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Build A Custom Search Engine Using Your Social Bookmarks. Last week, Yahoo finally unveiled the long-awaited new version of the social bookmarking site Delicious.

Build A Custom Search Engine Using Your Social Bookmarks

Along with the new URL, simply, the site got a revamped UI and added new features like selectable detail levels and alphabetical sorting of bookmarks. However, amid the delighted oohs and ahhs from the tech community over the new-and-improved site, some people were raising the valid question: "Who bookmarks anymore? " Besides bookmarking for the sake of making sure a site gets seen in your FriendFeed stream, the truth is that many people bookmark, but then turn to Google search when they actually want to find something. If that's the case, then why are we bothering to bookmark at all? Instead, why not just build a Google Custom Search Engine that searches your Delicious bookmarks as well as any other sites you find interesting? Here at RWW, we're big fans of Custom Search Engines, and we use them regularly, so it just made sense to make one from our bookmarks.

How to Enable Google Analytics Site Search For Google Custom Search? Almost every webmaster uses Google Analytics but there are very few who can use it to the full potential and I will share one of the secret trick in using Google Analytics that can help you understand your site audience and what they are looking for.

How to Enable Google Analytics Site Search For Google Custom Search?

The feature we will enable is called Site Search feature which tracks the site search terms for your site and you can use it to give your audience what they are looking for when they visit your site. What Is Google Analytics Site Search Tracking? If you’re a webmaster, you probably have a search function on your site. If don’t have search feature, you should definitely add one because it is an easy way to allow your site visitors to find content on your site. Collecting Websites and Webpages - Topical Search Wiki. Using Twitter Lists to Define Custom Search Engines. A long time ago, I used to play with search engines all the time, particularly in the context of bounded search, (that is, search over a particular set of web pages of web domains, e.g.

Using Twitter Lists to Define Custom Search Engines

Search Hubs and Custom Search at ILI2007). Although I’m not at IWMW this year, I can’t not have an IWMW related tinker, so here’s a quick play around IWMW related twittering folk… To start with, let’s have a look at the IWMW Twitter account: We see there are several twitter lists associated with the account, including one for participants… Looking around the IWMW10 website, I also spy a community area, with a Google Custom search engine that searches over institutional web management blogs that @briankelly, I presume, knows about: It seems a bit of a pain to manage though… “Please contact Brian Kelly if you would like your blog to be included in this list of blogs which are indexed” Drag and drop search for Go Daddy websites. Wouldn't it be nice to just drag and drop a Custom Search box onto a website?

Drag and drop search for Go Daddy websites

We thought so, and so did Go Daddy, the world's largest domain name registrar and top web hosting provider. Website owners using Go Daddy's WebSite Tonight product can now easily drag a search widget onto their web pages, and instantly turn on high-quality website search powered by the Custom Search platform. WebSite Tonight is a do-it-yourself service that lets users create, design, update and publish websites without requiring any knowledge of HTML. The product offers 1,500+ design templates and enables users to very easily add widgets to their web pages. WebSite Tonight was named for its ease of use - users can create a website as quickly as one night.

More transliteration languages for Custom Search. Posted by: Christine Moschella, Online Operations A few weeks ago, we announced support for transliteration in Custom Search in a bunch of languages, including Arabic and a set of Indic languages.

More transliteration languages for Custom Search

The auto-transliteration feature allows your users to conveniently type in English, for example, and search in one of these languages. Now, that list of transliteration languages in Custom Search has grown. We now support a dozen languages, including Urdu and Nepali. The feature is very simple to use: you can turn transliteration on in the Language settings section of the Basics page on the Custom Search control panel. Once you've enabled automatic transliteration, a language button next to the search box alerts your users.

Optimize Google Custom Search for In-Site-Search. Google Custom Search for your smartphone. In our recent Product Ideas survey, one of the most-requested features was about enabling a mobile version of Custom Search.

Google Custom Search for your smartphone

Guess what: It's here! Creating search box using HTML form - Custom Search Help. Topical Search Blog: An Alternative to Reading Lists? Custom Search Labels.