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Top 10 Cambodian Foods for Gourmet Travellers. Due to the diverse culture and tradition of local people, Cambodian foods always bring interesting and unique flavours to tourists worldwide, especially gourmet travellers. We would like to present to you the list of Top 10 Cambodian Foods for gourmet travellers. Nom Bank Chok Recommended as one of 10 most delicious dishes in Cambodia, Nom Bank Chok must be a familiar breakfast to every Cambodian person.The dish is a combination of rice noodle, traditional-styled broth, a ot of fresh herbs such as fresh mint leaves, bean sprouts, cucumber and other healthy vegetables from the local garden. Nom Bank Chok can be found almost everywhere in Cambodia including restaurants, shopping centers and some portable food stalls in the street. Prahok Sauce Considered as the traditional food in Cambodia, Prahok Sauce is made of fish and salt and kept in the vase for months. Stir Fry Red Tree Ants with Beef Khmer Red Curry Amok Bai Sach Chrouk Another interesting Cambodian food would be Bai Sach Chrouk.

Jahan Cruise Ship on Mekong River - 37% Special Offer. 1. Alteration of schedule and cruise itinerary Though every effort will be made to ensure that the published itinerary is followed as closely as possible, given uncertain river and other local conditions, all schedules and itineraries maybe subject to alterations and delays at short notice. 2. Change point of embarkation and disembarkation Should it prove difficult to embark or disembark passengers at the scheduled points, RV Jahan Cruise is not liable to bear any extra cost of transporting passengers to and from the revised point of joining the cruise or disembarking unless passengers or their agents have purchased a complete package tour which includes land services from us. 3.

Within the ticket price fuel costs have been calculated on average prices as of the publication of this document. 4. 4.1. If a booking is made more than 95 days prior departure date, a 30% non-refundable deposit must be made at the time of booking. 4.2. 5. 6. 6.1. 6.2. 7. 8. 9. 10. Top 3 Spectacular Cliffs in Vietnam for Backpackers | Australia travel forum.

The cliff on Pha Luong peak (Moc Chau) Pha Luong peak is famous by the immortal poetry of the poet Nguyen Quang Dung in the poem Tay Tien: 'So winding the slope up and slop down / guns seems to smell the sky among the quiet cloud / Thousand meters up, thousand meters down/ Someone’s house is far away in Pha Luong’s rain. At an altitude of nearly 2,000m, Pha Luong is an attractive destination for young people. Conquering this mountain requires the courage and endurance of those who are truly passionate about discovery. Stand here you will feel the beauty of nature in the wind of the sky. However, the bottom of the mountain terrain is quite dangerous, so if you can not resist the charm of it, you should also remember not to dabble or too risky to take pictures. The cliff in Thach That (Ha Tay) The Thach That cliff, just outside of Hanoi, is also the destination for the fan of virtual life in the North in 2016.

The cliff in Quang Yen town (Quang Ninh) These 3 Beautiful Homestays Will Make You Love | Vietnam travel forum. Beautiful homestay or hostel is no longer the "specialty" of Da Lat or Sapa. Right in the heart of Hue ancient capital, there are a series of “super cute” homestay for you to choose. Deja Vu Homestay Being one of the new and most impressive homestay in Hue, Deja Vu is truly a great stop when you visit the ancient capital. Located at No. 3, 191 Dien Bien Phu, Hue, Deja Vu is a cute homestay with young, fresh colors and full of vitality.

Deja Vu has 5 rooms, each with a different style. Maximum occupancy is 3 guests per room. Besides, the homestay also has 3 dorm beds suitable for those who like to travel alone. In each room, the homestay owner cleverly arranges relaxing tables and chairs for tea, reading, or simply inhaling the pleasant atmosphere. Vu Homestay Located on the romantic Minh Mang, Vu Homestay is where make you feel like in a green countryside with grass trees, flowers and leafy houses. April Hostel. The Mysterious Stories in Lam Kinh Relics | Vietnam Safari Tours. Many visitors are curious about the Lam Kinh ruins by the story of laughing trees right at the grave of King Le Thai To, ancient ironwood tree and love story of the banyan trees. Lam Kinh historical site is located 50 km northwest of Thanh Hoa city in Tho Xuan and Ngoc Lac districts. This is the hometown and also the resting place of the hero Le Loi and the emperors, queens of the Le Dynasty. After many ups and downs of the nation's history, Lam Kinh ruins today are embellished, restored and become a special national monument.

