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Pet Health Information

It provides information about Pet health care from veterinarians and pet experts. Includes symptoms, prevention, behavior, and common conditions of pet.

Pets Health Care

Tips for Introducing Cats and Dogs. You’re ready to turn your home into a multi-species household.

Tips for Introducing Cats and Dogs

Tomorrow, you’ll bring home Lucy, a friendly four-year-old retriever mix who charmed your socks off at the animal shelter. You know your human family members will gravitate to this easygoing girl who seems to love everybody. However, your eight-year-old cat Duke might need some convincing. Although your veterinarian has provided specific advice for introducing the two pets, here are some general guidelines.

Start With Separate Living Quarters Keep the pets separated until Lucy has gotten a clean bill of health. Begin Close-Proximity Feeding Feed Lucy and Duke on different sides of a closed door. Teach/Refresh Obedience Skills Ensure that Lucy has mastered a few basic obedience skills. Launch Face-to-Face Meetings Bring your canine and feline housemate together in a common area. When Lucy sits calmly at your command, reward her with a treat; and acknowledge Duke with a snack. Allow Supervised Freedom.

Adopt a Shelter Pet Day. Adopt A Shelter Pet Day is coming up in just a few weeks.

Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

While the official date is April 30, this worthy cause deserves attention all year long! If you are ready to bring a new animal companion into your home, please consider adopting a shelter pet. In this article, a North Phoenix, AZ vet discusses some of the many wonderful reasons to adopt a shelter pet. Everyone Deserves A Second Chance Dogs and cats end up in shelters for a variety of reasons, and often through no fault of their own. Safe Fruits to Give Your Dog. While the bulk of your dog’s diet should be made up of his regular kibble, it’s perfectly fine to offer a treat now and again.

Safe Fruits to Give Your Dog

Instead of resorting to table scraps or fatty meat, consider a healthier alternative: fruit! Not all fruits are safe for dogs, but some prove to be an excellent source of nutrients. Try these options next time you’d like to give your dog a snack: Apples Apples are a good choice for dogs, once you’ve removed the core and seeds. Pet Microchip FAQs. Are you a new pet owner?

Pet Microchip FAQs

Proper identification is an important step for making sure your companion stays safe and sound. Microchips are the best way to do that! Your Scottsdale, AZ vet goes over some frequently asked questions below: Dogs, Cats, and Xylitol Toxicity. March is Poison Prevention Month—how much do you know about xylitol?

Dogs, Cats, and Xylitol Toxicity

It’s one of the most dangerous pet poisons out there, and you likely already have it in your home! Learn more below from a North Phoenix, AZ veterinarian: The Toxin Xylitol is an artificial sugar substitute, and it’s often used in candies, gums, certain baked goods and sweet foods, and toothpaste. It’s okay for humans to ingest, and is thought to be better for dental health and calorie counts than real sugar.

Fluffy’s Top Unhealthy Habits. Did you know that February is officially National Cat Health Month?

Fluffy’s Top Unhealthy Habits

If you were to tell your feline friend about this, she’d probably just blink, yawn, and start licking her paw. Fluffy isn’t particularly interested in fitness, nutrition, or wellness care. Fluffy’s Sleeping Obsession. If you have a cat, we probably don’t have to tell you that our feline buddies are extremely fond of napping.

Fluffy’s Sleeping Obsession

Fluffy certainly is a drowsy little furball! Read on as a local Aurora, CO vet discusses kitties’ sleeping obsession. Sleepy Cats. Great Reasons to Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig. Did you know that March is Adopt A Rescued Guinea Pig Month?

Great Reasons to Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig

If you are looking for a small but super cute pet, a Guinea pig could be a great option for you. These little furballs have some wonderful qualities that really make them great pets. An Aurora, CO vet lists a few of them below. They’re Super Cute First things first: Guinea pigs, or cavies, are absolutely adorable! Giving Fido Treats. You may want to put a paw print on your calendar to mark February 23rd: it’s National Dog Biscuit Day!

Giving Fido Treats

While many of our canine patients think every day is dog biscuit day, officially, this pet-friendly holiday is just around the corner. Read on as a local Aurora, CO vet offers tips on offering Fido his snacks. Begging We really can’t discuss doggy treats without mentioning Fido’s begging theatrics. Many of our four-legged patients have their owners completely wrapped around their paws! Choosing Treats Store aisles are filled with dozens—if not hundreds—of different doggy treats. Recalls While the vast majority of pet products are safe, occasionally bad products do make it to market. Homemade Goodies. Great Reasons to Play With Your Cat. Did you know that one of the best things you can do for your kitty is to play with her regularly?

Great Reasons to Play With Your Cat

As it turns out, those fuzzy catnip mice are actually pretty important to Fluffy’s health and well-being. Read on as an Aurora, CO vet lists some great reasons to play with your feline friend. Exercise. Frozen Treats for Fido. Summer is coming! Many of us love to cool off on hot days by enjoying a delicious frozen snack, like an ice cream or a shake. Your canine buddy will also love a cool treat. In this article, a local Colorado Springs, CO vet lists some frozen treats for Fido. GUINEA PIG CARE 101. Guinea pigs make wonderful little pets for the right family.

They do have specific care needs, though! Learn more about the specifics of guinea pig care from your Crown Point, IN veterinary professional: Cage and Bedding Purchase a large wire-mesh cage for your guinea pig, and make sure it has a solid bottom to accommodate your pig’s wood-shaving bedding material. This bedding will need to be changed out on a regular basis to keep things fresh.

