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Bolts. Bolts. : 100 T-nuts for Climbing Holds : Rock Climbing T Nuts : Sports & Outdoors. Climbing Walls, Holds, Gear, and Systems. Bolts, T-Nuts and Wrenches Nicros offers a variety of Bolts, T-Nuts and Wrenches.

Climbing Walls, Holds, Gear, and Systems

Wrenches are used to thread bolts through handholds, into the wall, and into the T-Nuts which hold them in place and keep them from spinning while you are climbing on them. Bolts and T-Nuts are offered in pre-set bagged groupings on Nicros' website. If you require a special size or quantity of bolts that is not listed on the website, please call 800-699-1975 to place a special order. If you are bolting your handholds into ACQ treated lumber, you will not be able to use the standard zinc-plated bolts that come with Nicros handhold sets and will instead need to order stainless steel bolts with your handholds. Items 1 to 9 of 28 total per page Page: Grid List.

Climbing Hold Hardware. How to build climbing walls and make climbing holds. We're always building, pouring, shaping or trying to mold something new.

How to build climbing walls and make climbing holds

T-nuts and bolts for rock climbing holds. Search Results for plywood at The Home Depot. 3/8 inch Pre Cut Heavy Duty Rubber Rolls - Commercial Grade. Residential Workout Room 5/53/8" Pre Cut Heavy Duty Rubber Rolls Jon B. from Frankfort, IL I purchased the 3/8" Pre-Cut HD rubber rolls, 4' x 25'.

3/8 inch Pre Cut Heavy Duty Rubber Rolls - Commercial Grade

I have to say, getting the 4 rolls into the basement was the most difficult part of the job. Rubber cut with ease with a utility knife, went througfh several blades however, because I kept making contact with the concrete underneath. Brewers Ledge - Boulderboard™ The Boulderboard is the first collapsible freestanding climbing wall designed for use in apartments and homes.

Brewers Ledge - Boulderboard™

With the Boulderboard you don't have to do without a hangboard because you don't want to lose your security deposit. You don't have to forgo training because you "can't make it to the gym. " And, if you train well, you won't break down in the middle of your climbing day. From now on you will train like you climb and climb like you trained.

The Boulderboard has enough T-nuts to set up a system board, multiple 3-4 move boulder problems, or all of the above. Compact footprint 175 Symmetrically placed t-nuts for tons of route setting fun Sleek and attractive design with commercial grade silver paint Collapsible frame constructed from welded steel Packs down small allowing for no-hassle transport (when the rent is due) 40 degree angle for all around strength, power, and endurance training. Precor. Home and Residential Gym Flooring in Interlocking Tiles, Rolls, and Mats. Our Home Gym Flooring is available in a variety of styles and materials to ensure you can pick the flooring that meets your exercise needs.

Home and Residential Gym Flooring in Interlocking Tiles, Rolls, and Mats

We know that choosing a floor for you home gym can be difficult. Nicros-EasyWall™ « Nicros. Nicros-EasyWall™ is a uniquely designed rock climbing wall panel system that is named “EasyWall” because installation is as easy as bolting it to an existing wall.

Nicros-EasyWall™ « Nicros

Nicros-EasyWall™ is a light-weight 4’x4’ rock climbing panel system that comes with handholds, mounting hardware, and an installation manual. There are four different models, each of which can be oriented four different ways, which allows for a great variety of placements. Each panel is about two to three inches thick and also has natural crack features that will line up with the adjoining panels, regardless of how they are oriented.

This attention to detail yields a simple, low-cost yet realistic and beautiful climbing wall. Appearance. Versatility. Feel. Durability. Design. Handholds. Modular Climbing Panels for Homes, Schools, or Businesses. Modular climbing panels are great for homes, schools or business looking for an affordable and easy to install climbing wall.

