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Paganism / Wicca

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Corr1. Gerald Gardner. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Gerald Gardner

Pour les articles homonymes, voir Gardner. Gerald Gardner (13 juin 1884 - 12 février 1964) est un écrivain ésotériste britannique. Il est une des figures majeures du néo-paganisme moderne. Il est le fondateur de la Wicca. Il publie des ouvrages sur la sorcellerie. L'homme[modifier | modifier le code] Invoquant cette initiation, ainsi qu’une tradition familiale - il aurait été le lointain descendant de Grissell Gardner brûlée comme sorcière en 1610 - Gerald Brousseau Gardner prétendit redonner vie au courant religieux wiccan.

Entre 1939 et 1952, un groupe de personnes qui s'intéressaient à la théosophie et qui étaient presque tous membres de la Co-Masonry organisèrent donc dans la New Forest un premier coven qui disait s'inspirer de la sorcellerie ancienne et commencèrent à élaborer un rituel, ou un ensemble de rituels. Le fondateur de la Wicca mourut en 1964, à l'âge de 80 ans. L'élaboration de la Wicca[modifier | modifier le code] Wicca. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.


Le pentacle, un des principaux symboles des wiccans. Dispelling Myths About Wicca and Paganism. There are many misconceptions out there about Pagans and Paganism as well as Wicca and Wiccans.

Dispelling Myths About Wicca and Paganism

For some reason all of these words have negative connotations for many and are often associated with evil, particularly by Christians and Christianity. People do not seem to understand what it means to be Wiccan or Pagan. Perhaps by dispelling the myths we can begin to build tolerance and peace between faiths. Wicca is the same thing as Paganism. It is the same to be Pagan as it is to be Wiccan. Wicca/Paganism. THE HISTORY OF PAGANISM. The history of Paganism began in about 10,000 BC, during the Paleolithic Age.

It was a time when primitive people were nomadic, and had to hunt for their food, having to follow the herds of animals to survive. This is where the belief of the God of the hunt first appeared. To Know, To Dare, To Will, To Keep Silent. Triple deity. Triple Goddess (Neopaganism) The Triple Goddess is the subject of much of the writing of Robert Graves, and has been adopted by many neopagans as one of their primary deities.

Triple Goddess (Neopaganism)

The term triple goddess is infrequently used outside of Neopaganism to instead refer to historical goddess triads and single goddesses of three forms or aspects. In common Neopagan usage the three female figures are frequently described as the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone, each of which symbolizes both a separate stage in the female life cycle and a phase of the moon, and often rules one of the realms of earth, underworld, and the heavens. These may or may not be perceived as aspects of a greater single divinity. The feminine part of Wicca's duotheistic theological system is sometimes portrayed as a Triple Goddess, her masculine counterpart being the Horned God. The relationship between the neopagan Triple Goddess and ancient religion is disputed, although it is not disputed that triple goddesses were known to ancient religion.

Curanderismo - Magic or Trabajo of healing art, Ritual and Spiritual healing, Psychic readings and Witchcraft. Many who have heard of Curanderismo have a narrow view of what it really is and what it involves.

Curanderismo - Magic or Trabajo of healing art, Ritual and Spiritual healing, Psychic readings and Witchcraft.

This misunderstanding probably comes from the Spanish word itself, "curar", meaning "to heal". Curanderismo is not only a form of folk healing, it also includes the practice white magic, ritual, cleansings, energy work, spirit contact, divination, and a vast amount of prayer just to name a few. While some practitioners prefer to engage only in one area, others work in all areas. Curanderismo is a very spiritual practice with strong religious faith. My Akashic Journey. I began reading my own Akashic Records in January of 2010.

My Akashic Journey

Once I became comfortable with the records, I began reading them for close friends. Over the past two years, I have witnessed how these readings have helped change my friends and myself for the better. On this page, I will share some of our story, to show others who are curious how the records can help them better connect in a world that was once so separated, but is now finding its way back toward the light and unity consciousness. What ARE the Akashic Records? I first learned the term “Akashic Record” about four years ago, when I began studying crystal healing. Before I begin sharing my journey through myAkashic Records, I thought it may be helpful to first explain what they are in the very simplest of terms. Pagan myths and legends « Paying Attention To The Sky. The Fourth Ecumenical Council of Chalcedon 451AD The following is adapted from Fr.

pagan myths and legends « Paying Attention To The Sky

Robert Barron’s And Now I See which one reviewer has called “the most readable, sensible and well-supported view of Christianity” he had ever read. It constantly surprises me that as I return to this book to help me advocate the Church’s positions, I always find something clear-cut and easily understandable. Most recently I was in an Internet food fight on the historicity of Jesus. The Jesus Denier was going on and on about how Jesus was in fact a fable constructed from earlier pagan myths.

Anyways, here is the amalgam of arguments I used in a longer more thoughtful piece. Witchcraft, Wiccan and Pagan Index.