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The-Artery. Fizzle | Honest Video Training for Online Business Builders. How to Start and Setup an LLC On-line in Less Than 6 Minutes! How To Set Up A Paypal Account | send, receive, and transfer money. How to Ship Heavy Items On Ebay For Cheap. How To Start An eBay Business. PHOTOSHOP - How to make Photorealistic Button. Inhabit Homes - The best designed new homes in London. Episode 28: Architecture School As A Life Skill. Although we may not realize until years after architecture school, the problem solving skills and the ability to endure criticism is a valuable life skill that few other educational programs are able to offer. Eric and I discuss how the skills we learned in architecture school can help us succeed in life, both professionally and personally. We discuss problem solving and the ability to accept criticism as two key components that can be applied to the real world. Listen to the Audio How to handle criticism: Listen (record or take notes): the crit is designed to help you.

Use it! Worst things said in an Architectural Crit: Crit(icism): What is it good for? Monty Python: The Architects Sketch Architecture Schools: Crits & Criticism. Creating A Mobile App? Consider Your Ownership Options. Occasionally we invite clients to discuss issues of importance to those who hire freelancers. Here are some thoughts from Nicholas Wright.

He frequently hires Elancers and is one of the founders of AppInstruct, an online course that teaches people how to make an app utilizing the Elance marketplace. Earlier posts in this series have looked at: How to turn your idea for a new mobile app, into an app; Explored the concept of minimum viable product; and Tips on how the start-up fundraising process works. This week, we’ll run through the various legal ownership structures you may require to operate your business within. Ownership The App you’re creating, will you own it personally, as an individual, or should a company own it? These are all questions you need to ask yourself. Structure options Sole trader/Individual ownership If you’re a one-man team, then this is the simplest and cheapest approach. Partnerships So, you have co-founders in the project, do you need to incorporate a company?

Company. Nir Eyal - How to Build Habit-Forming Products | Biz Tutorials - Your Source For Free Knowledge. Igg. Designer Hacks | Helping designers level-up their lives & careers. Architect as Developer - Rhetr. Architect as Developer - Rhetr. Automated Medical Record for Patients and Doctors by Zobreus Medical Corporation. *App is always free and can be used indefinitely, locally as your personal health record without any additional services from Zobreus. The Patient-Oriented Electronic Medical (POEM) Record™ is the first, and only, full-featured electronic medical record (EMR) for BOTH patients and providers. With a free app download, you will have an elegant software platform to organize, manage, and control access to your health data directly on your mobile device.

You can also join patient communities, analyze your health data, join research efforts and communicate directly with your healthcare providers. POEM Records™ are accessible to patients on their mobile devices, yet optimized, efficient, and powerful enough for healthcare providers. Efficient, speedy workflow (70% faster workflow than other EMRs)Elegant, uncluttered, intuitive user interfaceMobile tool that allows you to do your notes anytime, anywhereEngage patients with no additional work or additional costs What's Our Goal? How it Works. Petnet SmartFeeder Automatic Pet Feeder -

Make life just a little bit easier with the Petnet SmartFeeder Automatic Pet Feeder. Working with your smartphone to schedule mealtimes with a few swipes of a finger, it keeps pets on a routine feeding schedule when you have to be away from home. And that’s just the beginning—thanks to the coordinating app, you can enjoy also enjoy a host of other perks. It will measure portion sizes, send you alerts so that you know what he ate, and even provides a food analyis. The SmartFeeder doesn’t just feed your pet, but it actually learns and understands his nutritional needs. Key Benefits Battery-operated pet feeder allows you to control your pet’s feeding from your smartphone using the coordinating app.

What's Included Bowl, Auto Feeder, Food Hopper, Lid and Band, Stainless Steel Bowl Insert, Micro USB cable (8ft) and User’s Guide See all items by Petnet. An American Sickness. Making of - Photoshop - Architectural rendering. Concrete Wall Textures: Background Images & Pictures. Architecture Visualization Render | Photoshop Post Production 2. Instacart: Groceries Delivered From Local Stores. Asus 27" IPS LED HD Monitor Silver MX279H. LIGHTWEIGHT SCALABLE CORINTHIAN - Revit news. I have to dedicate this one to my very good friend Paul Aubin who shares my interest in classical architecture, which seems so unified and internally consistent at first glance, yet is capable of infinite variation. A couple of years ago we traded ideas on how to model a Corinthian Capital in Revit.

