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Ways to Participate in American Heart Month. Keeping Your Elderly Loved One Safe During Winter. The winter months bring about a lot of beauty in nature.

Keeping Your Elderly Loved One Safe During Winter

There’s snow all over, and everyone is cooking their favorite holiday meals or snacks that are appropriate for the cold weather. Despite all these, the winter months can be a bit unsafe, especially for the elderly. Fun Activities for the Seniors This Winter. The cold months are coming.

Fun Activities for the Seniors This Winter

Home Care for Senior’s Social Isolation. No one wants to feel alone in this world.

Home Care for Senior’s Social Isolation

The feeling of loneliness may start as a simple thought but gradually grows to affect daily living. For seniors who wish to remain at their homes, one can count on our senior care in Vermont for support. The impact of these services is more than the written activities. There is something more. At TLC HomeCare, our in-home care provides more than assistance to daily living activities. Living independently can give a sense of fulfillment, but with the remaining need to connect, seniors may find themselves left behind. Tips for Effective Medication Management in Seniors. As you age, you may develop health conditions that require you to take multiple prescriptions.

Tips for Effective Medication Management in Seniors

For some seniors, managing medication can be a complex process that puts them at risk of medication error. Immune System Boosting Tips for Seniors. Your immune system defends you against foreign or harmful substances.

Immune System Boosting Tips for Seniors

However, as you age, your immune system weakens. This increases your risk of acquiring serious illnesses and getting sick. If you’re over age 60, one of the best ways to give your immune system a boost is by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Common Causes of Wandering in Seniors with Alzheimer’s. Senior parents who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease are prone to wandering.

Common Causes of Wandering in Seniors with Alzheimer’s

They either wander outside of their house only to get lost or wander when they are with you. If they are receiving in-home care, then the risk of them leaving their home will be significantly reduced. However, regardless if they already have a caregiver around, it will help if you understand why a senior with Alzheimer’s disease will wander. Here are the common causes of wandering in seniors with Alzheimer’s: Fear and Confusion When a senior has Alzheimer’s, their cognitive functions will experience a decline. Keeping Seniors Healthy and Ready During Springtime. How to Help Seniors Deal with Depression and Isolation. Caring for an elderly parent doesn’t only mean finding a five-star provider of home care service in Vermont.

How to Help Seniors Deal with Depression and Isolation

Sometimes, you have to be there with them when they are feeling vulnerable and depressed, especially after going through a major life change. If an elderly parent is dealing with isolation and depression, here are some of the best tips that you can take advantage of: Reducing the Risk of High Blood Pressure: What to Know. One of the most prevalent reasons that a client chooses to see me in my Independent Living facility clinic is hypertension.

Reducing the Risk of High Blood Pressure: What to Know

They will usually describe to me in detail how they went to the MD office that week, and that while they were there the MD was concerned about their blood pressure is too high. They go on to explain that the MD would like the clinic nurse to be monitoring it for a short time to determine if the blood pressure was too high or just a fluke. High blood pressure, also known as hypertension is deemed the silent killer. The reason for this is that there are very few symptoms associated with it, and so without knowing your blood pressure, you could unknowingly be walking around with a time bomb about to go off in your body. The force of the blood against the artery walls can lead to deadly diseases and conditions such as heart disease, heart attack, and stroke. The first few questions I ask my client when they come to me with this predicament are: Senior Adults Can Benefit from Art Therapy. Many senior adults benefit from doing art therapy in art classes.

Senior Adults Can Benefit from Art Therapy

It may sound cliché to some people, but art is an exceptionally fun activity. It is engaging as much as it is therapeutic, especially to mental and emotional health, according to a home care consultant from senior care in Vermont. There are a variety of art classes. Some specialize in drawing, painting, designing, pottery-making, and so on. Care of Dry Skin in Older Adults - TLC HomeCare Care of Dry Skin in Older Adults. As people age, skin production of natural oil diminishes.

Care of Dry Skin in Older Adults - TLC HomeCare Care of Dry Skin in Older Adults

Eventually, the skin becomes dry and flaky. It often cracks; permitting bacteria to penetrate through the cracks and infect the underlying tissue. Being infected, the skin typically becomes inflamed and itchy. For most people, the first thing that they do is scratch where it itches. Inevitably, repeated scratching will cause more tissue damage and is likely to worsen the infection. Applying lotion and moisturizers regularly, especially after bathing or showering, does help skin remain hydrated and healthy. Enjoy the Holiday Spirit with Your Senior Loved Ones - TLC HomeCare Personal Care & Companionship. The holiday season enables many working adults to enjoy the holiday time with family and others they love.

If you have that time off from work, use that time to recharge and spend time with those that mean the most to you – to be present for them during the holiday season. Of course, you don’t want to forget to visit your senior family members in their homes and bring a gift or two, or better yet, have them share this special time surrounded by family. As a provider of senior care in Vermont, we believe that it’s not difficult for senior adults to enjoy the warmth of their family’s presence and love despite the cold weather. Having raised their own children in their younger years, they will always look forward to having time with loved ones – sharing the magic of the holidays and a great meal or two.