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iPhone 4S quickly jumps to second-most popular camera phone on Flickr. By Josh Ong Little more than a month after arriving on the market, Apple's latest handset has already become the second-most popular camera phone on photo sharing website Flickr, behind only its predecessor, the iPhone 4.

iPhone 4S quickly jumps to second-most popular camera phone on Flickr

The iPhone 4S passed up its older siblings the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, as well as the HTC EVO 4G, the only Android phone on the list, to take second place among camera phones on Flickr, MacRumorspointed out on Monday. The iPhone 4 still maintains a sizable margin on its successor, though that gap is, of course, expected to shorten in coming months. In the meantime, the iPhone 4 continues to reign as the most popular camera in the whole Flickr community, followed by digital SLR cameras from Nikon and Canon.

Apple's best-selling fourth-generation handset took the top spot several months ago. In addition to enthusiasts, professionals have spoken out in praise of the iPhone's picture-taking capabilities. "I'm still learning how to use mine," she said.


A Sister’s Eulogy for Steve Jobs - STSS. 10 Coolest Keyboard Shortcuts You Never Knew About. Posted 05/29/2014 at 2:52pm | by Cory Bohon Keyboard shortcuts are the lifeblood of many productive Mac users.

10 Coolest Keyboard Shortcuts You Never Knew About

Not only can they cut down on the time needed to complete a task, but they're also just plain cool. Here are 10 of the coolest, including several that most people haven't heard of. (If you're also interested in some cool keyboard shortcuts for iPhone and iPad, Click here for our list!) 1. Use the keyboard combination of Command + Option + Control + Eject to instantly shut down your Mac. 2. These keyboard shortcuts are used to navigate around the Finder. 3. When used inside of Safari, this keyboard shortcut (Command + Shift + I) will automatically generate a new email message inside of and paste the link of the web page you were browsing in the body text. 4. To the bane of many Windows to Mac switchers, the Mac's "Delete" key doesn't actually function as the delete key does in Windows. 5. Use this keyboard shortcut to invert the colors on your Mac's screen. 6. iOS 5: Complete list of 200+ New Features.

How To Install an SSD in a Unibody MacBook Pro. Posted 03/08/2011 at 3:21pm | by Florence Ion If the performance of your unibody MacBook Pro just isn't cutting it, it might be time to consider swapping out the stock hard drive for something a little more speedy, like a solid-state drive. And actually, when we say a little more speedy, we actually mean that you can double the speed of your current system by swapping out the stock hard drive for an SSD. There are plenty of manufacturers who offer SSDs made especially for your unibody MacBook Pro, and physically installing the hardware is actually quite a cinch. Follow along and we'll show you how. What You Need: >> Tiny Phillips Screwdriver (size PH000) or GearWrench Six Piece set (19.49, >> 2.5-inch Mac-formatted SSD (Price varies, >> Cups/containers to separate the screws >> A bright, even surface >> An external hard drive enclosure OR Snow Leopard Install Disc >> Recommended: Static Wrist Strap ($5.99, Radioshack) 1. 2. 3.

Never taken apart a MacBook Pro before? MemTest for Mac OS X Tests your RAM. If you have recently upgraded your Mac RAM, or if you are experiencing strange system crashes, it’s a good idea to test your memory modules integrity using a free tool called memtest.

MemTest for Mac OS X Tests your RAM

Essentially, memtest is a utility designed to stress test RAM for errors. Without getting overly technical in the explanation, memtest works by writing random data to the RAM, then verifying that the data written to the RAM is readable and without conflict. If errors are detected using this method, it typically means there is a faulty memory module, and that’s why memtest is such a valuable tool. Though it’s technical in nature, it’s quite easy to use, so let’s begin. Download MemTest for Mac for Free Memtest is from the broader UNIX world and it that has been ported to Mac OS X.

Download MemTest now (direct download link) The above link downloads a zipped package installer that simply places the memtest port in /usr/bin and does nothing else. Test your Macs RAM memtest all 2 memtest all Error Reports and Bad RAM.