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Trends in the Media. has been scanning the globe for consumer trends and related innovations since 2002.

Trends in the Media

Premium Login In the Media is one of the world's leading consumer trends firms, relying on our London, Singapore, and São Paulo offices, as well as our global network of hundreds of spotters, from Lagos to Lisbon. Our Trend Briefings and analysts regularly get featured in a variety of offline & online publications around the world, here you can view a selection of articles - starting with the most recent. If you are a journalist, feel free to publish part or all of these trends at your convenience. For more info on how to credit us, or how to talk to one of our analysts, please see our Press page.

The top technological trends for 2014 January 6, 2014 — “Opportunities, challenges, resolutions, good intentions, plans made, plans revised, muddles resolved: all the machinations of another year are ahead....” 2014 preview: Politics | Food | Fashion | Economy How to... spot trends. A Complete List of the Many Forms of Web Marketing for 2008. This is an updated revision of the 2007 version, which was one of the top viewed posts for the entire year.

A Complete List of the Many Forms of Web Marketing for 2008

I’ve added quite a few new forms as they’ve emerged or come to maturity over this last year. Translations If you’d like to translate this, feel free to do, then leave a comment below, I’ll add you to this list, as well as call you out in a separate post. Indonesian Version of this postItalian Version of this postFrench version of this postGerman version of this postRussian version of this post Summary and Audience This document catalogs the many tools and tactics available for corporate web strategy in 2008. Even if your strategy or resource limitations restrict you from entering all spaces, awareness of the changes in our digital landscape are critical. Limitations This is not a substitute for a plan or strategy, this is simply an index of tools. 2) Search Marketing Ever heard of Google? A) Email Marketing While certainly not completely native to the web, they certainly are tied.

Thumb Calendar 2008 by Adam Sporka. This is the home page of the Thumb Calendar project.

Thumb Calendar 2008 by Adam Sporka

Please see below for downloads and licensing options. You are cordially invited to become a Thumb Calendar fan on Facebook and you are more than welcome to make a small contribution that will help cover the costs of web hosting. (Thanks to those who already did!) Litecoin: LaEht8pZaZVsf9g7VrxMc2yJ1w7mPB1e3t KittehCoin: KQoKrnaa2XGMmjtfSBusPSLi5gHkoCpRra How It Works First half of the year is on one side of the card, the rest of the year is on the other.

Find the month you want to read. Brief History This effort started as my submission to Eliazar's Infodesign Challenge in 2007 which I happened to win. 2014 Design 2012 Design 2010 Design 2009 Design 2008 Design Download 2008 version of the calendar: (4 calendars per A4 sheet, ready for cutting out and laminating.) 2007 Design Responses I am very proud and flattered that my design has been an inspiration for others. Licensing Minuteman Press, Port Clinton, OH, USA Links See Also.