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American Archive of Public Broadcasting. BPL: Historical Newspaper Directories. Online Collections Newspaper directories are typically annuals. They note what newspapers were published each year, with circulation figures, dimensions, frequency, and intended audience. Newspaper Directories were created for prospective advertisers to learn about media markets. They may give information about publication's circulation area such as population or industries. Frequently they include tables of the Sunday press, weekly press, foreign language press, religious press, and trade papers. They often give the name of the publisher, editor, and/or advertising manager. Newspaper directories are one of the first places to look to discover which titles were published in a given year or for a geographical area. Geo. Hubbard's right hand record and newspaper directory Phillip's Newspaper Rate Book [Pettingill's] National Newspaper Directory and Gazetteer Remington Brothers' newspaper manual Nelson Chesman & Co.' McKim's Directory of Canadian Publications H.W.

Europeana Newspapers. ActivePaper Archive. Cambridge Public Library. Newspapers. List of newspapers in the world by circulation. This is a list of the daily newspapers in the world by average circulation. Figures are compiled by the International Federation of Audit Bureaux of Circulations[1] and World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers.[2][3][4] Figures represent each paper's average circulation in 2011 and previous. Some figures are disputed; the numbers of the Japanese newspapers have been subjected to claims of "Oshigami" or circulation exaggeration.[5] Free newspapers are not included in this list.

Top 100 paid newspapers[edit] See also[edit] References[edit] Search Engines:News. List of newspapers in the United Kingdom by circulation. This is a list of the newspapers in the United Kingdom by average circulation. In the early nineteenth century, newspapers circulations were small. The leading newspaper at the start of the century was the Morning Post, which sold around 4,000 copies per day, twice the sales of its nearest rival. As production methods improved, print runs increased, and newspapers were sold at lower prices. By 1828, the Morning Herald was selling the most copies, but it was soon overtaken by The Times.[1] The press was changed by the introduction of halfpenny papers.

Daily newspapers[edit] The UK daily newspaper circulation from 1950 to the present. Circulations 2010 to present[edit] Circulations 2000-2009[edit] Circulation 1950–1999[edit] Circulation before 1950[edit] Sunday newspapers[edit] Circulation since 2010[edit] Circulation 2000-2009[edit] Circulation in the 20th century[edit] Circulation in the 19th century[edit] Figures shown are average circulations for each year. Regional newspapers[edit] See also[edit]

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News Archives. List of newspapers in the United States by circulation. This is a list of the top 25 newspapers in the United States by weekday circulation as of March 2013.[1] The figures include normal print editions, branded print editions (e.g., regional editions or editions tailored for commuters), and digital subscriptions (e.g., for tablet computers or restricted-access).[1] The data is compiled by the Alliance for Audited Media.[1] See also[edit] References[edit]