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Safe, Clean Environment Conducive for Learning. Due to the effects of the pandemic, a manifold of schools closed for their students’ safety.

Safe, Clean Environment Conducive for Learning

And for quite some time, students and teachers utilized online learning to continue their education. However, online learning may not be feasible for some children and their families. Some factors include insufficient learning devices, finances, as well as home environments. Thus, as a preschool that caters to the wellness of each child, we made sure that our learning environment stays clean and well-sanitized. The impact of COVID-19 is tremendous, and it left most families to lose jobs or work double-time. Our child care center in Orlando, Florida, is a safe, sanitized environment that maintains a learning schedule for all preschool and kindergarten students. We ensure that strict guidelines on cleanliness and social distancing will be followed daily to ensure the spread of the virus is controlled within the extent of our service.

How You Can Nurture the Green Thumb in Your Child. Gardening can be a great way to bond with your child.

How You Can Nurture the Green Thumb in Your Child

Through gardening, your child can learn new skills, have fun, and even develop self-confidence as they tend plants and grow their own food. Reasons Why You Should Sign Your Child Up for VPK. Voluntary Prekindergarten or VPK is a free prekindergarten program for 4 and 5-year-old children living in Florida.

Reasons Why You Should Sign Your Child Up for VPK

Children who participate in the program must be 4 years old on or before September 1. Some schools that offer day care services in Florida provide VPK programs. When you enroll your child in a VPK classroom, you can expect high-quality programs with a high literacy standard, manageable class sizes, developmentally appropriate curricula, and highly qualified educators. Other benefits of enrolling your child in a VPK program include: They’re Developing Essential Academic Skills at an Early Age.Did you know that the most crucial point of their brain’s growth and development is at the age of 5?

How Pretend Play Help Kids in Their Development. Also known as imaginative play, kids enjoy playing pretend all the time.

How Pretend Play Help Kids in Their Development

It gives them the chance to play in whatever way they wish as their imagination is the limit. With today’s trend of decreasing playtime for kids, the essence of playing pretend is one activity that kids can’t get from using gadgets and devices, making it an effective way to increase kids’ playtime. Encourage Your Child to Read Books. Encouraging children to read is almost always challenging.

Encourage Your Child to Read Books

Most children prefer to play with their toys or watch television. Going to preschool is one of the best ways to encourage your child’s love for learning but that won’t be enough if it’s not reinforced at home. Benefits of Children’s Playgroup. Most people call it the “terrible two’s.”

Benefits of Children’s Playgroup

But for us, it’s all about child curiosity. A Summer Camp Guide for Parents. Summer camp is considered a rite of passage and an excellent opportunity for kids to grow and develop.

A Summer Camp Guide for Parents

Although each camp is different, there are common themes that continually come up when talking about the benefits of the event. Here in Top Kids Academy, a child care center in Orlando, Florida, our educators are dedicated to providing and ensuring a safe environment where children gain self-confidence as they learn new skills. While it is encouraged to let young learners join the camp, parents have the responsibility to prepare their kids for the event. Tips to Prep Your Kids for Summer Camp. For kids, summer is the most awaited season of the year, and the thought of going to a camp excites them the most!

Tips to Prep Your Kids for Summer Camp

Who would want to spoil their enthusiasm, right? But considering the unfortunate event happening this year where COVID-19 is still threatening the lives of many people, it is understandable why parents are anxious about letting their kids join the camp. However, you don’t have to worry because educators in a child care center in Orlando, Florida are well-trained to protect your kids while they get to discover new things during the summer camp. Summer camp is a program included in day care services in Florida where it helps kids gain more knowledge and discover and/or enhance their skills.

Discover the Reasons Why Your Child Should Join Summer Camp. As a parent, you may have already started creating summer plans for your kids.

