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Avanade Inc. sur Twitter : "A #digitalworkplace combines tools with intelligent context #makeworkdigital. Digital Workplace Global Study. What does it mean to have a digital workplace, and why should it be a priority for today’s enterprises?

Digital Workplace Global Study

The advantages of a truly digital workplace are clear and compelling, yet many companies remain confused about the steps they need to take in order to realize the benefits. A digital workplace combines the latest digital tools with intelligent context about the roles and responsibilities of employees to drive real benefits to the bottom line. Done well, a digital workplace can create competitive advantage, increase employee engagement and productivity, reduces costs and fuel innovation. Keeping your business relevant means having a digital strategy with focus and speed.

The pace of change in the business world is unprecedented and accelerating.

Keeping your business relevant means having a digital strategy with focus and speed

Recent examples include western consumer packaged goods firms suddenly left with huge amounts of merchandise on store shelves in China this spring, which has seen a very rapid and huge switch to online shopping via mobile device by their prospects. (China has already overtaken the U.S. as the world’s biggest ecommerce market in 2013 and processed $453 billion in sales online last year which was still just 11 percent of all retail sales). Retiring Cisco CEO John Chambers says 'what separates winners from the losers is speed and the willingness to reinvent themselves'. Klaus Schwab, Founder and executive chairman World Economic Forum, agrees, as he said, “In the new world it is not the big fish which eats the small fish, it is the fast fish which eats the slow fish.” A quote I have used a lot this year.

MikeSutcliff sur Twitter : "Say hello to your #digital customer in 2015: #godigital... Pannelli interattivi per il supermercato del futuro di Expo. A CIO-CMO partnership in the fast lane. In late 2014, Williams Martini Racing signed Avanade as its technical partner, in a multi-year agreement that has seen both companies work closely to create a new website among other projects for the 2015 Formula One race season.

A CIO-CMO partnership in the fast lane

In fact, Williams Martini Racing’s CIO, Graeme Hackland and Avanade’s CMO, Stella Goulet, have helped build a pipeline of 50 digital, ‘cloud-first’ projects around the world. “Marketing for the website is the first area,” says Hackland. “At the end of this initial phase, we recruited an internal team within Williams who can run with it and we bring in Avanade to help us with some of the specialist portals and content that we want to create,” he says. Both execs worked together to ensure the new website was turned around in six weeks. Digitally Transforming Williams Martini Racing. #TechFueled Webisode 1: IT Director Graeme Hackland. Digital Revolution: As Fundamental as the Industrial Revolution of 1760. As we were thinking about and writing the themes of our Technology Vision for 2015, it occurred to me that chances are in 100 years’ time, historians will be talking about a Digital Revolution, which started around 2010 – 2020.

Digital Revolution: As Fundamental as the Industrial Revolution of 1760

Maybe it’s an exaggeration, but personally, I find the analogy to the 1760 – 1820 Industrial Revolution fascinating: industries are being reshaped in terms of definition and value of output, production, competition and employment. Vast wealth is being generated, redistributed and reinvested. The economic and social rules are being rewritten. Avanade Inc. sur Twitter : "Very cool Village @Microsoft #Achieve @surface #MWC15 #digital #innovation... The Digital Workplace: Enabling High-Performance Work. For many people, ‘work’ is no longer tied to a physical place.

The Digital Workplace: Enabling High-Performance Work

We catch up on email, take conference calls, access the intranet or digest the latest real-time data report… all on to go, at the airport, at home or at a coffee shop through a variety of devices. The physical workplace is a thing of the past but what drives this new digital workplace and what are its benefits?

Digital Workplace. Page Body 1 Tailored and engaging experiences empower your employees and drive transformational change that gives you a business advantage.

Digital Workplace

Succeeding in a Data-Driven Digital Age - Avanade Insights. Every business today is a digital business in some form – from companies that have embraced digital from the very start to traditional companies that are embracing mobile, social and cloud computing within their organizations.

Succeeding in a Data-Driven Digital Age - Avanade Insights

In fact, NPR recently wrote about how Domino’s Pizza is becoming a technology company that happens to make pizza. Placing Digital Technologies at the Core of Business Strategy. The four technology forces that underpin the digital age – social computing, mobile technology, analytics and cloud – have emerged over the past ten years and are being combined to support innovative, differentiated business models as well as elevate the performance of organizations.

Placing Digital Technologies at the Core of Business Strategy

These digital technologies have become ubiquitous and readily available but organizations need to place them at the core of business strategy and develop new digital skills that support of new ways of working. We need to think differently and develop a “digital instinct” if we want to take advantage of them and lead in our markets. Raising the visibility of IT innovation requires flexibility and focus. Placing Digital Technologies at the Core of Business Strategy. It's a Digital World - and CIOs Need to Adapt. The pace of technology is moving at a faster rate than we’ve ever seen, and it’s only going to accelerate.

It's a Digital World - and CIOs Need to Adapt

As companies increasingly look to become digital businesses, technologies like big data, cloud, social and mobile are changing the game for IT professionals. To be successful, CIOs need to think about how they are adding value to their organizations in this new digital landscape. It requires a new set of skills, one that is completely different from 10 years ago. According to The Wall Street Journal, CIOs who underestimate the changes in expertise and competency required to develop digital business capabilities will be left behind or relegated to the back office. Having deep technical expertise is no longer enough.

