Making music

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People who bought this item also bought: Customer Reviews Good Value Sounds really good,I found it easy to use and I have very limited musical ability and I still managed to produce a credible tune out of it. Barry Marsh This thing is wonderful! Large Music Box Set Large Music Box Set
GUITAR Practice / Playing

Musipedia: Musipedia Melody Search Engine Welcome to Musipedia! Inspired by, but not affiliated with Wikipedia, we are building a searchable, editable, and expandable collection of tunes, melodies, and musical themes. Every entry can be edited by anybody.

Musipedia: Musipedia Melody Search Engine

Playing your music scores alone or as a group, with just your iPhone or iPod Touch as your tool: that’s what SyncSing is all about. The application has been designed for anyone who sings or plays an instrument to let you transform your lyrics and digital scores and share them with other SyncSingers. The indispensable music-making tool The SyncSing plus is its ability to transform itself into an indispensable music-making tool. SyncSing SyncSing