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Blog - Why you need an Operations Consultant. A consultant is an industry expert who acts as a “work-horse” on your behalf and does the heavy lifting for your company, so that you don’t have to spend your resources in doing the same.

Blog - Why you need an Operations Consultant

Consultants are usually hired on a project basis to strategize, implement and sustain an initiative. Strategy consultants generally assist clients to devise a strategy for a new or existing initiative. On the other hand, operations /implementation consultants make sure that your strategy converts to real world gains. Having a sound strategy for your project is important, but when it comes to delivering projects on the ground, implementation is the most critical aspect. Garment Manufacturing Opportunities in Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh, the second largest state in the country, has the potential to be a big hub for readymade garments manufacturing.

Garment Manufacturing Opportunities in Madhya Pradesh

The state’s pool of human resource, investment incentives & infrastructure make it extremely competitive for garment projects. Located in Central India is the state of Madhya Pradesh. The state economy has grown at an astounding CAGR of 14.39% between FY12-FY18 to reach US$ 110 billion in FY17-18. The state contributes 4% to the total cotton production in the country, making it the fifth largest state to produce cotton. Several large textile and garment manufacturing companies such as Grasim Industries, Maral Overseas, Pratibha Syntex, Nahar Industries, Raymond, SEL Group, Spentex Industries, Trident Group and Vardhman Textiles have large manufacturing units in different districts of the state.

Garment Manufacturing: A Lucrative Investment Opportunity. The fashion industry, a multibillion dollar affair ranges from haute couture to garments for the masses.

Garment Manufacturing: A Lucrative Investment Opportunity

The vastness of apparel market can be witnessed by the growth of apparel sales worldwide. Blog - 7 Common Mistakes. The global apparel market was estimated at US$ 1,800 billion in 2017 and India’s contribution to it was ~US$ 67 billion, which accounted for 4% of the global apparel market.

Blog - 7 Common Mistakes

Gujrat Opportunities. Fashinably Intimate. Intimate wear has come a long way from being only a functional basic necessity to becoming the next big style statement.

Fashinably Intimate

Intimate wear is one of those unique products that fall in the category of both a necessity and a luxury. From traditional market with poor production and marketing infrastructure today a lot of experimentation is happening in terms of product design, style, colors & fabrics. Many domestic and international brands have forayed into the segment seeing its huge potential. This article discusses about the current scenario intimate wear scenario in India and abroad and way ahead for India to emerge as a strong player in intimate wear manufacturing. Global Intimate Wear Scenario – Trade Perspective The global market for intimate wear is ever-expanding fuelled by growing global demand, changing dynamics of the end consumer and innovative new technologies. Indian Intimate Wear Scenario – Manufacturing & Retail Perspective Factors driving growth. About Us. However, investments alone do not guarantee success.

About Us

The ingredients of success of a garment factory are organization, infrastructure, technology and processes. Garment Factory Re-engineering. – Anonymous The key success factor for garment manufacturing today in not low costs.

Garment Factory Re-engineering

In a scenario where manpower cost is certain to increase every year and inputs are not getting cheaper, the sole differentiating factor for the garment manufacturing is overall competitiveness, which includes price, quality, timeliness, service as well as sustainability. Start-up Assistance for Garment Factory Set-up. – Guy Kawasaki Wastra start-up assistance is designed especially keeping in mind the first time investor who has a zeal to stand-out in the crowded garment manufacturing industry and is bold enough not to tread the beaten path.

Start-up Assistance for Garment Factory Set-up

Garment manufacturing is an attractive investment opportunity, but several factories get trapped in the vicious cycle of mediocrity even after having the right product mix and buyer linkage. Our industry experience has helped us realize that there are 7 most common mistakes that an investor makes while establishing and operating a garment factory. Our multiple successful projects and global exposure helps the investor avoid these mistakes, quickly move up the learning curve and establish an engineered garment factory. Home Page. Logistics Management Magazine. Back to Top Home | Books | Seminars | Professional Education | Legal Resources | Resources | Articles Other Texts and Education Sources | Supplement Subscription | Contact Us | Sitemap | Ror.xml | Url List | Sitemap.xml © 2001-2009 Transportation, Logistics and the Law.

Logistics Management Magazine

Transportation Law. Continuing Legal Education Online. Registrants will receive 6.5 hours of credit for each day of attendance by the Certified Claims Professional Accreditation Council (CCPAC).

Continuing Legal Education Online

State Continuing Legal Education (CLE) applications will be filed for 6.5 credits on request. The online version has been approved for continuing legal education credit in the following states: Missouri - Reportable Self Study (6 hours) New York – Eligible for up to 7.8 hours under New York’s Approved Jurisdiction policy Texas – Reportable Self Study (5 hours) For information as to availability of CLE credits in other states, please contact us at or call us at 888-806-8825. Click here for more information on the seminar. Click here for critiques on past seminars. Benefits of the Course: Provides a basic working knowledge of the laws and regulations affecting the supply chain and governing the relationships between the parties—shippers, carriers, and intermediaries.

Benefits of the text: Transportation Law Legal Resources and Legal Services. Contract drafting, negotiation or review of existing contracts for all parties to transportation arrangements Consulting in transportation problems, including disputes over loss and damage claims, rates, tariffs and contracts Claims administration and procedures for claims departments Expert testimony on U.S. transportation law and transportation industry customs and practices Consulting on insurance policies and coverage Development of Corporate Procedural Manuals Counseling and Administration of trade organizations Consulting on potential and pending litigation Classification proposals, Docket applications and proceedings Private seminars and training sessions Research assistance Prior to his passing in November of 2007, Mr.

Augello merged his practice with Brent Wm. Primus and Primus Law Office, P.A. who will continue to provide these services. Freight Logistics & Transportation.