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Burning Man - Eric Bouvet. Incredible CSI-Like "Enhance!" App Fixes Your Unfocused Photos. Actually I think the basic technology (that would be deconvolution right?)

Incredible CSI-Like "Enhance!" App Fixes Your Unfocused Photos

Is not that complicated, assuming the blur effect does not fully suppress any frequencies. I do think in order to keep the software simple you have to include a slider bar for the out-of-focus-factor because automatically detecting that would be terribly complex while a human can quite easily see when the resulting image looks best. I don't know if it's as easy when motion blur is involved though. Also I think the artifacts are due to heavy suppression of certain (high) frequencies during the blurring. This means these frequencies have to be heavily amplified when de-blurring. La economía detrás del robo de bicicletas. メトロノーム同期 (32個)


ALEMAN. Directorio ong University For All. BERLIN. Musica. DOCUS. Robot Unicorn Attack from Adult Swim - Free Online Game. is your official Adult Swim site for free original online games like Amateur Surgeon, Five Minutes to Kill Yourself, My Lil Bastard, Meowcenaries, Vending Machine Champ and HRmageddon.

Robot Unicorn Attack from Adult Swim - Free Online Game

We also have a few online games based on some of our shows, like Inuyasha Demon Tournament, Venture Bros. Flight of the Monarch, Squidbillies Floor It and Aqua Teen Hunger Force's Worst Game Ever.


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