(scarily it turns out to have been 2012 when I look back through my old posts) Typically, my own work showed great promise, but petered out before coming to a definitive conclusion. Just as typically, Paul stuck to his timetable and published a rather remarkable book (Renaissance Revit) for which he was kind enough to ask me to write the foreword. This in turn played some part in motivating Project Soane, which has become my obsession for the past 18 months or so, longer than any previous “BIM pencil” project that I have undertaken. Along the way I created a rather odd version of the Corinthian Capital which has been substituted for Paul’s version in most parts of the current model. Code signing of your revit plug-ins | archi-lab. So as I have been developing increasingly more Revit plug-ins these days, I finally came to realization that the stupid security warning about Untrusted Publisher that Revit shows on startup really annoys me.

This has long been discussed before by Jeremy Tammik and Harry Mattison on their respective blogs, so I won’t go into specifics of why we have to sign our plug-ins. What I will go into at length is, one of the possible methods/companies that you can obtain your code signing certificate from and how to install it. Harry talked about basic setup in this post: BoostYourBim and Jeremy Tammik chimed in on why one needs to sign their plug-ins over at Autodesk Forum. Please give it a try. !!! !!! First you need to place an order with KSoftware.

Again, make sure that you are using the same compatible browser as when you were placing the order or this can possibly fail. Now that you have your certificate installed you can export it. The actual code is this: This should do the trick. Cheers! 10 Must See Stunning Examples of Time-lapse Photography. Time-lapse photography is a technique where a series of photographs are taken over a long period of time and later sped up. Processes that would normally appear subtle to the human eye, e.g. nature in motion, become more pronounced. One very unique use of the Narrative Clip wearable camera could be to easily create a time-lapse of things in motion. The Narrative Clip has over 8GB of internal storage and enough battery life to take photos throughout a day. Taking time-lapse photography is as simple as clipping it onto something! To help inspire and get your creative juices flowing, below you can find 10 absolutely stunning examples of time-lapse photography. 1) Landscapes: Volume 4K by Dustin Farrell 2) Illusion of Lights: A Journey into the Unseen by Goldpaint Photography 3) Cloud Symphony by Awhelin 4) Ancients by Nicholas Buer 5) Berlin Hyperlapse by b-zOOmi 6) Dream Music by Marc Donahue 7) Lotte Time Lapse: Birth to 12 years in 2 min. 45 by Frans Hofmeester Enjoyed the article?

Photoshop Tutorial: Save Images for Highest Quality! (Jpeg, Png 8, Png 24!) Mamey Sapote fruit - Pouteria sapota. This is one of my favorite of all fruits! The Mamey Sapote makes large, unusual fruits with a taste and texture of pumpkin pie. The fruits often have overtones of almond, vanilla or honey.

Most people who try it agree that it's delicious! The tree is very attractive, although it does require tropical or near-tropical conditions. Fresh seeds are rarely seen for sale online. The fruits sold at a Mexican market The Mamey Sapote (pronounced ma-MAY sa-POE-tay) is a handsome tree that grows to be quite large, although it may be pruned to a small size if necessary.

The tree comes from tropical Mexico & Central America and enjoys warm growing conditions. Photo # 1 & 3 by Eric Bronson, #2 by Meutia Chaerani & Indradi_Soemardjan, #4 by Peggy Greb Check availability. The BEST way to make a TIME-LAPSE! Solved: Apply Revit materials to DWG import in Revit family - Autodesk Community.

You should be able to apply a material to the CAD block or geometry through the following process: 1. Make sure the specific elements of the block or extrusion [in the CAD file] are on relevant layers. 2. Materials under Manage > Objects Styles > Imported Objects. 3. 4. Blog post on this topic: If the CAD geometry is in a block, make sure to override the layer inside the block. Also there is a Hotfix published by Autodesk to apply material family parameters using the Paint tool. If my post answers your question, please click the "Accept as Solution" button.

