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22 Ways to Create Compelling Content When You Don’t Have a Clue [Infographic] 10 tips for (reticent) bloggers. A colleague who teaches writing, draws incredible poetry and prose out of her students.

10 tips for (reticent) bloggers

Yet she has what she calls ‘writer’s blog’ (block) which prevents her from starting a blog. Another has just had an incredible learning experience and spent four hours organizing her thoughts and experiences by writing blog posts… despite not having a blog, as she feels uncertain whether others will be interested in what she writes. It seems they are not alone… Photo Pin : Free Photos for Your Blog or Website via Creative Commons.

Social Media. The cloud remakes American homes, devouring books, CDs, DVDs, photos. Quick, take a look around.

The cloud remakes American homes, devouring books, CDs, DVDs, photos

Your stuff is disappearing. Not long ago, homes would greet you with physical manifestations of personality — stately books, shiny CDs, classic movies on DVD, glossy photo albums. But all those touchstones, and more, are quickly changing from atoms to bits and taking up residence in the cloud, that shared virtual warehouse-in-the-sky being built out by Google, Amazon, Apple and others, where they await retrieval via our phones, tablets and computers. The digitization of our lives is exploding: Last year, music downloads surpassed CD sales for the first time; e-books went from novelties to a billion-dollar market in a flash; and streaming is becoming the preferred way to take in films and TV shows. So does that signal the death of materialism, of possessing, of collecting? "Anyone who has ever picked up a shell on a beach has the collector gene," says Silicon Valley futurist Paul Saffo.

"I missed flipping pages for about a day," Haley says. Facebook Timeline: How to Enable it With One Click. On Facebook?

Facebook Timeline: How to Enable it With One Click

Like the Mashable Facebook page and check out our favorite articles covering social media, tech news, and digital culture! When Facebook first started experimenting with its radical new (and I think, sensational) Timeline interface back in late September, we showed you an 8-step way to get a sneak preview. Now, it's a whole lot easier: You can enable the timeline with one click, and then publish it for all to see with one more. Update: Facebook announced Jan. 24 that Timeline would be coming to all users. Follow this quick slide show, and before you know it you'll have the Facebook Timeline enabled on your own account. SEE ALSO: Facebook Timeline: The Complete Guide. What Job Seekers Need to Know in Today’s Digital Market. Jindrich Liska is founder and CEO of Jobmagic, a leading social recruiting platform which enables employers to hire candidates on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

What Job Seekers Need to Know in Today’s Digital Market

Jindrich has pioneered many social recruiting approaches which are now used worldwide by brands such as Disney, J.Crew and Compuware. The 2011 job market is ending on a positive note. With unemployment shrinking to a mere 8.6% — its lowest level since May 2008 — and a steadily growing economy, businesses are planning on hiring and recruiting even more as their confidence in customer demand builds. In this new, growing market, those seeking their next dream job should cultivate their presence and contacts strategically in places where employers will be on the lookout for the best talent. 5 Ways To Fire Up Your Blog Audience.

The current blog audience is more aware of what is available to them in relation to when blogs first surfaced on the cyber scene.

5 Ways To Fire Up Your Blog Audience

In these modern times, it is crucial that a blogger understands the techniques that are necessary to find an audience, but more importantly, the skills that it takes to keep them. A blog should be just as amusing and entertaining as it is informative and beneficial to an audience. Secure the longevity of your blog by catering to the needs and interests of your clients. Below are 5 ways to fire up your blog audience. 1. Op-Ed: Stop Feeding Facebook, It's Time for Moderation. The answer is to moderate our use of and dependence on social media, especially Facebook.

Op-Ed: Stop Feeding Facebook, It's Time for Moderation

Frictionless sharing, the act of passively notifying social media of all manner of activity, scares the hell out of me. Not just because of the obvious privacy implications. Frictionless sharing turns up the volume on useless information and simultaneously threatens user privacy and control of online identity. Search Marketing Goodness. Despite what I say later in this post, there is no longer any minimum spend requirement for passing the Adwords certification exam.

Search Marketing Goodness

Here are the current requirements for your reading pleasure. The new tests are pretty darn tough, but rest assured that the tips below are still valid. Enjoy and good luck! Even though it seems that the SEO/SEM industry is somewhat immune from the economic downturn that’s affecting most of the U.S., it’s still a very good idea to make sure that you’re doing everything you can to increase your value to your company and your clients. Todd N.'s Reviews. Stories (@TwitterStories) AdWords Help. Blendinteractive. Sioux Falls, SD online marketing, search marketing, web development company. Marketing Companies: Lawrence & Schiller: Advertising Agency & Online Marketing: Sioux Falls, SD. Ferreemoney. How to Get Ranked on Page 1 of Google. iGoogle. My Analytics - The most beautiful, functional Analytics app for the iPhone.

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