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Microsoft SQL Server Product Samples: Reporting Services - Downloads. R Graphics Device for Microsoft Reporting Services (SSRS) - Home. Embed R data visualizations in Microsoft Reporting Services. After several long weeks on the road, I am finally back home and digging into open-source R again. A few days ago there was a post by TIOBE Software showing R ranked 12th in the most popular programming languages. I noticed the market shifting towards R back in 2011. Today R is hard to miss if you love working with data. R is literally everywhere – it is baked into quite a few database, predictive analytics and data discovery tools including Microsoft’s Azure ML.

Creating A Drilldown Dashboard With SSRS - Mind Talks. I was working on client’s requirement and needed to create a dashboard kind of report .

Creating A Drilldown Dashboard With SSRS - Mind Talks

The requirement was to create one chart and on click of it should show two other charts in the same report . I was aware of of subreports in SSRS but the problem with subreports is that once u click on parent report it will take u to the child report . My requirement was to show the data in the same report based on the parameter passed by the parent report in the same page .

Just to demonstrate I will use AdventureWorksDW database . We are trying to create a report like below : The first bar chart shows the Total Sales amount yearly , On clicking any of the year bar , data in the two pie charts will be changed accordingly . Lets start making the dashboard .All the charts used in report use different dataset but same data source . Create a new report with the shared data source and use below query for first dataset . SELECT FactInternetSales.ShipDateKey, FactInternetSales.SalesAmount, DimTime.FiscalYear. Using Visio and SSRS Map Reports for Store Layouts etc. SQL Server 2008 R2 My last posts about Reporting Services in SQL Server 2008R2 covered the new support for maps and how to import and work with ESRI shape data.

Using Visio and SSRS Map Reports for Store Layouts etc.

However, those new features of Reporting Services are not limited to geographical map data (countries, regions etc.) but can be used to visualize almost any kind of polygonal data. For example, there are very interesting posts showing how to actually draw a heat map using SSRS’s map technology. If you’re interested, I suggest taking a look at one of these posts:

SQL Reporting "How to" - Conditional Color 1/4: The Basics. Report Expressions & Custom Code - Dave does Data. This "How to" guide provides ideas & code samples on using color to improve your users understanding of the data in your reports.

SQL Reporting "How to" - Conditional Color 1/4: The Basics. Report Expressions & Custom Code - Dave does Data

It includes using gradients of color in your tables & charts. Creating a Report Server Usage Report with SQL Server Reporting Services. For IT to consolidate and optimize many reports in a business reporting platform, it must know what users are using reports and how often.

Creating a Report Server Usage Report with SQL Server Reporting Services

It’s critical to know how long different reports take to run and when the peak and lull times occur throughout the day for scheduling subscriptions and maintenance tasks. A server usage report is an indispensible tool for wrangling out of control reports. With it, IT leaders can easily answer questions like: What reports are being run most often? Who is running certain reports and when? Fortunately, Reporting Services gives you the ability to capture all of these important facts in the report server management databases, ReportServer and ReportServerTempDB.

The Report Execution Log report, shown in Figure P5-1, contains three separate report sections that each deliver a different set of statistical information. Figure P5-1 This report has two parameters, used to set the start and end date of the period being analyzed. Designing the Report 1. 2. 3. . , Type. Consuming SSIS package data in Reporting Services (and using Web Services in addition) Part 2 - Developer hearted / Relational minded. (Update: Due to security reasons the functionality retrieving data from SSIS packages has been deprecated and is no longer available in SQL Server 2008 R2) (Sample project attached to the blog entry !)

Consuming SSIS package data in Reporting Services (and using Web Services in addition) Part 2 - Developer hearted / Relational minded

How to deploy a RDL file using rs. Hi Michael, I think I've found a way you can do this.

How to deploy a RDL file using rs

There's a (free) windows forms utility called RSScripter that basically acts as a front end to rs.exe Find it at: There's also a command line component to this as well: RSScripterCmd.exe. If you look in the readme file ( ) Section "5.2 Input Parameters for RSScripterCmd.exe" Parameter "ld" says: "When this parameter is specified and set to True then scripting options are ignored and RDL and RDS files in a source folder (specified by the /sf parameter) are directly uploaded to a target Report Server folder (specified by the /tf parameter)"

Script for Publishing Sample Reports. This sample script uses a script file (.rss) and the script environment to run Web service operations on a specified report server.

Script for Publishing Sample Reports

The script creates a folder that you specify as a command-prompt variable using the –v switch, and then publishes the sample reports that ship with Reporting Services to a report server. You can use script files with the Reporting Services Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) API to access most of the management and administration operations available on your report server. Requirements Before you run this sample, the following conditions must be met: Location of the Script File Reporting Services samples are installed during setup. The following script file is required for this sample. Running the Sample You can run the PublishSampleReports.rss sample script in the Reporting Services script environment. To run this sample Open a command prompt: On the Start menu, click Run, type cmd in the text box, and then click OK. Notice the use of a global variable. See Also. Merging Reports - SSRS - Jasinski Technical Wiki. Fields required to run Project List and Project Detail Reports - Christophe Fiessinger's Blog.

SSIS Reporting Pack - Home. Project Server Report Pack. The topic you requested is included in another documentation set.

Project Server Report Pack

For convenience, it's displayed below. Choose Switch to see the topic in its original location. The Project Server 2007 Report Pack provides usable reports for common requests and shows some of the new functionality in Microsoft Office Project Server 2007. Let’s Get Visual – The Art of Report Design. Paul Turley Mentor, SolidQ This article is based on my session at TechEd on May 18th, 2011 Report styles vary depending on the needs of the consumer and purpose of the report.

Let’s Get Visual – The Art of Report Design

With so many capabilities in current reporting toolsets, report designers are often prone to add graphics, color and “chrome” wherever they can. This article presents some ideas, concepts and guidance for the visual aspects of report design. Although the statistical claims vary greatly from one study or observation to another, a consensus remains that the majority of the population are visual thinkers.

While working on an analytical reporting project for a division of Boeing, I learned an important lesson. Principles of Report Design Most all design projects include a balance of three basic principles. There should be no argument that any business report must have business value and should deliver accurate results that answer key business questions. Reports Library - Report Surfer by Angry Koala. Sql server - Examples of great looking SSRS pdf reports.

Sample Reports Gallery - Aspose.Pdf for Reporting Services - Documentation. New SQL Reporting Services Sample Reports for Project Server - Christophe Fiessinger's Blog. Microsoft SQL Server Product Samples: Reporting Services - Home. Report Surfer. Got reportviewer? Pebble Reports - End User Ad Hoc Query and Reporting.