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12 Most Lame Excuses For Not Using Social Media. You know who you are.

12 Most Lame Excuses For Not Using Social Media

You haven’t jumped into the world of social media. If you are in business, you possibly have the beginnings of a LinkedIn profile, but it contains only your name and Job Title. How Wells Fargo Tracks Twitter Interactions. In this video I interview Kimarie Matthews, vice president of social web for Wells Fargo.

How Wells Fargo Tracks Twitter Interactions

Kimarie shares how Wells Fargo uses Twitter to improve customer support. You’ll also discover how she documents Twitter interactions to monitor customer sentiment and uses the data to develop a business case for social media investment. Be sure to check out the takeaways below after you watch the video. Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this video: How to add value on TwitterHow to manage different channels on TwitterWhat day-to-day activities create the basis for a strong presenceHow to listen to customersHow to handle customers who are having a less-than-desirable experienceHow to look for feedback from customers and get it back to the store in questionHow to manage corporate Twitter accountsHow mobile impacts the social interactions with your customers.

What The Tennis Legend Andre Agassi Can Teach You About Increasing Your Conversion Rate on Facebook. “We’ve had a great run, Andre,” said Andre Agassi’s coach, “but we’ve gone as far as we can go.

What The Tennis Legend Andre Agassi Can Teach You About Increasing Your Conversion Rate on Facebook

We’re growing stagnant. Creatively, I’ve burned through my bag of tricks, buddy.” And just like that, after 8 years of working together, winning an impressive six grand slams together, it was time to move on. The two men stood up, hugged each other and wished each other the best. As he walked away, Agassi started thinking about who he would want to coach him next. Cahill had just finished a brilliant career coaching Lleyton Hewitt, whom he had helped to reach number one in the world.

Agassi called Cahill. Cahill was flattered. So he told Agassi he would think about it and get back to him. “No problem”, replied Agassi, “Take your time”. But as he sat there thinking, something clicked in Agassi. “What the hell is there to think about?” “Okay,” said Cahill laughing, “Okay mate”. How to Spot a Social Media Faker in Ten Seconds. Posted on 22.

How to Spot a Social Media Faker in Ten Seconds

Apr, 2011 by hilzfuld in Marketing, Tech, Web inShare208 By: Hillel Fuld As time goes by and I spend more time on Twitter, two things seem to be happening. On the one hand, I am finding that the number of great people and amazing relationships I build on a daily basis, is only growing. I referenced these types in my last post “The Down Sides of Social Media! Also, it is important to understand why you do not want to connect with these people, and the reason is association.

The following is a short list of “tricks” I have seen performed by many “social media fakers” in order to increase their following and build themselves an online reputation with no real justification: -Reply to Elite Only: Wow, even writing this post and specifically this point is making my blood boil. Social Media Blog. Social media. Antonymxuk Back on Twitter.

We've got a new login system.

antonymxuk Back on Twitter

You may have heard Twitter has made changes to their API that require all API calls be authenticated. This means we've had to create a login system. But it's not all bad, the new login system provides much better privacy, and it also gives you the ability to manage multiple accounts from Friend or Follow, not just Twitter accounts, but Instagram and Tumblr accounts as well! Twit Cleaner - Clean Your Tweetstream! Mentionmapp - A Twitter Visualization. 7-secrets-of-social-media-conversion-infographic.png from Tweet Spinner. Social Media. Top Social Networks. The Social Stock Market. Antony Copeland. Twitter phishing attack spreads via Direct Messages. SEO – Keyword Research Top Tips. Everyone is always looking to acquire more traffic – and rightfully so.

But how do you obtain large expanses of traffic? Research shows that the majority of all traffic originates from search engines. And how do you show up in search engines? You aim specific keywords and market your website or pages around these keywords. With this, preferably the more keywords you target the more traffic you will see. Top keyword research tips 1. To even begin developing a keyword list you need to know and understand how potential customers are going to search for your product or services. 2. It is always a good idea to know who you are competing against. 3. It is not uncommon for people misspell words and phrases in their searches. Examples: Calendar > Calender Your > You’re Here > Hear 4. Acronyms and abbreviations make up a large amount of search traffic, thus making it important for you to make sure that your not missing any keywords. 5. 6. 6 Benefits Of Being Positive On Twitter. As you know if you follow me, I’m on Twitter everyday.

6 Benefits Of Being Positive On Twitter

I love Twitter, I love my friends on Twitter, and I write about Twitter often. Twitter is a huge part of my life, it is my happy place, and it’s full of positive people who send positive tweets. I’m sure some people might disagree with me about that, but just remember that each person’s Twitter experience is different. Even though I have over 36,000 followers (of which I’ve followed 33,000 back – by hand), I have never gotten into an argument or problem in the stream.

Sometimes people ask me how that is possible and why that is. Grow a social business starting with Twitter - oneforty. Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Use Twitter For Your Business! Social Media Tips Daily. The 10 Traits of Successful Social Marketers. What makes one company’s social media strategy successful while others #fail?

The 10 Traits of Successful Social Marketers

Recently I have been speaking with a number of marketers, customer service folks and even sales people about social media strategies that produce real business results. I have spoken to a number of people at companies of all shapes and sizes. And I have seen a number of traits emerge. Based on those conversations and my own experience in marketing, here are what I see as the most important traits of successful social marketers… 1.