higher priority on emotional intelligence. How-your-company-can-attract-and-keep-millennial-talent?cid=ps002FCWorks. Recently leaked "Panama Papers" have shaken politics across the world.


This has resulted in a change of the Prime Minister of Iceland, while exposing other top officials like the British Prime Minister and President of Russia. This unprecedented leak of financial and attorney-client information, spans four decades from the law firm Mossack Fonseca and reveals that sensitive information belonging to any company is vulnerable. These Creative Interview Questions Can Reveal The Ideal Job Candidates. We’ve all heard the weird questions that some hiring managers like to use in interviews.

These Creative Interview Questions Can Reveal The Ideal Job Candidates

A recent Accountemps survey found a that offbeat questions are still alive and well. Some notable questions include: Re:Work - Should you hire for cultural fit or adaptability? Companies increasingly view their cultures as a source of competitive advantage and hire employees on the basis of cultural compatibility. But is it better to hire someone who “fits” initially or someone who could be able to adapt quickly? Recent years have seen a proliferation of assessment tools designed to identify, screen, and select employees who match an organization’s culture.