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Im curious, I get bored easily, I m studying journalism and photography

Apostasía Colectiva en Costa Rica: Carta modelo para pedir la apostasía. Señor Hugo Barrantes Ureña,

Apostasía Colectiva en Costa Rica: Carta modelo para pedir la apostasía

Cultivo de piña quiebra los escudos contra cambio climático - Ojo al Clima. Reportaje por Valeria Navas.

Cultivo de piña quiebra los escudos contra cambio climático - Ojo al Clima

Hormigas zompopas: las científicas del subsuelo.


: Professional Camera Cases & Covers For Sale. Producción. Maestría en Administración Medios de Comunicación. Fondos para periodismo: becas, organizaciones donantes e inversionistas - Photoshop. Postcards. Democracia. Prácticas. Para leer. Vagancia. Cómo hacer una batería externa. Herramientas gratuitas para poner tus reportajes en el mapa. Pasar al contenido principal Idiomas ☰ Menu Herramientas gratuitas para poner tus reportajes en el mapa Periodismo digital IJNet | 19/07/16 En esta oportunidad nos centraremos en el "dónde" de tus historias, y compararemos dos herramientas: Storymap, de KnightLab, y TourBuilder, de Google.

Herramientas gratuitas para poner tus reportajes en el mapa

Storymap Esta herramienta muestra tu historia en un mapa e incorpora tweets, videos y fotos mientras tu historia se mueve a través de ciudades, países y continentes. Ejemplos de uso Para ver lo que Storymap JS puede hacer por tu historia, entra a la cobertura del Washington Post sobre la expansión del Estado islámico o a la cobertura del Times sobre el tráfico mundial de marfil.


Urbán: “Podemos e IU-UP deben estar en una confluencia para ganar las elecciones” SATO DíAZ | Publicado: - Actualizado: 11:53 El eurodiputado Miguel Urbán, tras una entrevista con / Sato Díaz Miguel Urbán (Madrid, 1980) lleva a cabo una tarea frenética como eurodiputado.

Urbán: “Podemos e IU-UP deben estar en una confluencia para ganar las elecciones”

Más allá de su labor en el Parlamento Europeo, no deja de viajar a zonas en conflicto como Palestina, los campamentos de población refugiada saharaui o el Kurdistán.


Cómo hacer una almohada de cuerpo entero. Los 37 mejores comienzos de la historia de la literatura. Dada la extensión mediana de una novela, su primera frase no parece ser demasiado determinante.

Los 37 mejores comienzos de la historia de la literatura

Al fin y al cabo, restan decenas de miles tras ellas. Sin embargo, son numerosos los libros clásicos y modernos cuyas primeras palabras han definido, al menos icónicamente, su posterior legado. Formas de introducir una historia, tan carismáticas como memorables, que ocultan tras de sí no sólo un brillante dominio del lenguaje y del ingenio, sino también la esencia misma de la novela a la que preceden por completo. Hoy hemos querido recopilar 37 de nuestros comienzos favoritos. Sistema B. Online image editor pixlr free - fix photos direct in your browser. 3 Simple Steps to Make Your Skies Pop in Lightroom. 2-for-1 special As part of Landscape Photography Week here on dPS, we’re offering TWO for the price of ONE on our best-selling Living & Loving Landscape Photography ebooks!

3 Simple Steps to Make Your Skies Pop in Lightroom

Click here to take advantage of this offer. You take a photograph of a scene that includes a beautiful blue sky with puffy white clouds. Learn to Properly Dispose of Anything. To recycle or not to recycle: that is the question.

Learn to Properly Dispose of Anything

We all need to play a part in protecting the environment for ourselves and for future generations. Whether you’re biking to work or lugging plastic containers to the supermarket recycling bin, every little bit helps. However, when it comes to recycling the items we use on a daily basis – from AA batteries to large appliances – how can we make sure we’re doing everything possible to protect the environment? We’re here to guide you through the recycling tide, product by product. Batteries. Escribir para televisión. 10 consejos para ser practicante y sobrevivir a la experiencia.

