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How I do it: SketchUp « The New Hobbyist. I always enjoy reading about other’s worksflows and learning new ways to optimize my usage of software.

How I do it: SketchUp « The New Hobbyist

So I thought I’d write a series of “How I do it” posts to show those of you just getting started (or those looking to pickup additional tips) how I work. Below is a list of all the plugins I currently use in SketchUp. I held out on plugins for awhile thinking they were unnecessary bloat for Sketchup, when I added them in I found I had been missing out on some really useful features.

Here’s what I’m using at the moment. STL Export – Easily my most used SketchUp plugin. STL Import – as you can probably imagine this plugin lets you import STL files. Skp7. Artlantis tutorial. Thea Studio Tutorial part 1( Introduction) Facebook. Construction Documents with SketchUp and LayOut. The Making Of Block 15 Terrace. A Making Of for Scott Baumberger's recent published image for Block 15 Terrace Thanks again to Jeff Mottle for allowing me the opportunity to share my workflow with all of you.

The Making Of Block 15 Terrace

I hope it will be helpful to your work! This image was created as part of a competition entry for a proposed residential tower in Portland, Oregon. My client was Boora Architects - a big thank you to them as well for inviting me to help them with the renderings. Because it was a competition, we wanted to provide only enough information to communicate the design intent without getting bogged down with excessive detail. After a little back and forth, we decided on a variation of this last option. Here is the raw render of the model done with the Shaderlight plugin within SketchUp. Here is a “Chalk Render” also done with Shaderlight.

It’s also helpful to export ID passes directly from SketchUp to set up selection sets later on in Photoshop. Now we’re ready for the real work! Next item is the glass surface itself. ArchiTECH PC 8.0.12. 9 SketchUP Tips for better 3d modeling workflow. 1.7K Flares Facebook 0 Twitter 20 Pin It Share 34 Google+ 34 LinkedIn 4 inShare4 StumbleUpon 1.6K Reddit 0 1.7K Flares × I picked up SketchUP my first year of architecture school back in 2002 and never stopped using it since.

9 SketchUP Tips for better 3d modeling workflow

It is as powerful as it is simple, and yet I’ve seen too many pick up bad habits who find it hard to utilize SketchUP to its full potential. So while I work on the continuation of the Making of ‘MS House’ – Part 1, Let me elaborate further and share some more of my SketchUP work-flow. Before I get specific about a few things, I should mention that it is good practice to have the manual comfortably nearby while modeling and I also highly recommend watching the SketchUP video guides.

LumionLightmap. Marius Silaghi's Store. TurboSmooth Pro for 3ds Max TurboSmooth Pro is a modifier plugin for 3ds Max which produces nice smooth semi-sharp creases on your models, unlike the ugly creases that the standard TurboSmooth produces.

Marius Silaghi's Store

It also give you the ability to have linear UVs which in some cases can help in the texturing pipeline. Here are some articles by Neil Blevis that explain some of the shortcomings of the standard TurboSmooth modifier which are fixed by TurboSmooth Pro. Article 1 Article 2 Here are some of the benefits you get: Rooftop Garden House. NPR tutorial. Design a dream home. Tutorials. Online image editor pixlr free - fix photos direct in your browser. Sketchup Tutorials, Tips & Tricks. Rendering - 3/10 - 3DEssentials. Masterbreak.jpg (JPEG Image, 1200 × 785 pixels) - Scaled (96. After Effects Tutorials, Plug-ins and Stock Footage for Post Production Professionals. After Effects Tutorials, Plug-ins and Stock Footage for Post Production Professionals. Learn the Inorganic Modeling Fundamentals in 3ds Max with Hard Suface Modeling Guru Grant Warwick - Part 1 - 3DEssentials.

Modeling - 3DEssentials. RoundCorner - v2.3a - 26 May 11. IMPORTANT:Please make sure that you have full Read / Write permissions in the folder where you install RoundCornerYou must upgrade to LibFredo6 5.4b or higher for using the plugin with SU13 RoundCorner performs the rounding of the edges and corners of 3D shapes along a 2D profile, in 3 modes: Round corners, Sharp corners and Bevel.

RoundCorner - v2.3a - 26 May 11

EXTERIOR ELEVATION: SHADOW TWEAKING - BLOG. I have posted in the past on how to create interior elevations/sections by only using Photoshop, but I never posted on exterior elevations.


The workflow that I use for exterior elevations really isn't much different than the workflow that I use for interior elevations. The only change is with the shadows. In my interior elevations tutorial, I gave depth to the illustration by selecting certain surfaces and painting in shadows and highlights. However, with exterior elevations, I streamline the process by exporting a shadows layer from Sketchup. With this shadows layer, there is a key move that I use which quickly and easily gives depth and clarity by utilizing the Burn tool. 1. With those three images, layer them in Photoshop so that the linework is the top layer with the blend mode set to "Multiply". 2. You can see in the comparison below that the before and after shows a dramatic change in the quality of shadow. 1 klik do najbolje ponude PVC prozora. Ixlrlxi.