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Top Grade Assignments Help is an online assignment help company which deals in computer Top Grade Assignments EXCLUSIVELY. We are having experts who are from many leading universities and possess sound experience in providing programming help

Entity Relationship Diagram. This sample solution on entity relationship diagram database assignment will help students to complete their database assignments with the help of ERD Develop design documentation An Entity Relationship Diagram.

Entity Relationship Diagram

Database Assignment Help. Sample solution on system analysis design provide by Top Grade Assignment Help from which people can understand the core concept of S.A.D Evaluate different systems life cycle models.

Database Assignment Help

Discuss the importance of following a procedural/staged life cycle in a systems investigation The system development life cycle is the series of six different important phases to create the software or hardware system. It is mainly used by the organization to design, develop and test the better quality of the system in an efficient way which meets to user requirement. It divides the whole project development process in the several stages which are given below: OOPS Programming Assignment Help. In this sample solution of TGAH provide oops programming assignment help to understand the concepts of object-oriented programming and based on Java System.

OOPS Programming Assignment Help

Discuss the following object oriented concepts with examples that have to be considered when designing an Object-Oriented solution (M1) Assignment Help Australia. This sample solution on PHP Assignment Help enhances the understanding of website development in XML and exciting part of this website is XSL transformation Browse browser provides the information about the all leading web browsers.

Assignment Help Australia

It is a dynamic web application. The objective of this website is to serve information regarding all leading web browsers. Functionality – The browse browsers will allows users to browse the list of browsers. This website will provide its user to review their browser by participate in the questionnaire. Technology – This website will be constructed using PHP, HTML and XML. Hardware and Software Requirements – Server- XAMP, to run it.Designing tool- DreamweaverMemory requirements- Min. 20 GBProcessor- dual core or moreRAM- 2 GB or moreScreen Video- CamStudio XHTML content pages – It is used to design the website. Web services – The web service is used to fetch the data from XML files.

XSLT to render html – This transformation has done using PHP. Screenshots – Web Programming Assignment Help. Virtual tutor web programming assignment will help student to improve web develop, designing, programming skills with PHP, JavaScript and mark-up languages.

Web Programming Assignment Help

This assignment work has been undergone in order to understand the concepts of website designing and enhance the learner’s web designing skills. The main objective of this assignment is to let the teachers upload the lessons related to maths and English that will help students to learn courses online and get better grades in their high school exams. Part1 To analyse the established e-business sites. ERD Database Management System. In ERD database management system assignment sample solution-ERD is made in Visio programming tool and implementation is done using MS SQL Server This assignment has been made to understand the concepts of database management system.

ERD Database Management System

Database has been designed by applying various features as studied during lectures. The tables are created with required constraints and on the basis of physical schema, ERD is drawn. Query implementation done through MS SQL Server via query language. Complex concepts like views and stored procedures are also implemented. 1 To make an ERD using crow’s foot notation In this task an ERD has been made corresponding to Infosys database .MS Visio tool is used to draw the entity relationship diagram. Defined Primary KeyDefined Secondary keyThe diagram has defined relationships among entities.Attributes are defined corresponds to each entity. Assumptions image 1 Figure 1 ERD 2 With the help of ERD we have designed the database schema as per the requirements image 2 Views.

Networking Assignment Help. This networking assignment sample solution learn you about encryption and description technique via Cipher Algorithm help understanding security mechanism This assignment has been made to understand the concepts of security and apply them on the given assignment.

Networking Assignment Help

It will enhance the learner skills. The RSA, DSA and several other encryption algorithms has been applied to it. Task 1 Symmetric and Asymmetric Cipher Symmetric Encryption. Big Mike Web Programming Assignment. This big mike web programming assignment sample solution will let you learn about programming, communication & management skills as well This report work is a technical documentation for the variety of tasks has been implemented using the learner’s technical and logical skills.

Big Mike Web Programming Assignment

It is designed to give web developer a platform to grow and enhance his knowledge and programming skills. Big Mike, a well-established company for electronic equipment, product and services has developed a website to showcase their work and products/services online to the consumers but unfortunately the website still has some cons as the hired web developer left the Big Mike amidst which may cause this company a loss. They have hired a new web developer who will be going to complete the work that has yet undone and will provide finesse to the website as per the client’s requirements. Database Assignment Help. In this IT programming database assignment help is based on data structure and help to learn about concepts like looping, iterations, selection, data flow This assignment has been made in order to understand the concepts learnt during lectures and apply them through implementation.

