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iGongyo. Description Helping chanters in the following countries:United StatesUnited Kingdom ItaliaBrazilSingaporeJapanMalaysiaPhilipinesNederlandCanadaIndiaGermanySweden As featured in iTunes!


iGongyo is an elegant app that will get you to chant quickly and without resistance. No confusing options to configure before you begin chanting. Simply start the application and begin your practice. Chants kindle the spiritual energies within us. iGongyo will help you begin your practice or continue it without hesitation. iGongyo will help you build your confidence in chanting. Simply start the app and your iPhone will be transported into a Buddhist shrine where you can gaze upon an inspiring Gohonzon and hear the voice of prayer. You can chant Daimoku or Gongyo with a group as you view the Gohonzon. Translated:NAM = DEVOTION ...More Customer Reviews This is good... By Independent Practitioner First off, could the user insert their prefered Gonhonzon? No Substitute for a Gohonzon by Hokkeko Great for travel! Instagram. Kotori_satomi : Welcome to Japan! 11.8 SGI... Instagram. October 2: SGI World Peace Day.

At Tokyo's Haneda Airport (Oct. 2, 1960) October 2 is celebrated within the SGI as World Peace Day, marking a key milestone in the international development of Nichiren Buddhism, with its goal of contributing to building lasting peace throughout the world.

October 2: SGI World Peace Day

Against the backdrop of the Cold War and an escalating nuclear arms race, then Soka Gakkai president Daisaku Ikeda left Tokyo's Haneda Airport on October 2, 1960, traveling outside of Japan for the first time to visit the USA, Canada and Brazil. Ikeda was 32 years old at the time and had been inaugurated as the third president of the lay Buddhist group just five months earlier.

It was Ikeda's mentor, second Soka Gakkai president Josei Toda, who had encouraged Ikeda to develop a global vision and to travel outside Japan to build the foundations of a truly international movement which could contribute to building peace through the spread of a philosophy which teaches the supreme value and dignity of human life.

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50 ans voyage Europe SGI

Masterclass à l'Université SOKA. Mars 16th 2008 Video Promo. Haha SGI song. Chaîne de soka1118. Les trois présidents fondateurs. Révolution humaine. Daisaku Ikeda. Soka University founder Daisaku Ikeda was recently presented with an honorary professorship, his 330th academic honor, from Bohai University in Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, China. A conferral ceremony was held by June 5, 2012.

SGI President Highlights Need for Education, Empowerment in Advance of Rio+20 Meeting. Daisaku Ikeda, as SGI president, issued a proposal on June 5, 2012, stressing that empowerment of individuals and communities is The number of universities in the world that have used or are currently using works developed by the Ikeda Center for Peace, Learning, and Dialogue has reached 300, the institute founded by Daisaku Ikeda in 1993 recently The conversations that took place over 10 days in London between British historian, Dr.

Daisaku Ikeda, SGI president, recently received an honorary professorship from the College of Arts of National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU). I've suggested that the twenty-first be named the Century of Women. Faith is perseverance. Un Sage Perçoit les Trois Phases de la Vie. Un sage est celui qui perçoit clairement les trois phases de la vie.

Un Sage Perçoit les Trois Phases de la Vie

Les Trois Augustes et Cinq Empereurs auxquels le confucianisme se réfère, tout comme les Trois Sages [de la Chine ancienne], n'appréhendaient que le présent ; ils ne connaissaient ni le passé, ni l'avenir. Les brahmanes, capables de percevoir quatre-vingt mille kalpas dans le passé et l'avenir, étaient, dans une infime mesure, des sages. Les personnes des deux véhicules du Hinayana, connaissant le Dharma de cause et d'effet pour le passé et le futur, étaient des sages supérieurs aux brahmanes. Les bodhisattvas du Hinayana percevaient le passé sur une période de trois asogi kalpa, alors que les bodhisattvas de l'enseignement commun (tsugyo) pratiquaient le bouddhisme pendant autant de kalpa qu'il y a de grains de poussière dans un monde, et les bodhisattvas de l'ensignement spécifique (bekkyo) connaissaient le passé dans chacune des cinquante deux étapes [qui mènent à l'Eveil ].

Tina Turner - Je ne veux pas me battre plus. Tina Turner Chanting. SGI version finale. 16 March 2008 Milan. Tina Turner & Mick Jagger , Brown Sugar. Ikeda sensei - i have a dream. Bouddhisme. Untitled. SGI-USA East Territory Taiko Drummers - Rock The Era. Sho-Hondo)