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Download Area FIBRO. Extra Heavy Duty Work Bench | Fixed Height Workbench Under 10,000 lbs | Extra Heavy Duty Work Tables. Asia Pacific Industrial Engineering and Management Society (APIEMS) Manufacturing Management Home. Internet of Things Gains Real World Traction. Manufacturing is the sector most primed for the value proposition of the Internet of Things (IoT). Why? Because of all the data that’s been captured and is constantly being captured by industry. More than many other such pronouncements, this statement, made by Jim Robinson of Intel’s Internet of Things Group, during a panel discussion at National Instruments' NI Week 2014, clarifies why the IoT has moved from being the next big idea to the next big way of doing business in manufacturing. As Robinson pointed out in his comments during the panel discussion, there’s been a focus on the general IoT concept for more than 30 years now, though its gone by many different names (most famously in the manufacturing space—machine to machine or M2M).

The Internet of Things just happens to be the most recent of those names. “It’s an evolution of the computer infrastructure development that’s been going on for decades,” he said. Aluminium manufacturing company: transformation, research & innovation. At Constellium, aluminium is more than a metal. It is the material that takes the shape of our ideas - so that our ideas may shape the world. At the forefront of industry A global leader in aluminium transformation, Constellium designs and manufactures innovative and high value-added aluminium products and components.

Our technologically advanced solutions serve a broad range of applications around the world. Ideas, materialized From window frames to railcars, auto bodies and aircrafts, and from solar reflectors to perfume containers and beverage cans, aluminium products are used throughout daily life. We draw on a full complement of aluminium processing techniques, including casting, rolling and extrusions.

From raw material, unlimited innovation Research & Development for aluminium sustainability Innovation is the cornerstone of our activities. Key-fact Constellium has around 8,200 employees working mainly in Europe, China and the United States. GE to facilitate manufacturing transformation with software suite | Manufacturers Monthly. GE Intelligent Platforms has released significant updates to its suite of Proficy Manufacturing software.

These solutions have been designed specifically to meet the strategic objectives of manufacturers as they transform their operations to meet the new realities of business potential enabled by the Industrial Internet. According to a recent poll by LNS Research, manufacturing executives pegged the following imperatives as strategic: 66% said consistent quality 56% said responsiveness to customer demands 49% said increasing production capacity and capabilities Proficy Manufacturing applications help manufacturers have better visibility across the business/plant floor, accroding to Don Busiek, General Manager Manufacturing Software for GE Intelligent Platforms. “The transformation of the manufacturing process today is driven by the explosion of data from today’s connected machines, enabled by the Industrial Internet,” said Busiek.

[Image courtesy: GE Intelligent Platforms] Apriso | Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) for Adaptive Global Enterprises l Beyond Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) White Papers | Apriso. Industry 4.0: Agility in production? | Bosch ConnectedWorld Blog. Industry 4.0 is paving the way for a social and technological revolution that will drastically change the entire industrial landscape.

Why 4.0? As since the 18th century, when the first Industrial Revolution began, it is the fourth wave of major technological changes. There is brand new video footage available from the German Engineering Association VDMA featuring different Industry 4.0 projects of players such as the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, Bosch, SAP, Siemens as well as Wittenstein. What this video shows: Industry 4.0 is a sophisticated approach changing the entire global value chain: communication, planning, logistics and production.

Actually, Industry 4.0 is a paradigm shift. We aim to gradually decentralize centralized production control. Simplified, the work piece itself is giving the instructions, it addresses the robot directly: ‘Please paint me red’, or ‘I need grinding here and there!’ How can humans get better support for their work in the factory? Robot co-active learning adjusts to context-driven user preferences. Researchers at the Cornell University created an algorithm which enables robots to “coactively learn” from humans and make adjustments while an action is in progress. Their approach relies on a combination of machine learning, object and user association, and trajectory adjustment could allow robots to operate more reliably when it comes to object manipulation and safety during human-robot interaction.

