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Information Processing Information Processing Economic historian Greg Clark describes his latest research (and new book) in the NYTimes: Your Ancestors, Your Fate: ... my colleagues and I estimate that 50 to 60 percent of variation in overall status is determined by your lineage. The fortunes of high-status families inexorably fall, and those of low-status families rise, toward the average — what social scientists call “regression to the mean” — but the process can take 10 to 15 generations (300 to 450 years), much longer than most social scientists have estimated in the past.We came to these conclusions after examining reams of data on surnames, a surprisingly strong indicator of social status, in eight countries — Chile, China, England, India, Japan, South Korea, Sweden and the United States — going back centuries. Across all of them, rare or distinctive surnames associated with elite families many generations ago are still disproportionately represented among today’s elites....
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The International Student Recruiter — Jet-set and jet-lagged: the international recruiting experience
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Shaking Schools Up in an Already Tumultuous Year - School of Thought: 11 Education Activists for 2011 Shaking Schools Up in an Already Tumultuous Year - School of Thought: 11 Education Activists for 2011 With budget cuts looming, and with more states considering radical changes to teacher tenure and other important policies, 2011 looks to be a big year for education, for better or for worse. Here are 11 reformers who are poised to shake things up even more in these tumultuous times. These activists are political and apolitical, working to change school systems from within and without, and can be found in the for-profit, nonprofit and governmental sectors. Some are big names in the education world, while others are more behind-the-scenes players. But what they all have in common is the potential to change how Americans think about education and how kids experience school in 2011 — and beyond.
Secretary of State: Hillary Clinton - Obama's White House She won't be answering the White House telephone at 3 a.m., but Hillary Clinton may still play a powerful role in the next administration. On Monday, President-elect Barack Obama introduced Clinton as his choice for Secretary of State, ending a weeks-long saga of rumors, press leaks, political back-biting and negotiations with Clinton's husband, former President Bill Clinton, who eventually agreed to release the long-secret list of donors to his charitable foundation to avoid any conflicts of interest. Bitter campaign rivalry aside, pundits and politicians have praised the choice, noting that Clinton's high-profile status is well-suited to the role of America's top diplomat — a daunting post made more difficult by deteriorating relations with Iran, North Korea and Pakistan. Still, some wonder if her outsized ambitions might be too much for the job. Secretary of State: Hillary Clinton - Obama's White House
PhD Program Success and Survival Tips I've noticed that society is quite accepting and often sympathetic towards graduate students and academics who can barely make ends meet. I think that the reason behind the sympathy is that people think that academics are involved in something that that is beyond monetary reward:Academics contribute to the society by creating valuable knowledgeAcademics help students to improve their lives through education.Having spent in academia many years I see how flawed these arguments are. First of all, academia is no better than any other field. In fact, it can be much worse in terms of positive societal impact compared to other fields. While 1% of academics do push the boundaries of knowledge and help the society to solve its nascent problems, 99% are engaged in useless and trivial research and irrelevant teaching. Moreover, many high-impact inventions come from outside of academia: aspirin (Bayer), cars (Ford), copiers (Xerox), etc. PhD Program Success and Survival Tips
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强烈推荐:Hooked on Phonics 20年来最成功的幼儿阅读教程 - Learn to Read 这套教程被誉为全球最好的幼儿阅读教程,获得98%的用户满意度,完全满足3到8岁儿童的学习要求。 每天只需20分钟,一个月内即可看到孩子显著的阅读进步。 这套教材30天内无风险试用,只需预先支付$14.95。之后每个月付款$49.99,共4个月结清。 找丢网 找丢网