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Trends in the Media. has been scanning the globe for consumer trends and related innovations since 2002.

Trends in the Media

Premium Login In the Media. A Complete List of the Many Forms of Web Marketing for 2008. Thumb Calendar 2008 by Adam Sporka. This is the home page of the Thumb Calendar project.

Thumb Calendar 2008 by Adam Sporka

Please see below for downloads and licensing options. You are cordially invited to become a Thumb Calendar fan on Facebook and you are more than welcome to make a small contribution that will help cover the costs of web hosting. (Thanks to those who already did!) Litecoin: LaEht8pZaZVsf9g7VrxMc2yJ1w7mPB1e3t KittehCoin: KQoKrnaa2XGMmjtfSBusPSLi5gHkoCpRra.