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Toms Networking is online marketing agencies recognize that guest posting is an essential online marketing tool, but it only works if the guest posts are relevant to your business and are reaching your target audience. At Toms Networking, we understand that guest posting needs to be engaging, informative and targeted.

Here's How to Introduce New Tech. A car dealership is just like any other business—salespeople answer questions and concerns for customers who eventually buy the product (a vehicle).

Here's How to Introduce New Tech

Then there’s paperwork, the customer leaves happily, and the business makes money—everyone wins. Getting from Point A to Point B (in this case, getting a customer to purchase a vehicle) is the name of the game, but how you get there is what separates a failing company from a thriving company. Along the way, your business has to make smart decisions, and one of those decisions is the ability to know when and how to introduce technology. Here’s how your business can introduce new tech into your dealership. Identify Where the Industry Is Going. Should I Insure My Art? To need insurance but not have it is a disaster in any situation.

Should I Insure My Art?

You wouldn't risk not having health insurance knowing that one even could ruin you, and you wouldn't put your home at risk simply because you don't think damages are likely. The same goes for your art. Beauty School or Nursing School? If you feel unsure about what to do with your life, you aren’t alone.

Beauty School or Nursing School?

The first step to finding a career that suits you is to evaluate your personality and interests. Make a list of careers that excite you. If some things on the list seem random or conflicting, they may not be as far apart in the professional field as you thought. If you’re in a conundrum of choosing beauty school or nursing school, don’t panic. Looking into a role in aesthetics—such as becoming a professional esthetician, dermatologist, or cosmetic nurse—may be a happy fit. 3 Things to Consider. A career in the health field can be incredibly exciting and rewarding, but with any new career, there are a few factors to consider.

3 Things to Consider

If you’re looking for a change, here are three things you should think about before entering the health field. Healthcare Is Never Boring No matter what job you want to do in the industry, you’ll never have a boring day. If you work directly with patients, you’ll find new challenges as each patient’s care progresses. You’ll also deal with new patients every day, so if you love working with people, this will be a great fit for you.

Many people leave their jobs because they don’t think they’ll be given the chance to advance. Top 5 Coolest Jobs in Tech. Technology is changing the way the world runs.

Top 5 Coolest Jobs in Tech

New technology has given us the power to talk to anyone in the world at any time for free, the ability to perform work tasks faster and even the way we order our food. There are a lot of jobs in the tech world that brings in a good income and is probably something you’re already doing as a hobby. The best way to succeed in the world of tech is to learn about new technology and research positions related to your interests. Once you’ve found your niche, get your portfolio ready and start applying for positions. Video Game Tester Have you ever heard of quality assurance testing? If this sounds overwhelming, fret not. Graphic Designers Graphic designers are truly special people that get to use really cool gadgets to do their job, some of which they get to take home to their home office in certain positions.

Graphic designers are needed all across the tech industry, especially in the gaming industry where graphics must be clear and precise. Smart Home Upgrades to Make Before Summer. Just the mention of summer conjures up images of trips to the beach, flip-flops, bare feet, and BBQs.

Smart Home Upgrades to Make Before Summer

While it’s also the perfect time to accomplish those home improvement upgrades you’ve been considering, why not get those upgrades done before the summer hits? Think about it, if you make those much-needed upgrades before summertime, then you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor, instead of sweating away in the heat to get them done while everyone else is heading off to the beach for the day.

If you’re considering making some home upgrades before the summer starts to heat up, read on below for a few of the smartest ones to get done right away. Go Solar Many people talk about having solar panels in Arizona installed in their home or business all the time. Have A Swimming Pool Installed This is one home upgrade that you don’t want to wait until the beginning of summer to take care of. Build A Firepit Clean The Exterior Of Your Home. So You Want to Be an Automotive Technician?

Cars have captured the attention of people of all ages for decades.

So You Want to Be an Automotive Technician?

If cars have always been a passion of yours, you’re good with your hands and enjoy problem-solving, a career as an automotive technician might be the right fit for you. With over 284 million registered vehicles in the United States, there is certainly a demand for automotive technicians and the many skills they supply. Tom's Networking - Recommendations and Reviews you can Trust.