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METRIX Multimètres analogiques.

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DIY. Python. Comment devenir un hacker? Pourquoi ce document?

Comment devenir un hacker?

En tant qu'éditeur du Jargon File, je reçois souvent des emails d'internautes débutants qui me demandent "comment puis-je apprendre à devenir un hacker? ''. Bizarrement, il ne semble pas y avoir de FAQs ou de documents sur le Web qui répondent à cette question vitale. Voici donc ma réponse. Qu'est-ce qu'un hacker? Le Jargon File [traduit en français par Frédéric de SOLLIERS et Christian ROZEBOOM sous le titre Cyberlexis, Editions Masson, NDT] contient un certain nombre de définitions du terme "hacker'', qui sont toutes liées à l'aptitude technique et au plaisir pris à résoudre des problèmes et à dépasser des limites arbitraires. Il existe une communauté, une culture partagée, de programmeurs expérimentés et de spécialistes des réseaux, dont l'histoire remonte aux premiers mini-ordinateurs multi-utilisateurs, il y a quelques dizaines d'années, et aux premières expériences de l'ARPAnet [le réseau connu aujourd'hui sous le nom d'Internet, NDT].

L'attitude des hackers 1. Hackerspaces, HackLabs & co.


Électronic. KC Fabricators. Online : $8,000 DIY satellite kit. This is fascinating.

Online : $8,000 DIY satellite kit

If hackerspaces can buy an $8,000 laser cutter, why not send a satellite into orbit? Interorbital Systems (IOS) says it can deploy 32 tiny satellites simultaneously from a rocket launched from the Pacific island of Tonga. The price? A measly 8 grand. Planet Earth has entered the age of the Personal Satellite with the introduction of Interorbital’s TubeSat Personal Satellite (PS) Kit.

[Thanks, Ryan!] John Baichtal My interests include writing, electronics, RPGs, scifi, hackers & hackerspaces, 3D printing, building sets & toys. Related.


Fully Functional Television Oscilloscope. This project involves working in close proximity to the television's exposed flyback transformer and high voltage capacitors, which are both potentially lethal devices if you do not take proper safety precautions.

Fully Functional Television Oscilloscope

First, the obvious step: Is it plugged in? Unplug it! Isn't it funny that this is the exact opposite of what a tech normally tells you... When you remove the shroud, be careful not to rip any wires from the circuit board, and do not touch any of the exposed contacts. Identify large capacitors and take note of their voltage ratings. 50v and above are especially dangerous, and should be discharged with a well insulated screwdriver across the contacts prior to tinkering if possible. UPDATE (12-28-10): Ok, ok, I generally dislike disclaimers because they are almost never legally sound. I take no responsibility for damage to your health or equipment. Machines. List of Hacker Spaces. McKenzie Wark's Hacker @ La Tartine, Paris/ Sommaire. An Easy 3D Modeling Software - Ading flavour to STEM Education with childrens desktop engineering.

Learning in the area of design and technology and math needs a practical basis; investigating, evaluating, calculating, designing and doing.

An Easy 3D Modeling Software - Ading flavour to STEM Education with childrens desktop engineering.

While children are familiar with word-processors, spreadsheets and databases, using tabs enables them to encounter the computer as a 3D design and manufacturing tool as well. It is an easy 3D modeling software for primary and secondary school classrooms and is used widely in both Design and Technology and Mathematics classes. It is wise to start designing with something very simple. A first project could consist of just two shapes, a cuboid and a wedge, to build a farmhouse.

Another idea might be to build a cuboid and a cylinder of similar dimensions and then compare how much sand they will hold. FabLab ModelMaker educational software fulfils various functions in STEM education, and manufacturing the perfect 3D model is not usually the main objective! Cognitive and Practical Skills Reasoning. Hack: Android on iPhone. This could be the one of the very big news for linux lovers that now you will be able to run Android on iPhone successfully.

Hack: Android on iPhone

As everyone know that Apple developed one of the very best mobile operating system for iPhone but may be that wasn’t working for few people who later on decided to make something which could install Android (Google’s mobile operating system) on iPhone. When the talks started, lots of people was very much sure that it’s not possible to run android on iPhone, but David Wong, also known as “planetbeing”, proved it wrong and he finally achieved what many geeks have been dreaming from long.

Below is the video of given by David Wong in which he explained how to install Android on iPhone step by step: In the video, Wong shows the full procedure and compatibility of the iPhone and the Android platform working together. The package although works only on iPhone 3G and not 3GS. This isn’t the first time that Linux and the iPhone have met. References: