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Retail Analytics. Retail BI. Australian Market – Stuart Alexander & Co Premium FMCG Specialist Marketers, Distributors and Importers. Home > Operations > Australian Market Australian Grocery Market Share Source: Ferrier Hodgson - Ferriers Focus May 2011from Wesfarmers and Woolworths annual reports 2010, NARGA November 2010 Report, Master Grocers Australia December 2010 Interesting reading: Market overview.

Australian Market – Stuart Alexander & Co Premium FMCG Specialist Marketers, Distributors and Importers

Factcheck is our grocery market one of the most concentrated in the world. “With one of the most concentrated food retail sectors in the world dominated by the supermarket duopoly, the barriers to making it easy to buy local food in Australia are significant.

factcheck is our grocery market one of the most concentrated in the world

It is time for Australia to learn from the example of other countries and provide assistance to rebuild local food systems.” – The Australian Greens, official website. The percentage of market share controlled by the two major supermarkets, Coles and Woolworths, depends on which groceries you include. Ferriers Focus May 2011 examined the 2010 annual reports for Wesfarmers and Woolworths, the National Association of Retail Grocers of Australia November 2010 Report and the Master Grocers Australia December 2010 Report, and concluded their market share was almost 80%. Deloitte Access Economics in October 2012 identified market share to be Woolworths at 41.1% and and Coles at 31.0%, for a total of 72.1%.

14 Reasons to Focus on Receivables Management in 2014e2banytime Blog. There is only one thing worse than not making a sale: making a sale and not getting paid, which happens quite frequently for many companies.

14 Reasons to Focus on Receivables Management in 2014e2banytime Blog

There are many reasons companies of all sizes struggle with their receivables management, from late invoicing, too few AR employees, bad contact information, and many others. With a few small changes to your operations and processes, you can turn things around and see some major improvement in the AR department. With the new year beginning, it’s as good a time as any! It’s still early January, so even if you have already resolved to go to the gym more, get better about flossing, or stop drinking so much coffee this year, you still have time to squeeze in one more resolution. Here are 14 reasons you should make receivables management your priority in 2014.

Oracle Retail Datamodel. Retail Analytics SAS.

Slideshare - Retail

Supply Chain Software Solutions. JDA offers the broadest portfolio of supply chain, retail merchandising, store operations and all-channel commerce solutions to help companies manage the flow of goods from raw materials to finished products and into the hands of consumers.

Supply Chain Software Solutions

JDA’s deep industry expertise and innovative cloud platform help companies optimize inventory, labor and customer service levels. As a result, JDA solutions have become the standard for the world’s leading retailers, manufacturers and distributors. JDA's comprehensive software and services address mission-critical requirements across the following strategic categories: Ensure sustainable product quality and delivery performance Maximize inventory productivity with a real-time view of global orders Improve sales and profitability by developing accurate forecasts and demand plans Synchronize production schedules with material and factory constraints Eliminate excess inventory while maintaining customer service levels Collaborative Category Management.

Tesco Retail Marketing. Retail Insights Seminar Presentation - April 2011. Retail IIPM Project. Measure, Understand and Improve Customer Experience MCorp Consul... Make What You Need and Ship What You Make Demand Signal Management.


Deliver a Better Shopping Experience Consumer Products and Retail. Multichannel Retailing Reference Architecture: Update. THE ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE BLOG: The Retail Reference Architecture. The concept of “reference architecture” is often misunderstood and gets associated with IT.

THE ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE BLOG: The Retail Reference Architecture

While the implementation may very well be IT, the reference architecture essentially is a business and operational artefact. As RUP defines, “the reference architecture in essence, is a predefined set of architectural patterns, instantiated, designed, and proven for use in particular business and technical contexts”. The reference architectures dedicated or developed for industry verticals are most useful because it links the operational, technology aspects associated with a set of vertical industry business processes. Big Data in Retailing: Follow the Money! Retailers looking at the Big Data opportunity may well find themselves with an array of choices: the opportunities seem so vast, where does one begin?

Big Data in Retailing: Follow the Money!

Well, a pragmatic way forward is to focus on some pragmatic possibilities and then “follow the money”! In examining the Big Data opportunity for retailers, Cisco IBSG has identified three key areas where we believe value can be generated through Big Data analytics – and we have put together a framework for assessing and comparing the financial impact of options within these areas. RetailWire Home Page - Retail News and Analysis. Retail's Big Blog. New technology option for tracking consumer behavior. Oct192012 Spending habits have changed drastically in the past few years.

New technology option for tracking consumer behavior

Retailers are looking for new technologies that may help them comprehend and adapt to a new scenario within the store. Manufacturers of consumer packaged goods are also trying to boost sales investing in new analytics. Nudging shopper behavior at the store in real time. Nov22012 Nudge Remember the movie Minority Report?

Nudging shopper behavior at the store in real time

Through eye-scanning technology, Tom Cruise receives personalized advertising in public places. The future. Forward-thinking marketers have already adopted this trend online with real-time information, real-time feedback and real-time optimization. The aim of shopper marketing is to influence purchase decisions when the shopper is near a product in the store. . - 70% of brand choices are made in the store. The mystery of travel patterns within stores. Nov92012 Patterns Usually the store environment is planned to increase sales: the size of shopping carts, the overall floor plan, the way products are displayed, music and bright colors, etc.

The mystery of travel patterns within stores

Most merchants have a perceived schema of how customers walk through the stores: the typical shopper is assumed to travel up and down the aisles, stopping at various categories, considering value and price, picking up the best option and continuing along the same path until they get to the checkout area. Marketers build huge campaigns, develop new packaging designs and even fight for more shelf space to increase “facings” to boost sales, but do they actually stop to consider how many customers actually stop in front of their shelf?

Little research has been done on actual travel patterns in stores. Personalization and Clienteling in Retail. Feb152013 Personalization In this skyrocketing phase of mobile commerce, in which shoppers can shop with their smartphones inside stores, check reviews and product information as well as better deals somewhere else, a retailer’s POS infrastructure is the most important asset to reach consumers within the store and probably the best chance to influence behavior favorably for a purchase.

Personalization and Clienteling in Retail

According to Boston Retail Partners, 52% of retailers plan to implement mobile POS in the next two years. The reasons why retailers are already implementing mobile and tablet mPOS include: - Saving floor space - Improving customer service (expanded below) - Reacting in real time with coupons, commercials, promotions - Saving sales by checking product availability and location even if the products are not available in the floor - Creating multiple checkout points at the point of interaction.

How can neuroscience empower and inspire marketing? Apr262013 We are emotional animals. This implies that we do not want to offend people. If people tell each other what they believe they want to hear, then relying on questionnaires leaves out cherished unconscious preferences. Thus, traditional market research has its limitations. Marketers need to understand the difference between what consumers say as opposed to what they do. Top 6 innovations in retail.

May132013 Retail is a large industry and it covers a long process from chain of suppliers to the moment of checkout. As shopper behavior keeps changing, the whole category tries to keep up. When considering innovations that are gaining acceptance, what may link them is the intent to make shopping experiences more enjoyable. Nowadays, e-commerce has created the need to counteract any factor that could make a shopping trip unpleasant. Retail Business is a Sturdy Segment of Economy.