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NUKnightLab/TimelineJS. Timeline | Individual editable items. Mashi Timelabs. Time is more than the space between two happenings. Specific usage of the factor of 'time' enables you to create more impressive, compact and user-friendly websites. Mashi is a JavaScript Toolkit with a bundle of time- and timeline-based features. This page is the playground for new ideas and upcoming features. The timelabs also feature examples of Mashi Apps. Explore .. Check out current projects and ideas submitted by Mashi members. Voice your opinion. .. and participate. The Mashi Project is maintained and driven by a small team of developers. Send us your own ideas and code. May creativity be with you.

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Glow Documentation - Timetable user guide. Chronology. Junto con San Lucas pintando a la Virgen, es la más occidental de las obras de El Greco, fuertemente influenciada por el manierismo italiano. No se conoce exactamente el lugar donde fue realizada esta tabla, aunque numerosos especialistas apuntan a que se pintó en Venecia, debido a la pérdida de rasgos característicos del arte bizantino y al uso de modelos clásicos.

Otra posible hipótesis es que fue pintada para un cliente italiano asentado en Creta, lugar de residencia del pintor. Es una de las obras más significativas de El Greco, pues muestra la transición entre la «maniera greca» y el arte renacentista. Es notoria la influencia de Parmigianino, aunque el artista no abandona el uso del pan de oro. Sin embargo, las figuras son más naturales, pierden el aura de espiritualidad y santidad propia del arte bizantino. JFK. Oswald moves to New Orleans 01/05/1963 at 7:00 AM to 01/06/1963 at 7:00 AM Dallas Oswald moves to New Orleans, and finds employment at the William B.

Riley Coffee Company. General Walker shot 10/05/1963 at 12:00 AM General Walker shot at in his home. Kennedy, Johnson, Connelly met 05/06/1963 at 12:00 AM Cortez hotel Decision for Texas trip made at meeting with Kennedy, Johnson, and Connelly at the Cortez hotel in El Paso Texas. Maurice Bishop seen speaking to Oswald 25/09/1963 at 12:00 AM Antonio Veciana travels to Dallas for a meeting with Maurice Bishop (a.k.a. CIA's growth a malignancy 01/10/1963 at 12:00 AM Reporter Arther Krock, citing a dispatch from Vietnam reporter Richard Starnes, writes, "The CIAs growth was likened to a malignancy which the very high official was not sure even the White House could control any longer.

Kennedy signs NSAM 263 11/10/1963 at 12:00 AM Kennedy signs National Security Action Memorandum (NSAM) #263, signalling his intention to withdraw troops from Vietnam. Wellcome Library | History of genetics timeline. TimegliderJS - jQuery Plugin/Widget. Timeglider JS is a zooming, panning data-driven timeline widget written in Javascript. This widget is the core of our our timeline authoring and publishing app, and can be integrated into any HTML application environment. Timelines can be zoomed by dragging the vertical slider at right: up for zooming in (less time shown) and down for zooming out (more time shown). The mousewheel also works as a zoom controller. Any white area on the "stage" of the timeline can be dragged left and right, as can the blue "ruler" which marks out different units of time.

Clicking on an event brings up a small modal window with a description and links if any are provided in the data. Briefly: Timeglider works well on iOS and Android touch devices; Windows Surface devices are still problematic. Click here for a "kitchen sink" demo, demonstrating a number of public methods.

TimelineSetter. TimelineSetter creates beautiful timelines. It is a command-line utility that takes a specially-structured CSV file as input and outputs standards-compliant HTML/CSS/JavaScript. It supports any span of time from minutes to years, and supports multiple parallel event series in a single timeline. It can handle custom descriptions and even arbitrary HTML in each event “card.” It creates fluid embeds that will look great at any width. TimelineSetter “bakes out” timelines, ready for uploading directly into your CMS, Amazon S3, or however you typically serve static files.

TimelineSetter source on Github. Assorted Docs and Samples TimelineSetter Ruby source documentationtimeline-setter.js annotated sourceA TimelineSetter demo using Twitter data How it Works The project is broken into two parts: a Ruby package (along with a binary) for generating the assets, and the HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the timeline itself. Dependencies Installation Install TimelineSetter through RubyGems on Unix-like OSes: Chronoline.js. Welcome to the chronoline.js demo page. chronoline.js is a library for making a chronology timeline out of events on a horizontal timescale.

From a list of dates and events, it can generate a graphical representation of schedules, historical events, deadlines, and more. Below are 3 examples with events from the 2012 MLB Regular Season. Monthly Timeline This day-by-day timeline shows off a few features. The events are automatically stacked compactly when they overlap, whether over a single point or a range. Quarterly Timeline Timelines can appear on different scales simply by plugging in one of a few existing defaults or by providing custom functions for it.

This timeline also has dragging enabled, so click, hold, and drag to try that out. Yearly Timeline Even at a very large scope, chronoline.js still functions. And if you didn't notice, the left and right arrows support both single clicks for discrete jumps and click-and-hold to scroll continuously. Support Browser support is: Credits. Timeline documentation. Contents Overview The Timeline is an interactive visualization chart to visualize events in time. The events can take place on a single date, or have a start and end date (a range). You can freely move and zoom in the timeline by dragging and scrolling in the Timeline. Events can be created, edited, and deleted in the timeline. When the timeline is defined as editable (and groupsChangeable and timeChangeable are set accordingly), events can be moved to another time by dragging them.

The Timeline is developed as a Google Visualization Chart in javascript. The Timeline is designed to display up to 1000 events smoothly on any modern browser. Example Here a timeline example. More examples can be found in the examples directory. <html> <head> <title>Timeline demo</title> <script type="text/javascript"> google.load("visualization", "1"); // Set callback to run when API is loaded google.setOnLoadCallback(drawVisualization); Loading The class name of the Timeline is links.Timeline Data Format Fields Box.

Timeline - CHAP Links Library. Timeline | Templates. Timeliner.js Demo. Working examples of the timeliner.js jquery plugin by Tarek Anandan. This page features two working examples, which demonstrate several key features including expand/collapse, autostart/autoload, and multiple timelines per page. The Civil Rights Movement 1954-1964 The content used in this demo is from, one of two initial places where I implemented timeliner. features a total of five timeliner-powered timelines covering the topics of McCarthyism, Civil Rights, the Vietnam War, the Watergate Scandal, Corporate Power (Tobacco), and Post 9/11. Brown v. May 17, 1954 The U.S. Emmett Till August 28, 1955 Fourteen-year-old African-American Emmett Till is brutally murdered after reportedly flirting with a white woman while visiting relatives in Mississippi. Rosa Parks December 1, 1955 Little Rock September 4, 1957 Three years removed from the Brown v. Freedom Rides May 4, 1961 "I Have a Dream" August 28, 1963 Civil Rights Act July 2, 1964 President Lyndon B. Timeline JS - Beautifully crafted timelines that are easy, and intuitive to use. - Homepage.