Assembly lines relying on robots usually have many marks and warnings in assembly areas to increase the safety of people that might be inside them while robots are working. However, most of these robots perform their tasks in memorized routines and accidents do occur. Aside safety, robots being developed to serve as aid in our homes have another set of problems, ranging from handling objects according to their properties, to safety when it comes to their movement or tool handling. The researchers used their algorithm on a Baxter robot from Rethink Robotics.

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Basic Search. Study on an automatic sorting system for Date fruits. Abstract In the present study, a machine vision based, online sorting system was developed, the aim being to sort Date fruits (Berhee CV.) based at different stages of maturity, namely Khalal, Rotab and Tamar to meet consumers’ demands. The system comprises a conveying unit, illumination and capturing unit, and sorting unit. Physical and mechanical features were extracted from the samples provided, and the detection algorithm was designed accordingly. An index based on color features was defined to detect Date samples. Keywords Date fruit; Image processing; Khalal; Maturity; Sorting; Rotab and Tamar 1. Date is one of the non-oil export products of Iran that can play an important role in the country’s economy. Ripening process of the Date includes four principle stages, namely; Kimri (immature), Khalal (changing color, not mature), Rotab (mature) and Tamar (ripe) stages.

In the present article, a new color space for grading Date fruit is proposed based on maturity stages. I. ii. iii. 2. 2.1. Browsing by Subject.

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Carburettor. Conveyor Terms and Glossary. Jump to: A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z Accumulation Conveyor: Any conveyor designed to permit accumulation of packages, objects, or carriers. May be roller, live roller, roller slat, belt, vibrating, power-and-free, or tow conveyors. See Minimum pressure accumulation conveyor and Zero pressure accumulation conveyor.

Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems (AS/RS): A combination of equipment and controls which handles, stores, and retrieves materials with precision, accuracy, and speed under a defined degree of automation. Ball Table: A group of ball transfers over which flat surfaced objects may be moved in any direction. Ball Transfer: A device in which a larger ball is mounted and retained on a hemispherical face of smaller balls. Bearing: A machine part in or on which a journal, shaft, axle, pin, or other part rotates, oscillates, or slides. Bin: A container for storing material. Load: The total weight on the conveyor. Automated production flow, Industry solutions, Material and information flow - FlexLink.

Automated production flow solutions enhances the efficiency in your production by minimizing non-value adding operations and bottlenecks, and cutting throughput time by as much as half. The solutions reduce the total waste and energy consumption per produced unit, thus reducing the environmental impact of the operations. There are primarily three ways to increase the profitability of a manufacturing unit: Increasing the sellable throughputReducing operational costsReducing working capital With the automated production flow solutions from FlexLink, all these issues can be improved. Increasing the sellable throughput Reducing bottlenecks by balancing the production flowReducing process waiting timeReducing change over time increases the line flexibility and available production capacityImproving quality assurance and increasing yield – less waste Reducing operational costs Reducing capital employed Reducing stocks of finished goodsReducing work in process (WIP)Better utilization of factory floor.

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CNC. Rocket Team Vatsaas Construction Tips and Hints. As unlikely as it may sound, there is actually a rare moment when we stumble onto a rocket building idea that is worth passing on. Or more likely, we saw a great idea that someone else has already put into use, but we have stolen it and claimed it for our own. Well, okay, if it's someone else's idea we promise to tell you. But we'll still insist that we made it better. Composite Reinforcement The Dark Art of Composites - Part One (Materials) A description of materials used in composite reinforcement. The Dark Art of Composites - Part Two (How To) Instructions for working with fiberglass, with work-saving hints and tips related to getting a smooth surface.

Airframe Tube FiberGlassing Rotisserie Stand A great way to glass your tubes. High-Speed Sanding Lathe for Large Tubes and Airframes How to cheaply build a tool for sanding large airframes, whether after fiberglassing or priming. Airframes Building an Avionics Bay An article on, guess what? Fins Fin Mold Too awesome for words.