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Top 10 YouTube tips and tricks. According to Alexa, YouTube is the third most visited page on the Internet which means you have probably visited the page in the past.

Top 10 YouTube tips and tricks

These tips and tricks help make your experience more enjoyable and if possible, productive. YouTube keyboard shortcuts YouTube has several keyboard shortcuts that can be used while watching YouTube. Keyboard shortcuts like pressing the spacebar to play and pause or using the arrow keys to fast forward and rewind can make a big difference while on YouTube. See our YouTube keyboard shortcuts list for a full listing. Share a video at any point Not everyone wants to watch a full video, link to the exact location you found most entertaining instead of making your friends or family watch the full video. Alternatively you can manually add the time by adding "#t=XXmXXs" at the end of the URL, where XXm is the minutes, and XXs is the seconds into the video you want to start.

Would become to link to the video 33 seconds into the video. Add videos to Watch Later. Top 10 Internet tips and tricks. Take advantage of tabbed browsing Take full advantage of tabbed browsing on all Internet browsers.

Top 10 Internet tips and tricks.

While reading an article or browsing a website, you may come across a link that interests you. Any link to another page can be opened in a new tab so it does not interrupt your reading. To perform this action, hold down the Ctrl key and left-click the link. If you have a mouse with a wheel, click the link by depressing the wheel instead of rolling it. Tip: To open an new blank tab, press Ctrl + T at the same time.

You don't need the portion of a web page When entering an Internet address you do not need to type or even www. in the address. Quickly move between the fields of a web page If you are filling out an online form, e-mail, or other text field you can quickly move between each of the fields by pressing the Tab key or Shift + Tab to move back a field. Tip: This tip also applies to buttons, if you press tab the buttons can also be highlighted. Know your Internet browser shortcuts. Top 10 free programs everyone should have. There are millions of free and open source projects available, many of them better than any commercially available product.

Top 10 free programs everyone should have

Below is a short listing of what we think is the best out there, broken down into ten categories. Antivirus and malware protection Most PC users realize that they need protection on their computer or may have an installed antivirus program from their computer manufacturer. What most don't realize is that there are free programs that are just as good and in some cases better than the commercial products. Below are our recommendations. Antivirus program: Avast! Malware and Spyware protection: Malwarebytes Backup solutions There are dozens of free and commercially available backup programs for computers.

Online backup solution: Mozy or Dropbox Browsers Although Microsoft Internet Explorer comes pre-installed on Windows computers. Computer keyboard shortcut keys. Shortcut keys ABCs Basic PC shortcut keys PC shortcut keys for Special Characters Microsoft Windows shortcut keys Apple shortcut keys Linux and Unix shortcut keys F1 - F12 function keys Top 10 keyboard shortcuts Microsoft Excel shortcut keys Microsoft Word shortcut keys Internet Explorer shortcut keys Microsoft FrontPage shortcut keys Microsoft Outlook shortcut keys Mozilla Firefox keyboard shortcuts YouTube keyboard shortcuts Keyboard terms How do I create a Windows shortcut key?

Computer keyboard shortcut keys

Shortcut keys ABCs Shortcut keys help provide an easier and usually quicker method of navigating and executing commands in computer software programs. Shortcut keys are commonly accessed by using the Alt key (on IBM compatible computers), Command key (on Apple computers), Ctrl key, or Shift key in conjunction with another key. The de facto standard for listing a shortcut is listing the modifier key, a plus symbol, and another key. How to use a keyboard. A computer keyboard is an input device used with all types of computers.

How to use a keyboard

Newer devices like a smartphone and tablet even still use an on-screen keyboard. This page is designed to help new computer users become more familiar and efficient with their keyboard. For new users, we suggest reading through all of the below sections and doing all of the practices. If you are familiar with the keyboard but want to be more efficient click on any of the links below to jump to the section. Top 10 keyboard shortcuts everyone should know. Using keyboard shortcuts can greatly increase your productivity, reduce repetitive strain, and help keep you focused.

Top 10 keyboard shortcuts everyone should know

For example, to copy text, you can highlight text and press the Ctrl + C shortcut. The shortcut is faster than moving your hands from the keyboard, highlighting with the mouse, choosing copy from the file menu, and then returning to the keyboard. Below are the top 10 keyboard shortcuts we recommend everyone memorize and use.

Ctrl + C or Ctrl + Insert and Ctrl + X Both Ctrl + C and Ctrl + Insert will copy the highlighted text or selected item. Top 10 computer tips lists.