In the vast grounds of the ruins there are many rare trees which are hundreds of years old. However, the most curious stories to visitors are the mysterious stories of laughing guava trees right at the grave of King Le Thai To, ancient ironwood tree and love story of the banyan trees. The laughing guava tree at the tomb of King Le Thai To The guava tree is thin, about 3m high, small leaves, every year there are many fruits. The ironwood tree. Top 3 The Most Impressive Passes in Da Lat | Vietnam Wonders of The World. The winding passes in the land of thousands pines will provide an enjoyable experience for nature-loving visitors. The winding road leading to Dalat (Lam Dong) has been known to many visitors as beautiful landscapes, only in the Central Highlands. Please visit Dalat once, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the poetry, picturesque beauty of the pass. Prenn Pass Prenn Pass is 11 km long, about 10 km from Da Lat center. This is also the road from Lien Khuong Airport leading into the city.

The two side of the pass are high rows of pine trees with beautiful views. On the pass, visitors can stop by, visit the white villa and discover the magic stories revolve around this house. Ta Nung Pass Ta Nung Pass is the route connecting the city center with Lam Ha District. The majesty and danger of the bends on the road attracts tourists to hit the road. Between October and November, the two sides of the road are flooded with yellow flowers.

Bao Loc Pass. Chua Island - The Beautiful Primitive Island in Phu Yen. Only about 7km from the mainland, Chua Island is located in the group of Dua Island and Than Island off the coast of Long Thuy sea, An Phu commune, Tuy Hoa city. Coming here, you can feel the extremely beautiful blue sea, white sand and sunshine. When you arrive at Chua Island, you will find that the scenery here is quite wild. On the island, there are mainly bushes and a variety of grass, the air is very fresh. The beach in Chua Island is especially long with clear blue water and white sand, you can indulge yourself in the cool water and play with the sand as you like. With the special composition of small, stacked stones, as well as vertical cliffs due to the erosion of waves and thick vegetation, the remote view of Hon Pagoda is like a green cool vegetation stretching on the sea. On the top of Chua island there is a rocky ground that might be an old foundation of an ancient temple.

There are many legends around this temple. You may like: Mekong river cruises. Top 10 Travel Destinations in Vietnam in 2017 | Vietnam travel. 1. Cu Lao Cau, Binh Thuan province Cu Lao Cau or Hon Cau is one of the two marine reserves of Binh Thuan, about 100 km from Phan Thiet. Looking from the mainland, Cu Lao Cau is like a "stone kingdom" with strange shapes, attracting visitors by clear water color, looking down to the bottom. Therefore, this is also considered a diving paradise. Come here, during the day you will have the opportunity to see the vegetation, natural coral diversity and extremely beautiful. 2. About 40 km south of Tam Ky city, Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province, Tam Hai island is separated from the outside world by the romantic Truong Giang.

Tam Hai Island as a jewel hidden in the shell has not been honed. 3. Hon Ong, also known as Whale Island, is a small island located in Van Phong Bay in Van Ninh District, Khanh Hoa Province, nearly 100km from Nha Trang. Hon Ong Island is very different from other tourist island in that there are no inhabitants. 4. 5. 6. The journey to Ta Dung Lake is not too difficult. Konklor Hotel in Kon Tum - As Beautiful as Resort, as Cheap as Homestay | Vietnam Visa Arrival. Designed with unique architectural style of Tay Nguyen ethnic group, Konklor hotel is popular with many visitors because of the spacious space, fresh air like in a luxury resort. The Konklor Hotel is a harmonious combination of modern architecture and traditional, unique, typical style of the Central Highlands.

The furniture, interior decoration is made from the materials of the mountains and forests such as brocade weaving, bamboo, rattan,... by the skilful hands of local people. Blending in the lush greenery of a variety of bonsai, flowers, lilacs with unique spinning wheel will give you a deep impression. Although Konklor is a 1 star hotel only, it still offers modern facilities such as hot water, air conditioner, refrigerator, big bed, TV, internet ... The special thing at Konklor Hotel is that no matter how many people, you will be staying in separate bedrooms as a large private home, not afraid of being disturbed. Discovering Vietnam with 2 Italian Backpackers | Vietnam travel blog.

When arriving in Vietnam, Luca and Alessandro traveled to many famous tourist destinations in the North, Central and South Vietnam such as Sapa, Ha Noi, Ha Long Bay, Hue, Hoi An, Phan Thiet, Saigon. Wherever they are, the two men also took very careful notes and took pictures as beautiful as the magazine. The journey around the world of Luca and Alessandro (coming from Italy) is specially noticed by online communities and travel lovers from all over the world. The adventure of exploring the wonders of strange places has no specific starting time nor ending time. Luca and Alessandro have set foot in Italy, Canada, France, USA, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

In Vietnam, Luca and Alessandro have visited many popular tourist destinations spreading across the North, Central and South including Sapa, Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hue, Hoi An, Phan Thiet, The two men also took careful note of information about where they are coming from, how to get there, and interesting experiences in strange places. Dong Xuan Alley - The Paradise of Street Food in Hanoi | Vietnam Enjoy. Dong Xuan Market is like a gastronomic paradise of Hanoi with delicious bun cha, delicious crispy porridge rib and chilled sweet soup... though space is small and there is no parking space.