Discover the Reasons Why Your Child Should Join Summer Camp

Summer camp is an excellent option as it provides them with a fun-filled summer while teaching them valuable skills. As a child care center in Orlando, Florida, we will share the reasons why your child should join summer camp this year: Valuable learning experiences.Summer camp allows kids to try out new activities and step away from their comfort zone. In doing so, they undergo valuable learning experiences that shape their personality and help them perform well in school. Top Kids Academy Fall Registration Now Open.

Is your child showing a sign of readiness to learn new things?

Top Kids Academy Fall Registration Now Open

Well, if they are, the time can’t be any more opportune. Spring Break Activities the Whole Family Can Enjoy. Start a small garden. You can start by discussing which vegetables or fruits do the kids want in your small garden. This will spark their interest and motivate them to get their hands dirty with all the burying and planting. Teach Your Child About Giving Back. According to the educators of our child care center in Orlando, Florida, a lot of people are curious, especially parents, about the age at which a child can grasp the concept of giving back. It may surprise you that showing compassion and doing good for others can already start as early as preschool. There are many ways that a child can develop an understanding of other people’s feelings and needs. It can be through our day care services in Florida, storybooks, TV channels, or other media.

When they follow a story of a particular character, it enables them to develop emotions pertaining to different situations. How to Help Your Child Who Is Afraid of the Dark. Some parents feel confused as to why their child in preschool develops a fear of the dark, especially during bedtime. While some children don’t have any particular reasons why they’re afraid, others openly point out a specific event like watching something scary on TV that started the problem. Treat Your Child’s Stuffed Animal as Family. Many parents buy a stuffed animal for their child in preschool so that their little one can have something to play with while they tend with their housework and other activities.

They also find it cute when their child talks to the stuffed animal like it is part of the family. As a parent, it’s essential that you also treat it like one. According to educators in our child care center in Orlando, Florida, stuffed animals play a significant role in children. Children who play with their stuffed toy can practice nurturing and communicating. They can also discover the use of new vocabulary, improve their social skills, and manage their emotions. Social Skills Children Should Learn Early. Exciting Ways to Prepare Your Kids for Preschool. Teach Your Child the Rules of Clean As You Go. Many children in preschool often leave a mess whenever they feed themselves.

Either they are messy eaters, or they like to play with their food when they think that you are not looking. Yes, it can sometimes be frustrating to see those food scraps and peelings all over the table, and you cannot wait to clean them up when mealtime is over. However, cleaning up after them may not make them feel accountable for the mess that they have created, whether or not they did it intentionally. Children in Preschool Need to Eat Healthy Snacks. Activities You Can Do with Your Child to Help Promote Their Imagination and Creativity. Recommend Our Childcare Services. Do your friends know about the Top Kids Academy Advantage?

If not, then its time to spread the good news! Let Sports and Sportsmanship Empower Your Child. When you let your child in preschool become active in sports, you help empower them to stay fit and improve their social skills simultaneously. You also help develop their confidence and sense of sportsmanship. Come to think of it, when they do well in sports, they can also apply the same efforts to their homework and studies. Day Care Services. Always Look After Your Child in Sickness and in Health. Teaching Your Child to Follow the Rules and Understand Discipline. In preschool, it is essential that children understand and accept rules. Child Care Center. The Top Kids Academy has state-certified programs you can choose from. Helping Kids Thrive Through the Winter and Beyond. With this season’s cold temperatures and shorter daylight, kids at home are easily getting sick; making them want to hide under the covers until preschool resumes.

Kids are instinctively wired to be physically active. So why don’t you use that drive to help them optimum immunity through the rest of the cold season and even all year round? Dining With Your Child Helps Them Learn About Food and Table Manners. When your family life comes with a busy schedule at the start of the day, it’s not easy to get the whole family to sit down together and enjoy daily breakfast. Benefits of Early Educations for Children. Top Kids Academy - Child Care Center - Orlando, Florida. Get Your Child to Realize the Fun in Learning. Top Kids Academy: The Services That Made Us Be.