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(547) A History of EverQuest, The Most Important MMORPG Ever Made. Worlds Beyond Ours. Credits Claire Isabel Webb is a historian and anthropologist of science, and a 2020-21 Berggruen Institute fellow.

Worlds Beyond Ours

Consider a trio of moments of entangled spacetime: Jan. 7, 2021, cyberspace and Washington, D.C.: A staggering 4,112 people die of the coronavirus in America, a new record. Elon Musk becomes the richest person in the world and reiterates his plan to leave Earth and start a colony on Mars. Dec. 7, 1972, near-Earth orbit: The crew of Apollo 17, 18,000 miles from home and on their way to the moon, snap a photograph of Earth. The Divided Brain – THE DIVIDED BRAIN documentary based on the book THE MASTER AND HIS EMISSARY by Iain McGilchrist.

Quantitative Analysis of Movement: Measuring and Modeling Population Redistribution in Animals and Plants: Turchin, Peter: 9780996139502: Books. 2021- The Year of Transcendence. iStock Photo: metamorworks Each year – like many people – Think Tank member Nikolas Badminton writes his predictions for the following year.

2021- The Year of Transcendence

These aim to draw attention to areas that maybe haven’t been considered and to ignite some thinking. Let’s dive into his 2021 predictions – the year of transcendence. (Glen Hiemstra, ed. Denial is not a river in Africa. But, it’s a human condition that’s truly defined the years that have come before 2020. It’s that time again when I reflect on the signals of change that I see out in the world and make my predictions for 2021. □ Distributed Collaboration Manual - Documentation & Support / Collaboration - Edgeryders. Edgeryders is now offering a service to get organizations started (or upgraded) with distributed collaboration.

□ Distributed Collaboration Manual - Documentation & Support / Collaboration - Edgeryders

Get in touch with @mariaeuler ( or @nadia ( if you think you want to use this offer. Content. Predicament. What is Emerging. We’re living in a moment of culture chaos; celebrities, companies and politicians battle for our attention, societies are fragmenting, long-held political and social norms are upending, and all the while a privileged few reap ungodly benefits.

What is Emerging

As this battle rages, a new story of what it means to be human is quietly taking shape. How do we survive and thrive? What is Emerging. Emerge is an independent, non-profit media platform highlighting the initiatives, individuals and ways of thinking that are sowing the seeds of a new civilisation.

What is Emerging

We are exploring how to act wisely in a world that seems out of control. We aim to explore the emerging cultural narratives of our time by collecting useful content from across the web, profiling change makers and thinkers, publishing thought-provoking commentary and producing original videos and podcasts. We are living in times of profound transition where our ways of working, communicating and governing are quickly transforming.

Many of our received wisdoms, habits and perspectives are becoming obsolete. What will emerge in the vacuum created by this disruption is not yet clear, but some critical questions hang in the balance: Will we manage to avert ecological crisis? True Colors: The Real Faces of Politics. Book Review of “The SIMPOL Solution” Evolutionary Globalization. The Scientific Study of Social… Think Tank Knowledge vs. Corporate Power. The Abstract Empire of Global Capital.

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Good News: 12 Sources for Positive and Uplifting News – an updated list! – Leigh-David Logistics. Constant negative news getting you down?

Good News: 12 Sources for Positive and Uplifting News – an updated list! – Leigh-David Logistics

Don’t despair. If you think there must be good news somewhere – you are right. There is uplifting, inspirational, and hopeful news everywhere if you know where to look! We first published this list of good news sources a few years ago and thought that now would be a good time to refresh and update it. A few sources have dropped off the list and new sources have been added. Here is our updated list of good news sources: Not All News Is Bad – A Daily Antidote to Everything Else All News is Bad is one man on a mission. The Good News Network. Oregon Research Institute. Akers, L., Andrews, J.A., Lichtenstein, E., & Severson, H.H., & Gordon, J.S. (2020).

Oregon Research Institute

Effect of a Responsiveness-based support intervention on long-term smokeless tobacco cessation: The UCare-ChewFree randomized clinical trial. Nicotine & Tobacco Research 22(3): 381-389. Abstract or Full Text. Oregon Research Institute. Max Scheler. 1.

Max Scheler

Biographical Sketch Max Scheler was born on August 22, 1874. He was raised in a well-respected orthodox Jewish family in Munich. Although he was not a particularly strong student, Scheler did show early promise and interest in philosophy, particularly in the works of Friedrich Nietzsche. As a youth, he identified himself as a social democrat and enthusiastic Marxist. From Berlin, Scheler moved to Jena in 1896 to finish his studies under the guidance of Rudolf Eucken.

While holding his position as Privatdozent in Jena, Scheler met Edmund Husserl at a party in 1901 and then, a year later, read Husserl’s Logical Investigations. In 1906, Scheler moved his family to Munich and started his position there as Privatdozent. Due to controversies surrounding the separation from his first wife and reported affairs with students, Scheler lost his teaching privileges.

A major contributing factor to Scheler’s productivity at this time was his introduction to the Göttingen circle of phenomenology. Shaping Our Future: A Strategic Framework - Texas 2036.