Zomes - domes

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Constructing Our Geodesic Dome — ByExample.com. After a year of living and camping in the desert, Patrick and I decided to build a geodesic dome structure to provide us with shade and shelter from the elements.

Constructing Our Geodesic Dome — ByExample.com

Simple picnic tents and EZ-up shelters that are commonly used just won't cut it in this desert environment. Strong and gusty winds often blow in unexpectedly and are known to mangle inadequate structures without regard. Alphazomes, le site des zomes de A à Z. Dôme géodésique et yourte - index. Construct a Dome. Geodesic domes are elegant and sophisticated structures.

Construct a Dome

Lightweight and strong, they make very efficient use of materials. They are an ideal structure for use in remote areas like the Arctic.