Es importante tener buenas bases cuando se desea ser exitoso en una profesión.

10 consejos para ser practicante y sobrevivir a la experiencia

La página recogió 10 consejos para aquellos practicantes de periodismo que recién están iniciando su carrera y que desean lograr buenos resultados desde el inicio. 1. ESTRUCTURA DE ENCABEZADOS. 5 Steps to Rock the Brenizer Method. What is the Brenizer Method?

5 Steps to Rock the Brenizer Method

The Brenizer Method is named after wedding photographer, Ryan Brenizer. He didn’t invent the method but instead made it popular by using it with his wedding clients, and teaching others how to do it as well. For those who have been around photography for a while, you will recognize the process. Photographers have been stitching images together to create panoramas for decades. However, Photoshop and similar software have now made this method extremely simple for you.


Nuevas tecnologías. Periodismo en internet. Freshen up Your Home Garden with these Tasty Herbs. How to Grow a Lemon Tree from Seed Easily in Your Own HomeHealthy Holistic Living. This is part 2 of 3 in a 3-part series about how you can bring certain foods into your garden at home.

How to Grow a Lemon Tree from Seed Easily in Your Own HomeHealthy Holistic Living

Some of them can be done indoors and out, it’s all up to you – the best part is, you get all the healthy benefits of organic food without the worry of any chemical contamination. If you haven’t seen part 1 about growing superfoods in your home, you can find that here. Otherwise, the next section covers ways that you can grow blood pressure-lowering, vitamin-enriching herbs in your garden. Citrus fruits are packed full of vitamins, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium – the list goes on. Crisis in Mexico: Pena Nieto, and Mexico's Infrarrealistas.

This is the fourth part in Francisco Goldman’s series on the recent upheaval in Mexico. He has also written “The Disappearance of the Forty Three,” “Could Mexico’s Missing Students Spark a Revolution? ,” and “The Protests for the Missing Forty Three.” In mid November, three caravans converged on Mexico City, led by family members of the forty-three students from the Ayotzinapa Normal School whose abduction, in late September, has led to nationwide protests.

Mujica: "¿Llama la atención que ande en un autito viejo? El mundo está loco" - BBC Mundo. How personal essays conquered journalism — and why they can’t cut it. Darlena Cunha wrote about falling rapidly into poverty. (Darlena Cunha) “My Life as a Little Person.” New York Comic Con Is the Best Thing in My Life. Every summer I eagerly anticipate the fall, because it means I'll get to spend another week at my favorite event, New York Comic Con. My other favorite annual event is when McDonald's does their Monopoly promotion, but that is a distant second.

Mumia Abu-Jamal

Portal Imprenta Nacional. Sistema Nacional de Bibliotecas - SINABI - Portal de Sinabi. Audacity recortar, mezclar voz música, efecto envolvente y otros. How Working As a Stripper Made Me Have More Sympathy for Men. Anthropologist Katherine Frank spent six years stripping and interviewing 30 of her regular customers to research her book “G-Strings and Sympathy: Strip Club Regulars and Male Desire.” Adapted from her Ph.D. dissertation, it’s an academic yet accessible exploration of the exchange between the naked lady on the platform and the man who keeps returning to tuck money in her garter. Frank discusses with equal ease the bounce/rump-shaker move and the self-reflexive nature of the post-tourist, and her experience reflects less mind-body dissociation than one might expect. She created a set she calls her Ode to Baudrillard at one of the clubs, stripping off layers to songs (one from “The Matrix” and one by White Zombie) that reference the philosopher who argues that reality — sorry, “reality” — has become indistinguishable from its representations, or simulacra.

Frank worked in several clubs in a Southeastern city she calls Laurelton, a mecca for strip club enthusiasts. ‎ La historia detrás de Enrique Metinides, el fotógrafo del desastre. El veterano fotógrafo mexicano Enrique Metinides es una de esas figuras a reivindicar tras cinco décadas de trabajo a sus espaldas. Cinco décadas en las que fotografió el desastre y la muerte y cuyo trabajo meticuloso, truculento y directo se recoge en este interesante documental para conocerle mejor.