Dong Xuan Market is one of the few places where bun cha with grilled meat on bamboo rods are sold in Hanoi. The bun cha here is made in traditional style: meat is wrapped by leaves, clipped between bamboo sticks and grilled on charcoal. Pork is sweet with the scent of leaves, onions and smells of wild bamboo smoke. In addition, the unique point of the restaurant is that bun cha is served with tamarind vinegar, so it has a different taste. With 35,000 VND (USD 1.5), you will have a full bowl of grilled meat and grilled meat balls.

Located at the end of the market, there is a small but busy noodle soup, especially at noon. Porridge rib stall usually opens at 5 pm, and it’s busier at night. Bun nem crab noodle dish is another version of bun cha. Dried beef salad is a favorite dish for young people. Suggestion of 3 Best Resorts near Ho Chi Minh City | Vietnam Resorts. La Maison De Campagne The pretty resort is located in Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City. It is like a Hoi An in the heart of the city with a simple design, painted with a distinctive yellow tone. La Maison de Campagne has a garden, swimming pool, sun loungers, a new stop on the Lunar New Year. Come here, you feel like you are back home because the arrangement, interior decoration and the exterior is very familiar and simple. The one-storey roof-tiled building, the flower-tiled corridor, the intercommunication between the villas, alternating the silhouette of the flowering trees brings a very Asian image.

The resort costs from VND1.5 million (60 USD) per room per night, not too expensive. La Maison de Campagne is located in Cu Chi district, about 60 km from Saigon and 20 km from Tan Son Nhat airport. An Lam The resort is designed as a dense, tree-lined garden. The architecture here is not too picky, emphasizing the simplicity but also quite creative in some categories. TajmaSago Resort. Pleiku - Are You Sure that You Want to Go Home After Visiting | Cambodia Luxury. Pleiku does not have shopping centers, entertainment areas or modern resorts. However, if you want to get away from the chaos of everyday life, leave the noise to find yourself in tranquillity, immerse yourself in the majestic setting of nature, or simply enjoy a cup of coffee and see the street, go to this city.

Come to Pleiku, you will be surprised by the bright green fields under the sun, the wild flowers, the trees stretching on the dream road. And when you walk on the road, you will feel so good with the cosy smile and warm heart of the hospitable people. Then there is the excitement of having a motorbike ride through the cows, or the great feeling when you climb to the summit of the mountain and feel yourself so small among the sky. Simply, but very quickly, you will discover that you have fallen in love with the city with nothing to play at all.

Tourist Destinations The Great lake and the Great Tea Lake are all on the way back to Kontum. Culinary Information For You. Thien Cam Son - Mysterious & Romantic | Vietnam Highlights. Perhaps at the end of a lifetime, we still cannot discover all the wonders in the beloved country of Vietnam. In the beginning of each year, so many people from the North and South of Vietnam flow to Ba Chua Xu Temple, but not everyone has a chance to discover the mysterious and romantic Thien Cam Son - "roof" of the Mekong Delta. Natural beauty The mountain range near the Vietnam-Cambodia border contains many myths, which were the inspiration for writer Nguyen Quang Sang to write the famous novel “The land of fire”. There is also the largest statue of Maitreya Buddha in Asia on the top of the mountain to bless the world. Thien Cam Son is called Cam Mountain, the highest mountain in the An Son Range in An Giang Province, standing in the middle of the plain as a giant general who defends the southwest frontier.

Around the name of Cam Mountain there are different legends. Montain in the dialect of the south-western border is "non" or "vo". Smile of Maitreya Buddha. Experience of Being a Local Farmer in Soc Trang | Vietnam Adventure. Let’s get away from the busy life and spend a day to work as a farmer, catch fish, crab, snail and then enjoy on the spot to feel simple and rustic beauty of the people of Mo O, Soc Trang. Located about 260km from Ho Chi Minh City, Mo O is a "strange" tourist destination for tourists who prefer wildlife with a warm and comfortable space.

Depart from Ho Chi Minh City from 19h on Friday, drive along Highway 60 to Ben Tre City and stop to rest, eat some local food at the roadside to warm the stomach. Then move through Ham Luong Bridge, Co Chien and then head straight to Dai Ngai for a rest. A small note is that after crossing Tra Vinh, there are a number of hostels along the road, 15km away from Dai Ngai ferry station, you should stay overnight here because there is no guesthouse on the rest of the road, the ferry does not operate after 20h.

Around 7 am wake up to continue the journey through two ferries, to national highway 91C or "South of Hau river" and head straight to Mo O. What to Enjoy and Buy in Phan Thiet, Vietnam | Vietnam Art Souvenir. 9 Must-Try Experiences in Bac Ha Market, Lao Cai. Tourists Places in Uong Bi on the Way to Halong Bay. Ccasa Hostel - The First Unique Container Hostel in Nha Trang. Mekong River Cruises - At least 15% Off for your expedition.