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How to beat insomnia and sleep easy. Poor sleep – as anyone who suffers from it knows – can make life a misery.

How to beat insomnia and sleep easy

And it is taking its toll on the nation's health. According to the recently published Great British Sleep Survey, more than 51% of us now struggle to get a good night's sleep, with women three times more likely to be affected than men. Evidence collected from 20,000-plus adults between March 2010 and this June shows that 93% of insomniacs report low energy levels and 83% complain of mood swings. Some 77% find it hard to concentrate, 64% say they are less productive at work, and 55% report relationship difficulties. Even worse, persistent poor sleep can increase the risk of developing conditions including diabetes, depression, high blood pressure and strokes. A Brief History of Time. Elecciones 2012 (Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador), Recorded on 4/23/12 lmuia on USTREAM. Educativo. William Primrose plays the 1st Movement of Bartok's Viola Concerto. Edvard Grieg: Peer Gynt Suite No.1. Vers où Israël - Courrier international.

Venus, Júpiter y la Luna ofrecerán un espectáculo estelar - Yahoo! The 0.0000063% election. New York, NY - At a time when it's become a cliché to say that Occupy Wall Street has changed the nation's political conversation - drawing long overdue attention to the struggles of the 99 per cent - electoral politics and the 2012 presidential election have become almost exclusively defined by the one per cent.

The 0.0000063% election

Or, to be more precise, the .000063 per cent. Those are the 196 individual donors who have provided nearly 80 per cent of the money raised by Super PACs in 2011 by giving $100,000 or more each. These political action committees, spawned by the Supreme Court's 5-4 Citizens United decision in January 2010, can raise unlimited amounts of money from individuals, corporations, or unions for the purpose of supporting or opposing a political candidate. "This really is the selling of America," claims former presidential candidate and Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean.

"We've been sold out by five justices thanks to the Citizens United decision. " The 0.01 per cent primary. Mexican Professionals Group News. Our site tracks LatAm companies and corporate elites, and empowers citizen stakeholders to hold them accountable. 1% of Latin America is preventing the other 99% from accessing democracy and development.

Mexican Professionals Group News

This is the most unequal region on earth. Mexico is home to the world’s richest man, Carlos Slim Helú, worth US$ 62 billion. Yet, it also has a 36% poverty rate, including 13% in extreme poverty. And to make matters worse, 38 of the richest men effectively control 27% of the Mexican economy through large holding companies. Powerful companies and corporate elites are hijacking economic and political decision-making at the expense of average citizens and communities.

These bad apples undermine democracy and development and spoil the marketplace for investment. What can we do about this? Right now our Mexican office is creating an exciting new tool that does just that. Imagine what communities can do with the right information in their hands. Who’s Who Wiki Details 1. Transparency International.

«Nous avons sauvé les gens plutôt que les banques» L'ancien ministre de l'Economie argentin Roberto Lavagna, 69 ans, est le principal artisan du redressement de l'Argentine engluée dans une terrible crise économique il y a dix ans.

«Nous avons sauvé les gens plutôt que les banques»

Lorsqu'il prend ses fonctions, en avril 2002, le peso vient d'être dévalué de 70%, le pays est en cessation de paiement, la dette privée s'élève à plus de 72 milliards d'euros, l'inflation annuelle flirte avec les 125% par an, le chômage explose, les petits épargnants sont ruinés et les troubles sociaux ont déjà fait plus de 30 morts dans le pays. Cet ancien ambassadeur auprès de l'Union européenne décide immédiatement de se passer de « l'aide » du Fonds monétaire international (FMI) et des marchés financiers. Quelques pistes à suivre pour la Grèce. Quelles sont les grandes similitudes entre la crise argentine de 2001-2002 et la crise grecque ?

Au plan économique, tout est semblable. Comment avez-vous tiré l'Argentine du chaos ? Vous avez donc oeuvré contre le FMI et vos principaux créanciers ? Gérard Thomas. The case for cosmopolitanism - Talk to Al Jazeera. Investment bankers in drag. Melbourne, Australia - Responsible investing - despite what the appellation "responsible" might suggest - is not about investing morally.

Investment bankers in drag

In fact, such investors commonly view ethical concerns as a values-based distraction from the primary task of making money. As such, responsible investors (let's give them the moniker, "Ms Responsible") do not exclude companies or industry sectors for being unethical or harmful to the natural environment, human society, or the economy. The issue of climate change, for example, only matters in so far as it affects financial returns. So, while there may be a favourable ethical outcome from investing "responsibly" - such as the exclusion of some XYZ mining company for failing to adequately manage its carbon tax exposure - such a decision would come about to be financially prudent, not moral.