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Här lider flest svenskar av sömnproblem - News55. PP spritsbondade fiberduk maskintillverkare - bästa PP spritsbondade fiberduk maskin produkter - Dengzhou Longyi maskiner Co., Ltd. A.allmänna introduktion för SS maskin.

PP spritsbondade fiberduk maskintillverkare - bästa PP spritsbondade fiberduk maskin produkter - Dengzhou Longyi maskiner Co., Ltd

Övrigt tvål doft etc

Annat. Övrigt tvål doft etc. Arom. Betong gips mm. Revealed: the aftershave that turns women on. Although it has long been debated whether humans can actually communicate via pheromones - the chemical signals secreted by animals to help find a mate - researchers have found that scent of Hedione generates ‘sex-specific activation patterns’ in the nasal tissue which links to the brain.

Revealed: the aftershave that turns women on

It is the first time that a scent has been known to activate the pheromone receptor VN1R in humans. “These results constitute compelling evidence that a pheromone effect different from normal olfactory perception indeed exists in humans,” says scent researcher Prof Hanns Hatt fro, Ruhr-Universität Bochum in Germany. Hedione (chemical name methyl dihydro-jasmonate) – derived from the Greek word “hedone”, for fun, pleasure, lust – has a pleasant fresh jasmine-magnolia scent and is used in many perfumes. It is synthesised from the organic compound methyl jasmonate which was discovered in 1957 and which is important in plants for seed germination, root growth, flowering, fruit ripening, and senescence.

Hashtagga när du söker jobb. Deep Learning Is Going to Teach Us All the Lesson of Our Lives: Jobs Are for Machines — Basic income. Deep Learning Is Going to Teach Us All the Lesson of Our Lives: Jobs Are for Machines (An alternate version of this article was originally published in the Boston Globe) On December 2nd, 1942, a team of scientists led by Enrico Fermi came back from lunch and watched as humanity created the first self-sustaining nuclear reaction inside a pile of bricks and wood underneath a football field at the University of Chicago.

Deep Learning Is Going to Teach Us All the Lesson of Our Lives: Jobs Are for Machines — Basic income

The Future Of Agencies [Report & Infographic] The customer experience revolution is having a momentous impact on agency operating models, according to "The Future Of Agencies," a new report from Econsultancy, in association with Adobe ('s parent company).

The Future Of Agencies [Report & Infographic]

Market-driven shifts--from marketing to customer experience, product to services, and campaigning to always-on programs--are driving fundamental changes in the support that client-side organizations require and therefore the services agencies provide. Agencies are having to change the ways they engage with clients, how they integrate the increasing requirements of technology and data services into their practices, and the skills and talent that they develop and acquire. Among the report's key findings, based on a series of in-depth interviews with senior-level agency practitioners around the globe, along with a survey of more than 500 agency-side personnel from a full range of agencies: Click here to download the executive summary (PDF).

How The Shape Of Your Brand Logo Has The Power To Influence People. Entreprenörer. Lärdomar. Inspiration. En intervjupodd från @zackrisson. Julian Treasure: How to speak so that people want to listen. The human voice:It's the instrument we all play.It's the most powerful sound in the world, probably.It's the only one that can start a war or say "I love you.

Julian Treasure: How to speak so that people want to listen

"And yet many people have the experiencethat when they speak, people don't listen to them.And why is that? How can we speak powerfully to make change in the world? What I'd like to suggest,there are a number of habits that we need to move away from.I've assembled for your pleasure here seven deadly sins of speaking.I'm not pretending this is an exhaustive list,but these seven, I think, are pretty large habits that we can all fall into. First, gossip.Speaking ill of somebody who's not present.Not a nice habit, and we know perfectly wellthe person gossiping, five minutes later, will be gossiping about us.

Second, judging.We know people who are like this in conversation,and it's very hard to listen to somebodyif you know that you're being judged and found wanting at the same time. Necker cube. The Necker cube: a wire frame cube with no depth cues.

Necker cube

The Necker cube is an optical illusion first published as a rhomboid in 1832 by Swiss crystallographer Louis Albert Necker.[1] Ambiguity[edit] The Necker cube is an ambiguous line drawing. Necker cube on the left, impossible cube on the right. One possible interpretation of the Necker cube, often claimed to be the most common interpretation[citation needed] 10 Most Brilliant Social Experiments.

Ten of the most influential social psychology experiments.

