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Lucky Craft Pro Joe Thomas talks about new Lucky Craft TLC Series Long Cast Crankbait Rod. Lucky Craft pro Joe Thomas just put up a video on the Outdoor Channel’s YouTube site talking about a new crankbait rod from Lucky Craft’s TLC (Team Lucky Craft) series called the Long Cast SP.

Lucky Craft Pro Joe Thomas talks about new Lucky Craft TLC Series Long Cast Crankbait Rod

He also talks about new TLC Shakey Head rod. The new TLC Long Cast SP specs are: Here are some purchase links if you are interested in buying some Lucky Craft Rods. Sebile Team France. La situation sur les lacs est toujours aussi délicate et les pêches à 1 ou 2 poissons moyens au mieux se succèdent sans qu’il n’y ait d’éclaircies au bout du tunnel… Donc quand Ludo me propose une après midi en rivière je n’hésite pas longtemps!

Sebile Team France

Nous nous retrouvons sur son bateau en début d’après midi sur un grand bief de rivière qu’il ne fréquente pas beaucoup.Le soleil brille et il fait chaud on attaque avec des petits Sebile crankster 35 afin de tenter un chevesne. Nous en prnedrons un chacun assez rapidement mais vraiment petits. Je décide donc de passer sur un petit flex afin de « creuser » un peu et aussitôt j’en prends un joli (même si on ne dirait pas sur la photo!) Je passe ensuite sur les nouveaux Cutt shad qui portent bien leur nom!

J’avais perdu mon 1er exemplaire en Seine sur une coupe et je récupère mon 2 ème exemplaire avec la queue la aussi coupée nette: Décidément ce leurre plait aux brocs! Et oui un joli barbeau! Merci encore Ludo pour la sortie; à refaire au plus vite. ANGLER Magazine - Spring 2014 - BoatUS ANGLER. Gear & Tackle From Farm To Fish Catching to teaching, Mark Brumbaugh has done it all in walleye world, especially the catching.

ANGLER Magazine - Spring 2014 - BoatUS ANGLER

Take a look inside his tacklebox. Destinations Runnin' The Reefs It’s that trendy coffee shop, the neighborhood sports bar – that dependable source of respite, refreshment and a broad mix of faces and fancies. News Angler Reports A bill introduced this year in the U.S. Mark Zona: Deep Thoughts One of the great things about growing up in Michigan is our lakes are so clear, if you're going be a bass fisherman or any kind of fisherman, you have to either learn how to fish very, very, very shallow or you need to learn to fish very deep.

Caring For Your Hydraulic Steering Good steering systems work as they should year after year, and typically don’t get on the schedule of routine maintenance, unless there is a problem. BoatUS ANGLER Featured Video Chasing Redfish in Venice, Louisiana, with the crew from Venice Fishing Lodge plus Steve and Mike from BoatUS ANGLER. The Natural: Aaron Martens Tacklebox - BoatUS ANGLER Magazine. Aaron Martens is considered one of the master technicians in the Bassmaster Elite Series field.

The Natural: Aaron Martens Tacklebox - BoatUS ANGLER Magazine

(James Overstreet photo) "Natural" is the word consistently used to describe Aaron Martens as an angler. They normally come with accruements like "amazing" or "super. " The 41-year old, almost kid-like angler is a favorite among pros and fans for his ability to catch bunches of fish in almost every venue in the country. To achieve success at the level he has, an angler has to be versatile. He's generally regarded as a drop-shot guru. Nothing could be further from the truth.

“Drop-shotting works for me,” Martens said. His tackle box reveals a different side of Martens that most of us have never seen. Aaron Martens' Tacklebox 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Skeet and the Lucky Craft Gunfish. Most bass anglers get goose bumps when the thought of a day filled with topwater action is the topic of conversation.

Skeet and the Lucky Craft Gunfish

There may be no more exciting way to catch a bass than to experience the raw power of a black bass as it erupts on a topwater plug. Yet, as exciting as topwater fishing can be, many anglers don’t have a complete understanding of where topwater can be applied, let alone how to incorporate it into a tournament game plan. For 2009 Bassmaster Classic Champion Skeet Reese, topwater fishing is certainly exciting, but more importantly, it can produce the kind of bites that win tournaments.

Having an understanding of when to choose surface baits, and how to make them produce is an important part of being a successful angler, and as Reese points out, having the right equipment, and using the right baits can make all the difference in the amount of fish caught. “My favorite topwater bait is kind of an unsung hero to the average weekend angler,” Reese said.