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Tom Flick

Tom Flick has garnered a reputation around the world as an authority on leadership by helping organizations such as Google, Starbucks, Boeing, and the Pentagon to develop leaders, lead change, increase teamwork, and accelerate personal and organizational performance.

Make Event Worthwhile with Leadership Speaker. I’ve been asked many times, “Are great leaders born with their abilities, or can these characteristics be learned?”

Make Event Worthwhile with Leadership Speaker

I’m here to tell you that leaders aren’t predestined at birth, they’re made out of choice; crafted by their character, anchored by their values, and proven by their habits. Most anyone can learn to be an effective leader; it just takes practice, patience, and honing the right skills. The beautiful thing about leadership habits is that they’re powerful not only at work, but in other parts of life. Great leaders, those who impact peoples lives, don’t merely act that way in certain situations, they’re leaders who display it in all areas of their life.

Leadership Keynotes Speaker. “Tom delivered a motivating message to a diverse group of over 50 major brands and successfully transcended the entire audience in a highly engaging and compelling way.

Leadership Keynotes Speaker

We could not have asked for a better keynote speaker!” Sr. Leadership Keynote Speaker & Motivational Speaker. Change Management Speaker and Specialist. As noted by Harvard Professor and leadership guru Dr.

Change Management Speaker and Specialist

John Kotter in his bestselling book, Leading Change, leadership really is the name of the game. In our fast-paced world of continuous change, the impetus in corporate America should be focused 70% towards leadership and 30% towards management. The educational systems in America and Europe are predominantly geared towards management, developing in people “managerial mindsets.” Their goal is to maintain the status quo and avoid hazards. Management is budgeting, staffing, regulating, and problem solving—essential aspects of a successful company. Motivational Keynote Speaker Tom Flick. Tom Flick on Leadership. Motivational Speakers. Change leadership is a deeply different concept and practice than change management — and it’s not just a matter of semantics.

Motivational Speakers

As noted by Harvard professor and leadership guru, Dr. John Kotter, “These terms are not interchangeable.