Database Assignment Help

It provides the platform to enhance learner programming and testing skills. It helps you to understand the concepts of primitive data types, loops, structures, arrays and so on. Android Assignment Help. App stores marketing assignment is a sample solution which will help to promote your android apps on play store and help to get downloads In this solution is talking about some app stores and their marketing techniques in this android assignment help.

Android Assignment Help

It identifies the several methods for the same such as icons, splash screens, animations and so on. It specifies the advantages of using all such features. Dot Net Assignment Help. This desktop application is a sample solution of dot net assignment help from which we came to know how application can develop in dot net with screen shots Clearly state the expected outcomes for the application. State the inputs, outputs & processing required The purpose of the application is to store data about student and fee charges. The individual data about student like name, telephone, email, address. The data about the student fee accommodation must be put away in the database. Database Assignment Help. Staff payroll system is based on database assignment solution which is all about the development of stock and inventory system using Oracle Financials The project is about the development of stock and inventory system using Oracle 10g module integrated with Oracle Financials.

An inventory system provides physical management of a company’s stock until it is either used up or sold. It also performs a logical, cataloging function. This stock is referred to by its item number (usually item number is the segment 1 column of mtl_system_items) and has many attributes that affect the transactions that the modules can process against the item. The system will handle Orders from various sites/joinery/carpentry and other divisions to buy various hardware/ material required for their respective sites which run on a weekly Order cycle. Cost and Benefits The projected budget for this project is estimated at $60,900. My role in this project includes: Project Involvement Areas: Requirement Analysis. Online Assignment Help Australia. In this sample android assignment help solution is based on phone gap technology and describe the future of mobile apps on cross platform In this report we develop a laundry android mobile app in Phone Gap cross platform mobile app development technology.

In this report we develop a laundry wash android mobile app in Phone Gap cross platform mobile app development technology. The one of the most advantage of using this app is, it saves your time and money both. Phone Gap is basically a software development framework, which is used to develop the mobile application. Database Assignment Help. This sample solution is based on translation memory database assignment help to make people under stand about translation memory Translation memory also known as computer assisted translation (CAT) tools. The translation memory technology was introduced around 30 years but it becomes highlighted at end of 1990’s. Today a large number of professionals or translation suppliers use this technology. Basically translation memory is software that split and processes the contents or long pieces of texts. Web Programming Assignment Help. This solution is based on web programming assignment help of Australian Seed website This document is to present the Assignment part 1 details along with the details mention in Help.html web page of this project.

This will help to understand the outcome of project properly. Image 1 Transparent Logo Detail As per requirement transparent logo is designed and created for this project. Office Solution Development Assignment Help. Networking Security Research Report. Web Programming Assignment Help. Assignment Help Australia. Java is developed by Sun Microsystem in 1995. It is an Object oriented high-level programming language. Java programs are platform independent, it supports the different type of operating system with any type of processor, such as Mac OS, Windows, and UNIX. Assignment Help Australia. PHP is stands for PHP Hypertext preprocessor it is server side scripting language which is used to design web development. PHP is also HTML-embedded Web scripting language. It scripts are runs on the web server and it is free to implement, use and download. PHP is developed by in year 1994. PHP code can be implemented into HTML code or it can be used with various systems such as web content management system, web template systems and web frameworks.

PHP is very useful and popular blogging system in web, it runs on the largest social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter In early PHP was developed in 1994 and scientist Rasmus Lerdorf wrote many Common Gateway Interface (CGI), C programming, in which he maintain his personals details as implemented in personal homepages. Technical Assignment Help. Top Grade Assignment Help. Python is high level dynamic programming language which is widely used for general purpose, it is design for easy use and also easy to implement and developed by Guido van Rossum. Python is open source rather free to use and it supports multiple programming languages such as object-oriented or C++, functional programming language and so on.

Python runs or installed on many applications such as windows Linux, Unix and so on. Web Programming Assignment help. Technical Assignment Help.