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Rainbow Falls & Rainbow Pools near Groveland - Sierra Nevada Geotourism MapGuide. Anthony Chabot Regional Park. Park Update Trail UpdateNo updates at this time.

Anthony Chabot Regional Park

Grazing Update Beginning April 20, 2015 goat grazing returns in the fuel breaks along Skyline Blvd. Mac's Message #40: Role of Stake YM Presidency as Unit Commissioners - LDS-BSA Relationships. Mac McIntire When I was a stake Young Men president I often bemoaned the fact that I didn’t get to work directly with the boys.

Mac's Message #40: Role of Stake YM Presidency as Unit Commissioners - LDS-BSA Relationships

I wanted to be in the trenches with the young men so I could be a righteous influence in their lives. COPE and Climbing. Belay On Manual Is New BSA Resource for COPE and Climbing The new Belay On manual replaces the old Project COPE manual and Topping Out as a reference for challenge course and climbing programs operated within the BSA.

COPE and Climbing

Belay On is available online in PDF format at no cost to BSA members, who are free to use it in BSA programs for non-commercial purposes. The publication will not be available in printed form from BSA Supply Group, but printed copies will be provided for attendees at COPE and climbing courses at National Camping Schools. Councils are free to reproduce Belay On as needed for their local training programs. Download the manual here. Scout Book. Venturing Advancement — Sam Houston Area Council. Venturing is a youth development program of the Boy Scouts of America for young men and women who are 14 years of age OR 13 years of age and have completed the eighth grade and under 21 years of age.

Venturing Advancement — Sam Houston Area Council

Venturing's purpose is to provide positive experiences to help young people mature and to prepare them to become responsible and caring adults.

Crew Officers Orientation

Youth Training Page. National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE) National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience is an exciting program that enhances leadership skills and expands upon the team-building and ethical decision-making skills learned in NYLT.

Youth Training Page

NAYLE emphasizes leadership, teamwork, and selfless service, and uses the core elements of NYLT to help youth internalize and strengthen these skills. The National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience course is now available at all national high-adventure bases. The material presented is basically the same at all four venues but is site-specific. BSA Venturing Guide to Advancement 512 939 WB.

Personal Safety Awareness Training

American Red Cross. Intro to Leadership Skills for Crews 511 013WB. Goal Setting Time Management for Crews. Mentoring Venturing Crews FG. Venturing Advisor Training 511 904 WB. Keeping Informed about Venturing. Lehi Park - C.O.P.E. C.O.P.E. is an acronym for "hallenging utdoor ersonal xperience".

Lehi Park - C.O.P.E.

It is a program that emphasizes "learning by doing" in a supportive, fun and interactive group environment. The C.O.P.E. program is designed to foster and develop the following seven character traits:

Service Opportunities

Crew T-Shirt ideas. Lava Beds National Monument. Rae Lakes Loop - Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks. The Rae Lakes Loop is one of the most popular hikes in Sequoia and Kings Canyon, if not in the entire Sierra.

Rae Lakes Loop - Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks

If you are planning to do this hike during the summer, it is wise to make reservations, as trailhead quotas often fill up. 5 Places to Go Camping In (and Around) San Francisco. While summer in San Francisco means a prolonged visit from Karl the Fog, early spring and early fall can be pretty warm (Hello 75 degree Saturday in March!)

5 Places to Go Camping In (and Around) San Francisco

Camp Sylvester: Rental Cabins, Group Facilities, Recreation and Much More!, Pinecrest, CA.

Trapeze Arts, Oakland

TrailGuideHistoric3 Camps. Youth Leadership Training Continuum. Training Home Vision: The Boy Scouts of America is the premier leadership development organization for youth in the United States of America.

Youth Leadership Training Continuum

Methods: The youth leadership training continuum represents the scope and sequence of leadership training courses available to youth members of the Boy Scouts of America. Courses are available for youth ranging in age from 11 through 20, delivered in a range of engaging methods using case studies, games, discussions, and experiential education models. Courses: SFBAC San Francisco Bay Area. Venturing has so much to offer.

SFBAC San Francisco Bay Area

See below for all the fun activities and campouts availiable to you and your crew. Venture Rendezvous - Wente Scout Reservation This weekend camping activity brings Venturing crews from all over Northern California together. Activities range from shooting sports, climbing, mountain biking and much more. VentureBook. Resources. National Venturing Youth Cabinet. Craig Murray's Venturing Notebook - Keeping Invormed, Venturing Uniform & other Venturing Resources. Safety Afloat.


The National Speleological Society. Venturing. m4240197 WildernessRemoteFirstAid PocketGuide. Venturing organizational resources. Winter Camping. Journey to Excellence summary. Historic Trails Award. Yosemite Council Hiking Patch programs. The patches listed here are awarded by the organizations, usually Scouting organizations, after completing the prescribed requirements for each patch. 50-Miler Award. The 50-Miler Award is presented to each qualifying individual for satisfactory participation in an approved trip. In order to qualify for the award the group of which the individual is a member must fulfill all of the following requirements.

Make complete and satisfactory plans for the trip, including the possibilities of advancement. Cover the trail or canoe or boat route of not less than 50 consecutive miles; take a minimum of five consecutive days to complete the trip without the aid of motors. (In some areas pack animals may be used.) During the time on the trail or waterway, complete a minimum of 10 hours each of group work on projects to improve the trail, springs, campsite, portage, or area. Online Resources 50-Miler Award Application.

Venturing Youth Recognitions

Mormon Battalion Trail. Tahoe Rim Trail. Mount Shasta. Point Reyes and Tamales Bay. ANGEL ISLAND SP, CA - Campground & Camping Details. Description Season for Peak Fees: 05/15 to 09/15 In the middle of San Francisco Bay sits Angel Island State Park, offering spectacular views of the San Francisco skyline, the Marin Headlands and Mount Tamalpais. The island is also alive with history. Three thousand years ago the island was a fishing and hunting site for Coastal Miwok Indians. It was later a haven for Spanish explorer Juan de Ayala, a cattle ranch, and a U.S.

Check the State Parks website for additional information on the weather, suggested day hikes, or to see the park brochure, campground map, park photos, video, and more. Park Kiosk Hours. Lassen National Forest Campgrounds.

Lava Beds caves

Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel. Parks Department. Pinnacles.