Shiny StephenSupport SpecialistProduct SupportAutodesk, Inc. AUGIWorld by Autodesk User Group International, Inc. LED Lighting - DataVox. LED lighting is a game changer, not only for the lighting industry but for your company as well. These lighting fixtures are easy to control, energy efficient, and are quicker to install than line-voltage. This type of lighting allows you to fully manage and control your LED settings with either automatic programmable lighting scenes or single touch scenes. Less energy is required within LED lighting to create the same number of lumens as compact fluorescent bulbs, allowing these fixtures to last longer.

Some benefits of LED lighting include durability, reliability, cost efficiency and quality performance. Less maintenance is required with the use of the light fixtures as LumaStream has removed onboard drivers, which eliminate the additional heat that commonly burns out your fixture. LED light fixtures include sensors that provide light only when needed, eliminating the possibility of wasting light, and reduced maintenance costs. How to Connect Revit to Anything the Smart Way - ArchSmarter - Top Architecture Blogs of 2017 - The Architect's Guide. CE CENTER - Course Library. Architectural Graphics 101 - Number 1. Maybe this will be exciting, maybe it won’t, but I am going to start writing a few articles a month on architectural graphics and what I’ve done to get my drawings to look the way they do. I might talk hardcore technical computer specifics from time to time but for the most part, I am going to focus on the really small details.

The idea for this series came to me the other day when I was asked by one of my employees to walk through some cabinet shop drawings and explain exactly what they are supposed to be reviewing. As I sat in front of the drawings, explaining why we do certain things, I realized that I have had similar conversations with almost everyone I work with … and if they all had these questions, it stands to reason that other people will have them as well. To that end, the Architectural Graphics 101 series was born. So here we go …. Okay, it still sounds complicated … but let’s pretend that we are all on the same page here and move on. Cheers, Haiku Luxe Series Ceiling Fan: 52", Oil-Rubbed Bronze Full Appearance, Low Profile Mount | Haiku Home.

Award-Winning Design We make world-class ceiling fans, but you don’t have to take our word for it – simply look at the long list of organizations, including Popular Science and Interior Design magazines, that have recognized our fans’ excellence in design and technology. Premium Materials Unlike conventional fans, Haiku Luxe Series fans utilizes aircraft-grade aluminum to ensure high-quality performance and long-lasting durability.

Silence at any Speed We want you to see and feel your fan, but never hear it. That’s why we hand-balance and sound test each of our Luxe Series fans before they leave our factory. Versatile Controls With our fans, comfort is always at your fingertips. Control your Luxe Series fan with the standard remote, Haiku Wall Control or our free mobile app. Interested in a more hands-off approach? Operate your fan using simple voice commands through Amazon Echo. SenseME Technology How can Luxe Series fans respond automatically to changing conditions and your preferences? AREndurance | hi, i'm an architect. well…almost. Welcome to TXRX Labs. Tony & Chelsea Northrup.

Screenfly / Test Your Website at Different Screen Resolutions. Curtain Wall Corner Detail Cad. Curtain Wall Corner Detail Cad – Welcome to my site. i would like to show you an images about Curtain Wall Corner Detail Cad with title Curtain Wall Corner Detail Cad. This image is uploaded by admin. If you want to see more images. please scroll down and show amazing image about Curtain Wall Corner Detail Cad. curtain wall details dwg – homecurtainsSource curtain wall detail in autocad drawing | bibliocadSource details curtin wall (glass facade) in autocad drawing | bibliocadSource ssg blast mitigation curtain wall systems, bomb proof wall, 1600ssSource curtain wall corner detail dwg – curtain.hispurposeinmeSource curtain wall details dwg – homecurtainsSource curtain wall detail cad – curtain.hispurposeinmeSource curtain wall cad detail library | awci technology centerSource what about image above?

Video About Curtain Wall Corner Detail Cad Thanks for watching video about Curtain Wall Corner Detail Cad in my post with title Curtain Wall Corner Detail Cad. Wood Models – Public Art and Architecture from Around the World. City Hall South Light Court Civic Center This is one of five wooden models that Don Potts did for the 1982 AIA Convention. The pieces were later purchased by the City and four are now on display in City Hall. You can read about the first two here. Don was a meticulous artist. The fourth of these models is of the Hallidie Plaza, a building that houses the San Francisco Chapter of the AIA. In researching Don Potts I found this article by Hal Crippen about “My Car” THE FIRST CAR of Don Potts is actually an extraordinary assemblage—a concours d’elegance of one man’s work.