10 Most Brilliant Social Experiments

“I have been primarily interested in how and why ordinary people do unusual things, things that seem alien to their natures.Why do good people sometimes act evil? Why do smart people sometimes do dumb or irrational things?” –Philip Zimbardo Like eminent social psychologist Professor Philip Zimbardo (author of The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil), I’m also obsessed with why we do dumb or irrational things. The answer quite often is because of other people – something social psychologists have comprehensively shown. Prestigelös lagspelare med kunden i fokus. Music Can Help You Be Productive, As Long As It’s The Right Music. Lots of people use music to make themselves more productive.

Music Can Help You Be Productive, As Long As It’s The Right Music

For some of us it works, for others, not so much. Maybe those who can’t listen while they work have just been trying the wrong music because SCIENCE. Studies have revealed that listening to music does enhance productivity. For one thing, it drowns out distracting noises from others. Why Is Everyone Talking About Sweatshop: Deadly Fashion? - Good On You. Sweatshop - deadly fashion - Webtv - Aftenposten - video. Development tourism without adult supervision-Reflections on Aftenposten’s Sweatshop documentary. Är du på jakt efter drömjobbet? Här är 10 tips du absolut inte får missa! - EXPERTTIPS.

UnCovered Interview, Part 2 – Rolling Stones Lips logo by Ernie Cefalu - Album Cover Hall of Fame - Album Cover Art Interviews and News. Published July 17, 2009 Our Interview with Ernie Cefalu - Part 2 When setting out to do the research needed to provide the introductions to the articles I write on album cover art and the talented people who create it, I typically follow a fairly straight-forward process.

UnCovered Interview, Part 2 – Rolling Stones Lips logo by Ernie Cefalu - Album Cover Hall of Fame - Album Cover Art Interviews and News

After selecting the record cover I want to feature, I either dig through my own LP collection or do the research online to find out who's credited for the photograph, illustration and/or overall design of the package. I then contact that individual and ask them to help me uncover the story behind "the making of" that image, which I then craft into the interview articles you've read (and, hopefully, enjoyed) online or in print. In that research, I sometimes find that credit is given solely to a record label's Art Director, whether the AD actually participated in the production of the work or simply supervised it (usually, it's some combination of both hands-on and directorial work). Tony passed him the joint. Ernie Cefalu. Ernie Cefalu (born 1945) is a contemporary Senior Creative Director, currently working out of Los Angeles, CA.

Ernie Cefalu

Cefalu attended the California College of Arts and Crafts (now California College of the Arts) and graduated in 1969 with honors. Soon after, Cefalu started his career on Madison Avenue at Carolini Advertising, where his first assignment was to create the campaign and graphics for the International Paper Company’s 1970 national sales meeting. Do-it-yourself Archives - Living walls and Vertical Gardens. Lately, the idea of green walls has become very fashionable. Either part of a building or free standing, this sustainable innovation is healthy and great to look at. Also known as living walls, these vertical gardens are packed with flora that benefits everything from our lungs to our ears!

Let’s have a detailed look into the benefits of green walls and then find out how to install your very own green wall at home… Recycled upside down planters. Well it’s the middle of april, and i must have springtime on the brain, because all i want to do is look at plants all day. i have had my eye on the sky planters by boskke since christmas time; something about upside down plants really strikes me as beautiful and intriguing. but i am low on funds, so i decided to try making my own with leftover containers from the various food items that make their way through my kitchen. surprisingly, there are a lot of container options for these nifty planters!

The best are tins cans with plastic lids (items that usually come in these include coffee, instant cocoa mix, fiber drink mix, basically anything powdered or loose…yum!) DIY Window Herb Garden From IKEA Pots. April 19, 2012 by Robin Plaskoff Horton I come from a healthy family tree of Midwest farmers, but by the time I inherited the family’s green thumb it was actually more like a dry shade of brown. After being uprooted last year from the never-ending greenness I loved in San Francisco, I was repotted in a world of winters in Pennsylvania. The sudden change has helped me channel a bit of the farmer in me to recreate a bit of the green California world I left behind. Urban living, however, has provided us with not a single outdoor space to call our own. Determined to keep plants off the floor or add another shelf to our floor plan, I scoured the Internet for a cheap and easy way to harvest some photosynthesis from our 12’ windows.

How to Build Indoor Hydroponic Gardens Using IKEA Storage Boxes. Hey apartment and small space dwellers, here’s an easy DIY compact hydroponic indoor farm system you can make with repurposed off-the-shelf IKEA storage boxes. ELIOOO is not a product, it’s architect and designer Antonio Scarponi’s cleverly conceived and designed instruction manual that teaches any urban gardener how to build, operate, and maintain a choice of six variously sized and configured indoor hydroponic farms–from a small windowsill herb planter to a large mobile vertical garden. The Zurich-based designer’s interest in new ways of utilizing what we already have, rather than producing new things, led him to design with readily-available IKEA products,available almost anywhere in the world as well as online, offering easy access and the ability to calculate the cost. After a successful Indigogo crowdfunding campaign last fall, Scarponi spent several months completing the design manual which is now available for purchase as a book or an eBook.