Gente Prensa Libre

Sherry Turkle: Connected, but alone? Punk, politics & football - Features – N by Norwegian. Noam Chomsky: Israel’s Assault on Gaza a 'Hideous Atrocity' August 8, 2014 | Hideous. Sadistic. Vicious. Murderous. That is how Noam Chomsky describes Israel’s 29-day offensive in Gaza that killed nearly 1,900 people and left almost 10,000 people injured. Below is a video intereview with Chomsky, followed by a transcript: JUAN GONZÁLEZ: To talk more about the crisis in Gaza, we go now to Boston, where we are joined by Noam Chomsky, world-renowned political dissident, linguist, author, Institute Professor Emeritus at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he’s taught for more than 50 years.

Spacebobs Empire. 35 Surprisingly Useful Websites You Never Knew You Needed. Uso de la preposición de. Errores frecuentes en el uso de preposiciones. Errores comunes en el uso de la preposición.


How To Build A Playful Crossbow Out Of Simple Office Supplies. Tetrabrik. Harry, el policía matapandilleros - El Faro. Presentación de la unidad antipandillas de la PNC en abril de 2012 en la plaza Gerardo Barrios de San Salvador. Foto AFP/José Cabezas Harry, el policía matapandilleros, me guía esta tarde hacia el borde de una quebrada estrecha, a las orillas de una colonia a la que le han arrancado las últimas casas. EZLN. Tlatelolco. ‎ 100 secretos CR. Football's Most Dangerous Rivalry. Charles Bukowski's Top 10 Tips for Living a Kick-Ass Life. Looking for some pointers on how to live an awesome life? Take it from Charles Bukowski, an American author, poet, short story writer, and novelist who shared his unfiltered views and opinions with the world on everything from art to death.

He was a renowned and prolific writer, often depicting the experiences of the downtrodden and depraved people of American urban life, and he provided plenty of great tips on how to spend your days. But don’t just take my word for it, soak up the wisdom with this valuable advice from some his most well-known quotes. 1. Don’t settle. “I wanted the whole world or nothing.” You shouldn’t settle for anything less than what you absolutely deserve or desire. 2. Felicidad y psicoanálisis* If You Have A Mac, Memorize These 13 Keyboard Tricks. If you're going to spend your life with your hands hovering over a keyboard, you might as well do it right.

Or at least make the experience as tolerable as possible. And while most Mac users know basic keyboard shortcuts -- command + "X" to cut, command +"V" to paste, etc. -- there are so many more life-altering, time-saving tricks to be discovered. Let us lead you into the light. 1. If your boss walks by while you're reading this article, press... 5 TEDTalks que cambiarán tu punto de vista sobre la felicidad « TEDxZaragoza TEDxZaragoza.

5 Words You're Probably Misusing  We probably have all played the game of Telephone. Well, not all together, but each of us at one point or another. The idea is simple: A message starts at one end of the chain, and it gets whispered -- just once -- to the next player. That player then whispers the message to the next player, and so on down the line.


APOLOGÍA DEL TERRORISMO. Cada vez son más frecuentes los casos de internautas imputados por apología de la violencia o el terrorismo. Sin embargo, los verdaderos terroristas hablan con absoluta libertad, con ese aire chulesco que revela la pervivencia de una España eterna y cainita, tridentina y reaccionaria, canallesca e inquisitorial. Noam Chomsky: The Race War of Drug Prohibition. Historia del rock nacional. Partidos políticos. Cómo escribir un guión. 10 consejos para escribir un guión.


Top 10 Things You Can Upgrade with a Little Electronics Hacking. Cursos on line. WRITING. Crónicas. Free Online Courses, Workplace Skills Training, Interactive Education and Multimedia Learning. Technology Related. Proyectos. Violencia proyecto. Chomsky. Chequear a diario. Crónicas. Star Wars. Natural/homemade. My destination. Estudios, foros, cursos. Arts. Science. Recursos. No plastic straws.


Ocio. Travelling. Camping. Science.