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Violin: Visualizing JavaScript. This is an experiment in instrumenting JavaScript applications. On the right is the Object and Function graph for a simple Backbone app. The app's code has been instrumented to draw and animate the graph as the JavaScript runs without having to modify the app's original code at all (by hand anyway). Hit the button to start the backbone app and interact with it. Metaprogramming rocks :). This experiment is by Philip Roberts. You can follow me on twitter @philip_roberts. Discussion This is a first attempt at instrumenting a JavaScript application. Instrumenting is performed by recursively iterating over the application's namespace to build the graph, and decorating any functions to trigger events when they are called. Currently the graph shows the Object heirarchy, rather than the prototype hierarchy or all the instantiations of the object, and function nodes on the graph will be triggered when any instantiation of that object calls the function.

The code. JS1k - The JavaScript Code Golfing Competition. Prodinner, where pros eat - ProDinner MVC Awesome Demo Application. Security through HTTP response headers. There are many things to consider when securing a web application but a definite "quick win" is to start taking advantage of the security HTTP response headers that are supported in most modern browser. It doesn't matter which development platform you use to build your application, these headers will make a notable difference for the security of your website anyway! The screenshot shows what the security headers look like. The security headers are included in the web server's response to a browser — instructing the browser to enable (or disable) certain security features. They're invisible to the user, but you can have look at them with tools such as Fiddler or the developer tools that are built into the major browsers.

In IE or Chrome press F12, in Opera (Ctrl+Shift+i), in Firefox (Ctrl+Shift+k), for Safari have a look here to enable the developer tools. A great thing about these response headers is that they're very easy to get started with. So how does it work? Content-Security-Policy. Web Developer Checklist. Litware HR - A Multitenant sample application - Download: LitwareHR - May 2008. Web Platform.

Adam Hartwig. Microsoft DevRadio: (Part 2) APIMASH – Earthquake and Messier Sky Object API Starter Kit for Windows Store Apps | DevRadio. Channel 9 Microsoft DevRadio: (Part 2) APIMASH – Earthquake and Messier Sky Object API Starter Kit for Windows Store Apps 23 minutes, 52 seconds Close Download How do I download the videos? To download, right click the file type you would like and pick “Save target as…” or “Save link as…” Why should I download videos from Channel9? It's an easy way to save the videos you like locally. Which version should I choose? If you want to view the video on your PC, Xbox or Media Center, download the High Quality MP4 file (this is the highest quality version we have available). Right click “Save as…” MP3 (Audio only) File size 21.9 MB MP4 (iPhone, Android) File size 128.1 MB High Quality MP4 (iPad, PC, Xbox) File size 282.5 MB Mid Quality MP4 (Windows Phone, HTML5, iPhone) File size 197.5 MB High Quality WMV (PC) File size 171.0 MB Abstract: In today’s episode Brian Hitney demos for us the Messier Sky Object Explorer and Earthquake Starter Kits for your Windows 8 apps.

Blogs & Articles: Your App Starts Here. With unprecedented reach across a range of devices and availability in over 200 markets, there’s never been a better time to build for Windows and Windows Phone. These App Starter Kits for Windows and Windows Phone show you how to use public Web Service APIs such as Twitter, Foursqaure, Instagram, Tumblr, Meetup, Yelp and many more to create compelling Windows Apps. The starter kits will provide you a scenario, an app concept and a rich data set so you can more quickly develop any type of app and in a language of your choice, HTML5/JS or XAML/C#. Each kit calls an API, deserializes the JSON/XML payload, copies the results in a View Model and binds to UI controls. From start to finish, App Builder provides the tools and support you need to ensure your great idea is available to millions.

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