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TOPS Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd.

TOPS, an IT Services & Enterprise Solutions Provider, combines Tech Expertise and Business Intelligence to enable Organizations make most of their business operations and customers. As a software development and consulting company offering its services to enterprises and startups, over 250 clients in more than 20 countries entrust TOPS in diverse industry vertical including real estate, healthcare, retail, hospitality, food and beverages, manufacturing, etc.

AngularJS Migration Services. Hire Dedicated MEAN Stack Developers Services. Secure Your Web App Against Modern Web Threats Using MEAN Stack. Top Angular Development Services. How Node.js Pave the Way for Highly Scalable Apps? Progressive Web Apps and On-demand Mobile App Development. Why Are Companies Widely Adopting Outsourcing Software Development? Why Migrate To Magento 2 and Ways To Speed It Up For E-Commerce Development. Role of Node.Js In Web Application Development By Using Microservices Architecture.

Reasons And Benefits To Go With Node.Js for Your Web App Development. Why developers opt for React to Angularjs migration? Best Google Home Action Development Comany - Tops infosolutions. Why Will Ecommerce Retail Services Bloom In The Long Run After COVID-19? You must have probably heard that many eCommerce businesses are still thriving while all the other brick and motor stores face closure due to major global lockdown.

Why Will Ecommerce Retail Services Bloom In The Long Run After COVID-19?

There has been a spike in the online users count recently. It includes new sign-ups from customers who are using the site for the first time. It is a chance for the online eCommerce retail service providers to experience a significant boost if they survive this current rocky economic situation. Many online retailers are looking at this crisis as an opportunity. As more and more customers flock to eCommerce shopping sites for their essentials, it seems inevitable for a future boom. It’s not something new. Economical The eCommerce portal web and mobile application development should fall within your budget.

Customizable Your eCommerce portal should be flexible to be customized later on as per the advancements of your business needs. Scalability Tags Many online retailers are looking at this crisis as an opportunity. Economical Tags. Alexa Skill Development Company. Hire MERN Stack Developer to Build Next Generation Web and Mobile Applications. Why Use Server Side Rendering To Boost Performance and User Experience? Why You Should Build Your Social Networking App in React? Web & Mobile App development Company. What can a CRM do for you this 2020? – Insights on evolving trends of CRM. Why Go With The MERN Stack For Building eCommerce Websites? Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Future of Web Development. “A year spent in Artificial Intelligence is enough to make one believe in God – Alan Perlis” Internet has evolved a lot since its birth and it has made the web development evolve as well – website building was a very easy process that involved nothing more than pages of standard texts with few pictures and font variation.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Future of Web Development

Fast forward a decade; society was gifted with standard web connections which enabled website to develop on HTML and PHP, included graphics and animated design elements. Fast forward another two decades – today with the advancement of technologies, web development consist of mix of images and audio visual content designed to deliver the best user-experience rather than just information. As per the recent news, humanoid robot Sophia has been made a citizen of Saudi Arabia. Was that something ever expected? So, here the question arises, with whom will they interact? Artificial Intelligence Is Setting Its Pace In Web Applications Development. Artificial Intelligence is a still-emerging technology that is spreading its wings into various domains and finding its application in day-to-day activities.

Artificial Intelligence Is Setting Its Pace In Web Applications Development

With the advancements in technology and especially with AI in web applications development, voice search feature is invariably altering the e-commerce business sector. Quick search: Whether getting a morning coffee or accessing information, all customers expect quick delivery without much delay. This waiting time has been considerably reduced nowadays with the trends in technology, and AI is making its mark. Voice search solutions are already popular with the youth, and almost everyone is getting adapted to comfortable living. Enhanced interaction: The way of interaction is becoming more natural with Chatbots.

Relevant customer experience: You can accustom your website to match appropriately to the user’s needs by evaluating customer’s moods and understanding their preferences in real-time by AI technology. Tags. Best of Interactions for your Home and Business with Google Actions Development. Google action is a technological sensation that is present ubiquitously from your home services to reach your customers in business.

Best of Interactions for your Home and Business with Google Actions Development

It is a voice-activated speaker powered by Google Assistant that has many capabilities for the best customer experience by exclusive customizations. Take a look at some of the full applications in various business fronts that might apply to your business, or at least provoke your imagination. Listed questions and answers (FAQs)– The most apparent situation is where the knowledge sharing and answering questions about your services or products is done by an FAQ bot like Pringles, Visa Guru. Online Orders— Placing an order at the cafe place, pizza hub, booking a cab, or even flowers is now something you can do quickly! Some of the popular ones are Uber, Starbucks, Domino’s Pizza, 1–800-Flowers. Making Reservations— Dining, activities, entertainment, beauty, and fitness — the Reserve with Google service enables your consumers to schedule appointments.

Mobile App Development Company. Web Application Development Company. Does your CRM have what it takes for a customer-centric business? A customer-centric company builds a culture revolving around customer needs in addition to offering great service.

Does your CRM have what it takes for a customer-centric business?

The catch is that the strategy doesn’t get implemented instantly. That’s where CRM comes into the picture. What Should You Consider During AngularJS to React Migration? Prologue AngularJS was a decent framework when you wanted to get an MVP live in no time although enforcing a robust architecture or securing great performance, AngularJS was never the first choice.

What Should You Consider During AngularJS to React Migration?

The announcement of Angular as backward incompatible, complete rewrite of AngularJS killed the prospects of the framework and ruined the ecosystem around it. We realized AngularJS doesn’t deserve our time, efforts and money anymore; React was looking promising though. Native App Vs Hybrid App - Which is a Better Choice? In the past apps that were built using HTML/CSS and JavaScript wasn’t seen as a strong viable route due to not having that “native feel” or native mobile app development delivers.

Native App Vs Hybrid App - Which is a Better Choice?

However, I’ve seen some real advances in the past couple of years specifically with Ionic that I’d like to think are closing the gap. As a .NET guy and brand new to mobile development I guess my question is, am I taking the easy way out by completely bypassing learning Swift and Java and just focusing on frameworks like Ionic in which case I should really start focusing on Swift and Java or even Xamarin or am I standing on solid ground taking the hybrid app path? Communication Made Easy with On-Demand Apps! Tell me one Uber ride when the driver did not call you to confirm your location or to get directions to it.

In on-demand app development, people often overlook the most important aspect—the human players. No matter the amount of technology that goes into on-demand app development, at the end of the spectrum are a set of humans connected over the app. On-demand apps acts as a platform that connects drivers, delivery persons, professionals, handymen, etc. with the customers. Technologists often believe that an on-demand apps doesn’t need any sort of P2P communication to work and entail app2app communication will suffice. But that is often not the case. MEAN Stack Development Company.