YOUR PUPPY’S ESSENTIAL VACCINES. All puppies need their vaccinations—it’s simply the most effective way to avoid dangerous diseases that could cause your pet serious harm. Your Crown Point, IN vet tells you more about your pup’s vaccinations below: Core Vaccines Distemper, parvovirus, parainfluenza, hepatitis, rabies, and calicivirus are just a few of the most common and dangerous diseases out there.

That’s why vaccines against these diseases, known as the core vaccines, are considered essential for all puppies. Small Dog Care Considerations. Do you have a canine companion on the smaller side? Generally speaking, dogs that weigh around 10 pounds are considered small. They have some unique care considerations for you to be aware of! Learn more here from a Jacksonville Beach, FL veterinarian.

THREE EASY WAYS TO SAVE ON YOUR PET’S HEALTHCARE. Pets aren’t always cheap! Let’s face it—it would be nice to save a little money now and then when it comes to your pet’s healthcare. Here, your Jacksonville Beach, FL veterinarian tells you how to do that while maintaining your animal friend’s excellent health. Practice Preventive Medicine Have your pet vaccinated early on in life to ward off diseases like parvovirus, parainfluenza, hepatitis, distemper, and rabies.

Keep your pet up-to-date on preventive medicines to keep fleas, ticks, and worms at bay. Safety Tips for Walking Your Dog in Winter. Helping Your New Bird Settle In. Did you know that January is Adopt A Rescued Bird Month? Ways to Fight Fleas. Summer is almost here! As the warm weather returns, so will fleas, ticks, and other parasites. The Best Ways to Keep Your Pet Healthy in the New Year. Hairball Awareness Day. Cat owners, mark your calendars: April 28th is Hairball Awareness Day, which may actually be the worst holiday ever. Pet First Aid Awareness. Arthritis in Dogs. Pet Dental Health Month. Did you know that February is officially Pet Dental Health Month? Of course, if you tell your furry buddy about this, you probably won’t get much of a reaction. Fido may thump his tail in hopes of scoring a treat, while Fluffy will probably just yawn. Eco-Friendly Pet Care Tips. As you may know, Earth Day is coming up next week. New Year’s Resolutions for Pet Parents. Happy New Year!

Spring Hazards for Pets. Fido’s Tail Wags. DIY Cat Furniture. IS A POCKET PET RIGHT FOR YOUR CHILD? Pet Safety in the Kitchen. Making Your Home Safe for a Puppy. IMPROVING YOUR CAT’S COAT QUALITY. GIVING YOUR DOG PILL MEDICATION. Fido’s Favorite Holiday. Kitten Proofing Tips. New Year’s Resolutions for Pet Owners. Why Your Cat Has Shunned the Litter Box. VACCINES FOR PUPPIES. Getting Fido Ready for Summer. IMPROVING YOUR PET’S COAT QUALITY. Cute Tricks to Play on Your Dog. Save Money With Preventive Pet Care. Is Your Hamster Overweight? Tips for Reducing Your Rat's Respiratory Symptoms. How to Help Your Cat After She's Been Spayed. Tips on Caring for a Dog With Hip Dysplasia. Does Your Cat Have Separation Anxiety? Antifreeze and Your Pet. Ways to Treat Hypothyroidism in your Poodle. Symptoms of Hypothyroidism in Poodles. Hypothyroidism in Poodles. What to do if your Toy Poodle is Constipated. How are Heartworms Transmitted in Ocicats? Blocked Tear Ducts in the British Shorthair.

Arthritis in Cats. THE BASICS OF CATNIP. HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR DOG’S PAWS. Why Playtime With You is Important To Your Guinea Pig. Choosing a Pocket Pet. Keeping a Home With Pets Clean. How Can You Train Your Dog? Finding The Right Dog Shampoo. Creating a Kitty Garden. Keeping the Peace With Multiple Cats. Caring for a Grumpy Cat. Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day.

Caring for Your Dog’s Teeth. DON’T BELIEVE THESE RESCUE PET MYTHS. Tips on Dog-Walking Etiquette. How to Tell if Your Cat is Ill. Cute Ways to Spoil Your Dog on National Puppy Day. Heartworm Prevention for Your Dog. Quick Care Tips for Senior Pets. Purchasing Something For Your Cat to Scratch On. Pet Poison Alert: Xylitol. Your Dog’s Jumping Habit. IMPROVING YOUR CAT’S COAT QUALITY. Litter Box Maintenance. Creating a Home Where Your Cat Can be Comfortable. Cat Whiskers. Getting Your Pet Microchipped. PAW CARE TIPS FOR YOUR DOG. DON’T BELIEVE CAT MYTHS. Helping Your Pet Lose Excess Weight. Considering Pet Insurance. Antifreeze and Your Pet. If Pets Had Thumbs. Tips for Teaching Your Cat Not to Bite. Tips for Introducing Cats and Dogs. Save Money With Preventive Pet Care. The Weekly Health Check for Your Guinea Pig. Tips for Making Your Garage Safer for Your Dog.

How Does “Black Light” Work In Detecting Urine Stains? Bedding for Guinea Pigs. Rats as Pets. Food Preferences Of Kittens. Are Online Training Services for Dogs Legit? New Year’s Resolutions for Extremely Judgmental Cats. Cute Things Your Pet Will Do This Year.