Avanade recently interviewed several marketing and IT leaders on this changing dynamic, uncovering several key insights around how the convergence of marketing and IT is impacting businesses today. Digital Vision: Looking at IT and Marketing Through a Shared Lens. A couple of weeks ago, Avanade Chief Marketing Officer, Stella Goulet, talked about how the CIO and CMO relationship is more important than ever as companies become digital businesses.

Digital Vision: Looking at IT and Marketing Through a Shared Lens

Successful CIOs and CMOs need to have a shared digital vision and to achieve that vision they need to think like a CIMO or Chief Information Marketing Officer. The CIMO is not a title or a role, but a shared perspective that enables organizations to harness the combined power of marketing and IT to deliver better digitally-enabled experiences. In order to better understand this trend, we have produced the Avanade CIMO Perspective Report. In it, we share interviews conducted with a wide range of forward-looking IT and marketing leaders from organizations such as Accenture, AXALTA, Expedia, Mattress Firm, Microsoft and Meridiana. We also share perspectives from our own experiences here at Avanade. 5 charts: The shifting landscape of digital video consumption. Mobile, we’ve been told by publishers and consumers alike, is the future. But that shift to mobile brings with it another trend: a seismic shift in the way video is consumed.

As more people have access to their own personal viewing devices, they’re using them to consume all content — including video — at an increasing rate. This has not escaped the attention of advertisers, who are eager to chase video consumption trends in an effort to reach new audiences. Digital marketing and CIO / CMO relationships. Relationships between IT and marketing are a perennial source of interest, analysis, and concern. With the growth of technology budgets inside marketing, the impact on IT and the CIO is undeniable. Consulting services firm, Avanade, interviewed marketing and IT executives to gain their perspective on how both groups can develop a collaborative perspective, and published the results as a report in the form of an ebook.

I contributed to the project, providing an overall view on tensions between IT and marketing. It’s a topic about which I often write, so here is an adaptation of my comments. Does Your Team REALLY Get #Social Media? #Digital - Barnes Creative Studios. By Steve Barnes Social Media is a big deal for bringing in new business.

It’s a big deal when it’s done correctly. And it’s an even bigger deal when it’s done dead wrong. This is why Social Media training is important. The digital transformation agenda creates a new role for HR. Richard Coombes, Gilly Bryant , 28 Jul 2014 The explosive growth in digital and social media technologies is opening up a whole new role for HR professionals and offering them the opportunity to take a lead in shaping organisations for the future. A huge amount has been written about how digital technologies are remaking entire industries and even society itself.

Clearly the IT and marketing departments are important players in this shift. Digital-marketing-brochure.pdf. Digital transformation: CIO / CMO and the crisis of confidence. A few years ago, Gartner analysts predicted, "by 2017, the CMO will spend more on IT than the CIO. " As you can see from the opening slide on their presentation (registration required) about the topic, Gartner trumpeted this prediction loudly: Although Gartner phrased its prediction to gain attention, the detailed explanatory presentation offers vague and rather inconclusive data to support the core assertion.

In fact, during an episode of CxOTalk, Gartner Fellow, Mark P. McDonald, told me he was somewhat uncomfortable by the whole thing; still, if you are interested in background about that famous Gartner prediction, the conversation is worth your while. The Agile Path to Digital - Avanade Insights Blog. Says CRM Will Be at the Heart of Digital Initiatives for Years to Come. STAMFORD, Conn., February 12, 2014 View All Press Releases. Global Consumer Pulse Research 2013 – Accenture Sales and Customer Services (CRM)

Know me: Hyper-relevance. SitecoreANZ People's Choice Awards. Digital-distress-survey. CMO Challenges: Customer Experience and Conversion in the Digital Ecosystem. Think about the way most of us make major purchasing decisions today and the journey is often a similar one. The Top Ten Burning Issues in Digital. January 7, 2013. Top 10 business ideas & opportunities for 2013. Business News & Financial News - The Wall Street Journal - Trends: The Battle For CMO Mind Share. Marketing and Advertising Budgets Are The New Land Grab Constellation Research, Inc. predicts that the global advertising market (paid search, display, and classified) will hit $125B by 2015.

While IT budgets continue to stay flat, marketing budgets are up. Login. Digital localization optimizes global strategies to improve experiences and results. Tops Content Curation Tools. Photo courtesy of Rafeejewell With the ever increasing amount of online information from social networks, the need for organizing it has never been greater. Look around and there’s no shortage of aggregation tools to help us filter out the important stuff. Moving Beyond the Click – How Digital Advertising (Should) Work. If You Think Social Gaming is Mainstream Now Wait Until They Hitch a Ride on Browsers. The next iteration of gaming will be the use of web browsers as their platform. So says Phil Harrison, who as the former president of Sony, knows this space. He made his comments at a keynote session at the Italian Videogame Developers conference in Rome (via Game Daily). Ifttt: A Social Media Virtual Assistant.