Modular Climbing Panels for Homes, Schools, or Businesses

Panels are typically shipped as 2' x 4', 4' x 4' or 4' x 8' pieces; allowing for easy unloading and installing. Adventure Solutions offers a wide range of panel options to meet your needs. Modular-Panel-Spec-Sheet.pdf. Modular Panels - Spectrum Sports Int'l. Modular Panels are the ideal climbing solution for areas where a traditional climbing tower may not fit or where floor space is extremely limited.

Modular Panels - Spectrum Sports Int'l

Modular panels allow for ultimate flexibility in design resulting in a climbing surface that exactly meets your space requirements. Possibilities range from low height traverse walls to soaring vertical walls. Our Auto-Belay Safety System is the perfect compliment to walls above 8′. Our system is a new and innovative approach to the modular wall panel concept. 4′ x 4′ fiberglass panels match up with neighboring panels and share topographical features such as ledges and bulges. A more authentic experience is then enjoyed by the climber.

Several installation options are available, and self installation is possible. Gym mats are available to place under the wall to cushion the landing zone. The Modular panel lends itself to many applications. Features. Climbing Walls - Spectrum Sports Int'l. Mobile Climbing Walls Stationary Climbing Walls We produced the very first commercially available mobile rock climbing walls in the 90s, and we’ve continued to innovate and develop new designs ever since.

Climbing Walls - Spectrum Sports Int'l

We introduced the first 4-climber and 5-climber portable walls, and we were the first company to offer walls in heights from 18 up to 32 feet (5.5m up to 9.75m). We also pioneered the first Auto-Belay which increased the safety of the rock climbing wall experience, and made rock climbing more accessible to the general public.

Rockwerx, Inc. Climbing Wall Professionals. Our textured panels offer great durability and affordability and are available in a range of fantastic colors.

Rockwerx, Inc. Climbing Wall Professionals

The texture is blown onto the panels in several coats and allowed to cure for over a week to offer great texture and friction. These walls are made to withstand constant use and are great for facilities with high volumes of traffic. The texture offers lots of traction for smearing without being too abrasive. These panels include roughly 70 t-nut placements for lots of options for placing holds and changing routes. Panel: 4′ x 8′ x 3/4″ plywood with 72 T-nuts. Surface: Textured Gym Rock Lite. Home Climbing Walls.

How to Build a Rock Climbing Wall – Inspiration and InstructionsHow to Build a Rock Climbing Wall - Inspiration and Instructions - Home Rock Climbing Walls. World Class Rock Climbing is Just Down the Hall It is easy to build a home rock climbing wall that will provide you endless hours of fun and have every rock climber on the block suddenly buddy-buddy with you. Surprisingly it doesn’t take as much space, skill, or commitment as you might think. Below I’ve compiled some of the best home rock climbing wall content I could find to save you time and teach you the basics of what you will need to know. How to Build a Rock Climbing Wall: 1. Not the most exciting home rock climbing wall on the web, but extremely relevant because it represents the type of wall most of us can afford and have room for.

Pay attention to how the boards connect to each other and how they connect to the walls. The metal brackets holding the boards to each other are called hangers and can be picked up at Home Depot or Lowes (Simpson Strong Ties are a popular brand of these).The builder here used 2x6s and put some smaller perpendicular boards between studs to cross brace. Garage Climbing Wall. This is the part that you sit down and decide what you want from your climbing wall and combine that with what you're capable of doing based on space limitations, cost, ability, etc. After brainstorming I compiled a list of the things I NEEDED my wall to have:-Large 45 degree overhang for the main climbing area, to be used for strength and endurance training. How to Build a Bouldering Wall. Even those of us with easy access to quality boulders and crags often find ourselves wanting.

Sometime weather shuts us down, and sometimes we just want to train in a more structured way than we typically can on granite or limestone. Even if you have a climbing gym nearby, nothing beats a home climbing wall when it comes to getting strong. No crowds, no kids’ birthday parties, no membership fees—just you and the woody and a desire to be bone-crushingly strong when spring hits. You can build a woody just about anywhere. Back in the day I built a free-standing wall on the tiny porch hanging off of my tiny apartment. Plan Now that you have a location, you need a plan. Rockwerx, Inc. Climbing Wall Professionals.