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Free lean manufacturing. IP: Engaged Team Performance. Engaged Team Performance (ETP) is focused on radically improving the effectiveness and efficiency of production groups: people who share responsibility for delivering some kind of product or service to some kind of customer, whether in a manufacturing or a transactional/service environment.

IP: Engaged Team Performance

ETP drives game-changing results like: Net customer satisfaction improvement: 10-40% Labor efficiency/capacity improvement: 10-50% Cycle time reduction: up to 90% Cost savings: $ millions Employees who manage their own work: Wow! The key to Engaged Team Performance lies in completely integrating processes, measures, team goals, visual work, collaborative norms, and organization to work efficiently and effectively for the customer and the business. Engaged Team Performance™ (ETP) is all about: The 8-step ETP deployment process is: Development Road Maps. Login if you previously created a Road Map Need help deciding what workshop to attend or what book has the lean knowledge you need?

Development Road Maps

Use the Lean Enterprise Institute's Lean Road Map System to identify the workshops, books, and events that will help you and your organization continuously improve. On the next page (after clicking on the "Create a Personalized Road Map" button), just select the concepts you want to learn about based on your role, industry, level of expertise, and your company's (or your) phase in its lean transformation. The Lean Road Map System will return a customized road map that you can use as a learning plan to help supplement your lean learning at the "gemba". Your map is completely flexible.

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Simulations and Games. Tools/Ideas. Society of Manufacturing Engineers. Welcome to Lean Pathways. Lean Thinking. Lean Manufacturing Blog, Kaizen Articles and Advice. By Jon Miller | Post Date: March 21, 2011 12:45 AM | Comments: 7 A particular Japanese word has been on my mind a lot lately.

Lean Manufacturing Blog, Kaizen Articles and Advice

Yokoten means "horizontal deployment" and refers to the practice of copying good results of kaizen in one area to other areas. Yokoten applies more broadly to copying product design ideas as well as better practices in general. Advice on Software from Job Shops at the Top. Job shops across the United States are trying to figure out how to beat the competition.

Advice on Software from Job Shops at the Top

While we all know there’s no panacea for the manufacturing industry, it never hurts to take a look at how others in the industry are succeeding. Toward that end, I recently caught up with four job shops – Brenco, Aacoa, Gamma Vacuum and Forrest Machining – that are thriving in the current economy. These companies represent a diverse cross-section of the job shop industry. Their custom jobs range from fabricating aircraft parts for defense contractors to creating component parts for water ferries. Rhythm wheel. Portal of best practices in Industry, Management, Quality and Supply Chain. Lean Manufacturing, Kaizen, Kanban, Just In Time Articles. The Importance of Heijunka. My friend Tom poses an interesting question to production managers: “If I ask you to produce different quantities and types of products every day, what quantity of people, materials, machines, and space do you need?”

The Importance of Heijunka

Of course the answer is usually, at best, inarticulate and, at worst, a blank stare. There isn’t any way to know. Add to this the well-established research of the “bullwhip effect” which amplifies the magnitude of these fluctuations as you move up the supply chain, and it is easy to see the suppliers are really set up to fail. 5S Supply. Floor Tape : Safety Signs : Floor Marking Tape 866-777-1360. Jamie Flinchbaugh — on lean culture, transformational leadership, and entrepreneurial excellence.