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Three-Act Math

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Dan Meyer - 3-act Maths. When Math Happens. How many cards did he drop?

When Math Happens

I accidentally dropped a bunch of cards while shuffling a deck one day, and a 3 act idea followed. Update: I’d start the class with Estimation 180 Day 4 because Robert Kaplinsky made a good point. Will the students ask for the information I’m providing in Act 2? If not, how can we lead them there? The lamppost estimation could get the kids into the needed mindset. What information would be useful to figure this out? A couple sources inspired this task. Second, Malcolm Swan via a Dan Meyer tweet. With these in mind, I thought it would be neat for the students to estimate what fraction of the deck was dropped with the following image. From there, they could use the estimate to make a calculation. By the way, the students need to know how many cards make up a full deck. After the class works for a while and students are given the opportunity to demonstrate their thought process, the kids can go back and test their work with the actual dimensions.

Questioning My Metacognition. Divisible by 3 [Andrew Stadel] Questioning My Metacognition. Check out Dan’s Blog or watch Math Class Needs a Makeover ***click here for the question and big idea of each task *** Recording Sheets Kindergarten Recording Sheet 3-Act Recording Sheet Want more of the good stuff?

Questioning My Metacognition

Dan Meyer’s 3-Act Tasks (6-12) Robert Kaplinsky’s Problem Based-Lessons (K-12) Mike Wiernicki’s 3-Act Tasks (K-8) Andrew Stadel’s Estimation 180 Lessons (6-12) Dane Ehlert’s 3-Act Tasks (6-12) 101questions. [WCYDWT] Will It Hit The Hoop? November 15th, 2010 by Dan Meyer Is he going to make it?

[WCYDWT] Will It Hit The Hoop?

Can you draw me the path of a shot that will make it? That will miss it? How about now? Can you draw me the path of a shot that will make it? A little more obvious, isn’t it? Basketball Strobes — Full Take 4 from Dan Meyer on Vimeo. Here are seven versions of the same problem. The half video, for asking the question,the half photo, for giving the students something to work with,the geogebra file, one use for the half photo, featuring a dynamic parabola in vertex form.the full video, for showing the answer, Attachments.

[3ACTS] Pyramid Of Pennies. July 8th, 2011 by Dan Meyer The Goods Download the full archive [33.9 MB].

[3ACTS] Pyramid Of Pennies

Act One image — pyramid of pennies. Other People’s Problems. October 27th, 2011 by Dan Meyer Malcolm Swan: Draw a shape on squared paper and plot a point to show its perimeter and area.

Other People’s Problems

Which points on the grid represent squares, rectangles, etc. Draw a shape that may be represented by the point (4, 12) or (12, 4). Find all the “impossible” points. I like this problem a lot (I’ll spoil some of the fun in the comments) even though it’s fundamentally dissimilar to most of the problems I write about here. One of the best parts about my working life right now, including grad school and my work with publishers, is my daily exposure to the vast set of answers to the question, “What makes for good math education?” So I’m grateful to instructors like Labaree and Stevens who urged us all to quit trying to solve the problem and focus first on describing the domain of the problem and its range of solutions. They all reveal their constraints quickly and clearly. Putting Asilomar into action. A week has passed since I went to the annual California Math Council conference at Asilomar.

Putting Asilomar into action

It was my first time attending, and, my god, it got me fired up to get back to work teaching kids math. Luckily, my wait was only a matter of hours. In the past week, my kids got a whole new bag of tricks thanks to the amazing Asilomar presenters. Some highlights: Dan Meyer‘s session on making math class more like the addicting video games that teenagers love was a winner. Andrew Stadel ran a great afternoon session in which he did a Dan Meyer-style three-act task. Rick Barlow and my good friend Shira Helft ran a great session about structures that get kids talking, explaining and justifying math.

I could go on and on here, but I’ll stop. Like this: Like Loading... 5 May: Math Fights and Middle Bits. Dy/dan. 3 Act Math - When Math Happens. Day 121-140 - Estimation 180. Google Docs - create and edit documents online, for free.