Recycled upside down planters. Egna självbevattningskrukor. Maslow's Human Needs : TED Radio Hour. Flip Desk. How to make a hanging herb garden. on Vimeo. How to make a hanging herb garden. 10 tips som ger dig nya drömjobbet - KARRIÄRSPURT. Happy Plugs – från plastkatastrof till global framgång. How To Find Out What Google Knows About You And What It Tells Advertisers. For Designers: The Essential Guide To Combining Typefaces. Combining Typefaces: Free guide to great typography. Originally published by Five Simple Steps in 2013, my Pocket Guide to Combining Typefaces has sold thousands of copies, been used in college curricula, and been cited in conference talks by industry-leading designers.

Unfortunately, Five Simple Steps closed its doors this month. Because this pocket guide is no longer available for purchase, I’ve decided to make it available for free here on the Typekit blog. Download the PDF, and enjoy. A brand-new bird: how two amateur scientists created the first genetically engineered animal. Published in Volume 113, Issue 4 (February 15, 2004) J Clin Invest. 2004;113(4):495–495. doi:10.1172/JCI21127. Copyright © 2004, The American Society for Clinical Investigation. Published February 15, 2004 Tim Birkhead. 13 Clever Psychological Tricks That’ll Make Your Life Easier. #1. If you want to convince someone of something, say that your parents told you first. Ny internationell rapport förutspår kommunikationsbranschens framtid - Sveriges Kommunikatörer.

Tony Robbins: Why we do what we do. Uk.businessinsider. 7 Psychology Principles & Laws to Apply to Your Designs. For Designers: Psychology Principles To Apply To Your Work. How to Create a Killer LinkedIn Profile in 5 Minutes. Ken Burns on Storytelling: 'All Story is Manipulation' Uk.businessinsider. Därför vill arbetsgivarna ha T-människor. Watch: Porn Stars Reveal The Difference Between ‘Real Sex’ And ‘Porn Sex’ Rött ger flest klick - P4 Kristianstad. What Are The Personality Types That Make The Best Designers? The Skills You Need to Be an Effective One-Man Content Marketing Band. Personan – låset ditt content ska lyckas öppna. TED Talk Subtitles and Transcript. Fearless Careers: Stories and Skills for Success in Tech, Business, and Creative Industries - 95: The Future of Content Marketing with Joe Pulizzi.

Amazing Images of Classic Japanese Fart Battles. It Looks Like An Old Rotten Tree Trunk… But Looking Closer Reveals Something Mind Blowing! Uk.businessinsider. Stylt Trampoli AB. Cover Letters Are Dead: Do This Instead. 6 words that might get your resume tossed in the trash. Delightful Short Film Captures How Lovers Complement Each Other’s Lives.

This Interactive Video Will Teach You How To Be More Confident At Work. Sally Kohn: Gillar du inte länkbeten? Klicka inte. Eggstatic: Stroboscopic Patterns Animated on Easter Eggs. 5 Great GIMP Plugins for Designers. The best and the most popular plug-ins and scripts for GIMP. 20 Best Free GIMP Plugins (2016) Using NikSoftware in GIMP. Nik Collection. The Creative Stereotype Effect. The best free tools for creatives. - För finansbranschen i realtid. Du är dum – hon vet varför. Varumärkespodden. Studenter startar ny reklampodd. Orkla har fel - japaner tycker visst om kaviar! — JAPANBLOGGEN. Kalles kaviar norsk innerst inne. Professional Dick Photographer Captures Images Of Penises Dressed Up In Costumes.

Smart People Are As Racist As Less-Smart People. Type Tasting is an experiential type studio founded by Sarah Hyndman who explores the psychology of typefaces. Research topics include typeface personalities, typefaces that evoke mood, energy or skill, and evaluating multi-sensory interact. Danit Peleg: Forget shopping. Soon you'll download your new clothes. Fem snabba med färgnörden Tobias Rasmusson - Sapir. Läderdoft kan sälja fler böcker - Kristianstadsbladet. SPIKE DDB BROOKLYN MADE. Om Johnny Bode 10 mars kl 06:00 - Snedtänkt med Kalle Lind. Sveriges vanligaste skiva 12 mars kl 10:45 - Loppmarknadsarkeologerna.

Svt. Bruce Weber.