At a time when true craftsmanship, and even the idea of it, is fast disappearing in automobiles, and even the very existence of the automobile is called into question, Don Potts has paid a necessary act of homage to the greatest of automobiles. It is a fantasy of a car—ultimately useless, somehow gut-exciting, doomed and yet with a strange optimism. How to Create Animated GIFs in Revit. How to Create Animated GIFs in Revit This article was originally posted on ArchSmarter. ArchDaily recently posted an interesting article on using animated GIFs for architectural drawings. The article had some great examples but was short on details of how to actually create these images. I was curious how to create animated GIFs using Revit so I looked into the process.

It turns out it’s pretty easy, provided you’re systematic when creating your views and have access to photo-editing software, like PhotoShop. Want to try it yourself? Step 1 – Create Views in Revit Animated GIFs work best when you use a consistent view point and change something within the view, like the visibility of elements or the cutting plane of a section box. To start, I create the initial 3D view and turn on the section box. Once that’s done, I duplicate the view, move the section box into the building by about 20 feet and rename the view with an “02” suffix.

Try to use at least 8 – 10 images. Step 2 – Export Images. Psikontacto — Núcleo de formação e intervenção terapêutica. AREndurance | hi, i'm an architect. well…almost. MIDI Interfaces. Window Wonderland - ABC Carpet & Home. Envion ENERGY STAR Therapure TPP230M Air Purifier - What Is Tanzanite Gemstone | Tanzanite Stone – GIA. Video Advertising Statistics, Trends, Tips & More.

Welcome to TXRX Labs. Gear for the Architectural Grad Student. Families | Håvard Vasshaug. How to Connect Revit to Anything the Smart Way - ArchSmarter - Antonio Vivaldi - La Stravaganza by BlaCky | Bla Cky. Ivry Gitlis SARASATE Romanza andaluza - S.Iwasaki, 1989 by Moamen khalil. Private Ryan Presents The Summer Dancehall Sampler 2015 (RAW) by Dj Private Ryan. KallocTech - Fuzor. Voids not showing up. 4 Podcasts That You Should Be Listening To - The Smart Passive Income Blog. Ten Proven Pricing Models.

Revit ADVANCE: How to create Design Options in Revit Architecture 2016. Silex² | Programme immobilier tertiaire. Sitzkissen aus feinstem Echtleder | HILLMANN LIVING. 7 tips for designing awesome animated GIFs. Come Together: 3 Steps to Linking Your DWG File into Revit. Phantom 3 Standard – DJI GO - DJI. Call for Entries: Made/Unmade Houston, AIA Houston. 8 in. 5 Speed Bench Drill Press. Langstroth Beehive Starter Kit (Deep) - Bee Thinking. Grants for Raising Honey Bees. Architects Are Facing A Silent War - Architect Marketing Institute. Welcome to Los mejores podcast para aprender inglés. Revit families protection | Watermark.

Add Project Templates to the List | Revit Products | Autodesk Knowledge Network. Organizing Schedules in Revit Project Browser | Applying Technology to Architecture. Eye Doctors | Houston Optometrists | Eye Clinics Vision Center Houston | Eye Clinics Fort Bend Vision Center | Family Eye Care. DMCA HANDBOOK for ISPs, Websites, Content Creators, & Copyright Owners (9780985042004): Connie J. Mableson: Books. Ebay. Wyzant Match | Wyzant Tutoring. Watch Pokemon Episode 147 Online. SUPERIOR LIGHTING DESIGN AND SUSTAINABILITY | Zumtobel. 360 Product Viewer and Publishing Software. 1910 La Chapelle | Product ranges | Lefroy Brooks (North America) Eye Care Associates - Optometry In Houston, TX USA :: Virtual Office Tour. The Complete Beginner's Guide to Autodesk Revit Architecture - BIMscape. Sheetmusicplus. Gunnar - GUNNAR Computer Eyewear. Home Interior – KelbyOne. Jerry B Smith Photography. Tardy Slip: Why Banks Take So Long to Credit Deposits | Save | Savings | Get the best rates on mortgage, home equity loans, CD, money markets and checking accounts | BankingMyWay.

East River Esplanade.