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1. Can I use WizIQ Virtual Classroom with my Moodle website? Yes, the WizIQ Virtual Classroom is an online teaching tool you can integrate with your Moodle website and offer real-time collaboration and two-way communication, creating new capabilities for synchronous learning - all from within your Moodle online classroom. 2. If I purchase a plan of 5 teacher accounts with up to 10 attendee limit, does this mean I can run 5 classes with 10 attendees in each class and any number of times? Yes, this plans means that you can conduct 5 simultaneous classes with 5 teachers and 10 attendees in each class. Free Moodle Web Conferencing Block and Activity - WiZiQ Live Cla

Free Moodle Web Conferencing Block and Activity - WiZiQ Live Cla

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280 Slides - Create & Share Presentations Online November 17, 2011 Thank you for participating in our 280 Slides beta program, and your evaluation of our 280 Slides software application. On December 21, 2011 we will be discontinuing this 280 Slides beta program. Please save your presentations created in 280 Slides using the "Download" button to enable you to access your content after 280 Slides is discontinued on December 21, 2011. We thank you again for your participation in this beta program. Motorola Mobility.
On April 26, 1993 a ground breaking technology was released to the world known as CuSeeMe. This incredible new service allowed virtually for the first time, individuals to see each other over the internet using cheap internet cameras which are now known as web cams. Although video conferencing is now common place, in 1993 CuSeeMe was truly something new and transformed the internet and made all who used it realize the Jetson's life style was at hand. CuSeeMe, not only provided face to face video conferencing, it went a step further and allowed for multiple people to connect together, for multi-party video calls.. A feature which has only recently become popularized with Skype's new multi-party video feature - of course the Skype version costs money - but CuSeeMe, like all cool things back then, was simply free. Web based video conferencing : Rooms Web based video conferencing : Rooms
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