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Upcoming Smartwatches in 2016. How Accurate Is Fitbit? Like it or not, tracking your daily activities is a must in today’s lifestyle.

How Accurate Is Fitbit?

There is no surprise that many of us now focus a lot on personal fitness to maintain the right body shape and for the right reason as well. With a completely different lifestyle, we hardly pay attention to the body, which tends to affect our health in long term. While, each activity can be measured using specific products, nobody likes to have multiple gadgets in their pockets. Fitbit Blaze Review: A New Smart Watch From Fitbit. Fitbit, a well-known brand has yet unveiled another innovation in the market at CES 2016 in Las Vegas.

Fitbit Blaze Review: A New Smart Watch From Fitbit

Fitbit Blaze, the advanced fitness tracker is a highly customizable and adaptable wearable watch, which is loaded with endless features. How Does Fitbit Calculate Calories Burned? Innovation is a terminology that keeps on evolving with time.

How Does Fitbit Calculate Calories Burned?

Decades ago, computers were just a dream, which turned into reality and then came the era of smartphones, which practically captured all the attention of the world. Taking a step further, we have the latest innovation in the technology of wearable that is rapidly becoming the most sought after gadgets in the modern market. How Does Fitbit Sleep Mode Work? You may have come across this latest invention in the market called fitness trackers, which are quickly turning out to be the huge attraction due to its varieties of features offered.

How Does Fitbit Sleep Mode Work?

These devices can be considered as your personal assistant and healthcare expert. It helps you in monitoring your fitness level and even motivates you to stay healthy and fit. Many companies in the market offer fitness tracking devices (Garmin, Jawbone, Samsung Gear, etc), but the only handful of them provide you with the feature to monitor your sleep habits.

Fitbit trackers are the ideal sort of equipment that can even check on your sleeping patterns. With this feature, you can easily track on how well you sleep at night and hence helps with the better sleep cycle. Why Fit Bit Won't Sync and How to Fix Them. You may be aware of the new wearable technology in the market, which has the ability to perform like smartphones and comes in very compact size.

Why Fit Bit Won't Sync and How to Fix Them

Yes, we are talking about Fitbit here, fitness activity tracker. It is one of the leading brands and is significantly gaining attention due to its immense success. Did you know that Fitbit products hold 50% market sales than its competitors? Whether it is a wrist-based watch, band or clip-based devices, every product is designed to do multiple jobs in a single go. It also includes heart rate monitoring, fitness tracking, tracking your sleep mode, etc… How Does the Fitbit work. It is hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle; owing to the hectic life and busy schedule we have these days.

How Does the Fitbit work

Only a few percentage of people take care of their body. Being fit is a source to stay healthy and live long. Top 10 Best Fitbit Accessories. In the field of wearable, Fitbit is probably the most commonly heard name in the market.

Top 10 Best Fitbit Accessories

It is not accustomed to any introduction since nearly half of the sales are turned up due from Fitbit products. While, there are other brands and products that boast on providing the same level of features and accessibility as the Fitbit accessories, but the one thing it excels in is “customization”. Most brands offer a very limited range of customization options or none at all, which can be a huge difference in the likability factor.

Not all products offered by Fitbit are loved. Each user is different and has his or her personal preferences towards a product. Sony PlayStation VR: A Virtual Reality Headset For PS4. In early 2000, computer games were just breaching the points of innovation and revealing a completely different experience than most users expected during that time.

Sony PlayStation VR: A Virtual Reality Headset For PS4

With the addition of depth in the gaming and other related information, the whole definition of “gaming world” was changed. Best VR Headsets For Gamers. Technology is bound to be elevated with time.

Best VR Headsets For Gamers

With every invention, technology takes a new step in the world. While, we may keep discussing the prospects of new inventions, some of them were in motion since decades ago. 10 Best Pebble Apps And Faces To Download Right Away. Pebble is a giant player in the wearable field.

10 Best Pebble Apps And Faces To Download Right Away

This newly developed wearable technology has come a long way from its inception and is exponentially gaining worldwide attention. The company is known to release smartwatches, acting as fitness trackers that will simply make your life easier. With these gadgets on your wrist, you can easily keep track of your calories burned, sleeping pattern, steps, workout regime etc. Top 12 Fitbit Alternatives For Every Tech Nomad. The current market is a place for most technologically advanced and sophisticated products.

It is an ever-growing platform of latest innovations and endless range of products, which simply amazes customers, providing an ideal tech right at your fingertips. Everyone knows about the latest smartphones, but only half of us are aware of unique fitness trackers that are sensationalizing the whole industry. 10 Best Smartwatches For Android Phone. Android Wear is an operating system from Google. This operating system is specifically meant for smartwatches and other wearable devices. The operating system helps the devices to connect with the Android phones so that users can enjoy different features associated with smart watches.

The system is capable of providing latest features like GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. It offers an easy mode of connection with your Android smartphone and even downloads compatible apps from Google Play store. These Android Wear smart watches are certainly better equipped than standard fitness trackers. Also read this: Best VR Headsets For Gamers. Virtual Reality. TopGizmo. Smartwatches. Smart Watch Reviews. Activity Trackers. Smart Watch Reviews & News.