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Western Governors University – Measurable Academic Innovation Success, Enabled by Technology. This is the second in a series of articles celebrating educational institutions that have achieved proven, measurable success with the integration of technology into their instructional processes. This week we look at Western Governors University and the empirical evidence that demonstrates how this technology-enabled academic institution has been an outstanding model of innovation.

The Back Story WGU is a non-profit online educational institution chartered in 1996 by a coalition of 19 United States Governors seeking to address rapid population growth and confronted by limited public funds for educational services. The governors enlisted the Western Interstate Commission on Higher Education and the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems to help design the newly envisioned university.

Five themes formed the underlying goals of the envisioned institution: The governors also insisted that WGU be affordable, flexible, and student-focused. About Kelly Walsh Print This Post. The University of Maryland.