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I have been working as a business development manager with 7+ years of experience in building strategic business relationships with various clients across the globe. I possess substantial background with encompassing and versatile experience in marketing, sales and business development field.

How to Future-Proof Your Designs? As the range of mobile devices on which the user views websites continues to grow, designers need to constantly adapt their workflow to meet the dynamic changes that are occurring in web design.

How to Future-Proof Your Designs?

Designers constantly need to meet user preferences every single time a user views website on different platform or a device. This is not an easy task by any means. So here’s a roundup of top trends that will change the dynamics of the web design industry and help you future-proof your website. This list includes an interesting mix of entirely new concepts, as well as some age old design methods that are gaining popularity again in a mobile obsessed market. Material design Google’s Material design seems fast becoming a norm. Digital Marketing Strategy for Entrepreneurs and Startups. With the changing market realities, globalization and mobile app revolution, entrepreneurship is the new phenomenon.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Entrepreneurs and Startups

There’s no age limit to starting a company and becoming a millionaire these days. Be it the 20 something or young high school kids, the new breed of entrepreneurs are defying norms and challenging limits. They’re small business owners, inventors and tech geeks building business empires and inspiring others. Mobile Website Design & Development Services Company, Responsive Mobile Website Design India. FLAT & THIN: DESIGNED FOR SIMPLICITY. Flat design is in.


It is going to stay for the long term. Flat design has grown to the point of obsession among designers. The style is characterized by a dramatic shift from 3-D and skeuomorphic to flat and minimal. It is accentuated by the minimalistic look, often muted colors, bold— typography and simple user interface elements. Flat design techniques avoid superficial elements such as bevels, embossing, drop shadows, gradients or artificial textures. Mobile Gaming App Trends – What’s Driving Growth? According to a recent report from Newzoo, the global games market is anticipated to reach $102.9Bn in 2017, growing at a compound annual growth rate of +8.1%.

Mobile Gaming App Trends – What’s Driving Growth?

And if we take a note of the dominant contributors who constitute a sizeable share of the market pie, China is one of the biggest players in the mobile games market today, and accounts for 17%, or $3.7 billion, of all mobile game revenues generated last year in 2014. The Future of Mobile Gaming is here! Studies indicate that Mobile gaming has truly got off to a great start in the past few years, and this has been multiplied with the consistent growth of the underlying forces like smartphone & tablet sales, app downloads and the increase in the number of mobile Internet subscribers — all indicating a bright future for the mobile game development industry.

Fig: Mobile, social and online gaming will shape the games markets towards 2017 in very distinctive ways The Freemium Model of Mobile Gaming – It Matters! Companion Apps. Mobile App Development Company: Android: iPhone: Windows – VitebMobileApps. Strategies To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment on Your E-Commerce Site. 5 Lessons from David Ogilvy That Still Work for Mobile App Marketing.

He cooked for the President of France, sold stoves door-to-door, wrote questionnaires for a research firm, and worked for British Intelligence.

5 Lessons from David Ogilvy That Still Work for Mobile App Marketing

Later, he built Ogilvy & Mather. Yes, we are talking about David Ogilvy, often described as the “Original Mad Man” and “The Father of Advertising.” He created some of the most successful marketing campaigns in the world. Many question how David Ogilvy’s principles, dating back to the 1960s, could be considered relevant today. That was the era of print advertising, which is in dire straits today. The primary advertising platform has shifted from print to TV to the Internet, and now, to mobile.

Do Ogilvy’s teachings really matter in this social media age? Yes. On Great Copy In the app world, the description of your app sums up everything about your product. In some cases, the developer doubles as copywriter, writing descriptions for algorithms or to appeal to geeky developer friends. Augmented Reality Apps for Healthcare – Revolutionizing Wellness! Healthcare is one of the most promising sector where augmented reality (AR) can be used to make the medical procedures easier and with clinical accuracy.

Augmented Reality Apps for Healthcare – Revolutionizing Wellness!

Augmented reality apps for healthcare offer holistic assistance right from surgeries to improving medical training, and also in offering high-end medical research that can lead to bigger innovations. For instance, studies have revealed that IV sessions require more than 40 percent of multiple attempts to locate and access the vein, which is a painful process. Top 10 Resources for UI/UX Designers.

User interface designing can often turn out to be a challenging task.

Top 10 Resources for UI/UX Designers

Ultimately, everything boils down to striking a balance between user experience, simplicity, style, and sophistication. The rapid proliferation of conflicting devices and rise of mobile shoppers makes it much more difficult for designers to create winning designs day after day without hitting creative roadblock. Sometimes ideas are illusive and it is difficult to get creative juices flowing even for the most seasoned designer. But today’s designers have some of the best sources at just a click away.

Be it design blogs on the web or free tools, staying inspired is no longer a difficult task. How to Create Highly-Effective Mobile App Strategy for App Market Success. Mobile Applications Market worldwide continues to echo its overwhelming success story in 2014 too.

How to Create Highly-Effective Mobile App Strategy for App Market Success

App design. App design.

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